System z Information Management Executive Briefing

Learn how making better use of Information Management on System z can help reduce costs—and manage your enterprise more effectively.
A System z Software Virtual Event Being Held On Demand

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There’s no question that IBM® System z® is capable of handling the most ambitious business growth—that’s what it was designed for. But as data volumes grow, you have many choices for how to deploy and manage that data on DB2® and IMS™. How can you cost-effectively add new workloads to the System z platform and realize incremental savings? This seminar will show you how to keep up on new trends in IT and drive down the cost of a transactional environment.

Come attend our System z Information Management Executive Briefing, delivered as a virtual event. Attending an event from your desktop gives you many benefits in addition to saving travel time. Presentations will be delivered by IBM executives and IBM Distinguished Engineers and other subject matter experts. Learn about new product enhancements and tools, and come away with new ideas to help you and your staff stay on top of the demands of your job. You can also gather materials to study and reference later.

Our program is being made available On Demand for a limited time. This executive briefing event is designed to allow you to participate in all the sessions listed below or only those in which you have a specific interest. The sessions are delivered on demand, so you can attend them in any sequence you prefer.

Our briefing center will be open 24/7 for you to view sessions at your convenience. If you need advice on any issue you’re facing—whether or not it is a session topic— questions can be sent to a product expert via email when you visit the Solution Center. You can also browse the briefing center for additional information that you can collect and reference later.


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