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A System z Software Virtual Event on November 28, 2012

The Gold Standard for Enterprise Computing

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Modern requirements for mission-critical Business Analytics

Dr. Barry Devlin, Founder and Principal, 9sight Consulting

More and more enterprise installations are taking a hard look at the assets they have in place to support Business Analytics. The volumes of data as well as the demand for real-time analyses of data to deliver critical business information are increasing, while resources to support these requirements continue to be constrained. This presentation will offer insight into today’s top business challenges and the impact on they are having on Business Analytic strategies.

Delivering faster, complex business analysis — DB2 Analytics Accelerator

Dan Wardman, Vice President, Information Management Mainframe Software, IBM Software Group

The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator continues to be the most talked about solution in the zEnterprise community. It’s a marriage of the zEnterprise quality-of-service and Netezza technology that accelerates complex queries in a highly secure and available environment. Superior performance and scalability with rapid appliance deployment make it an ideal solution for complex analysis. The new DB2 Analytics Accelerator Version 3 expands the solution with the high-speed Storage Saver functionality that enables the elimination of more than 95% of the storage costs on System z when deploying analytic systems. Data remains fully online and available for high-speed analysis while dramatically reducing the cost of storage and administration. The Storage Saver feature is complemented by the Incremental Update feature that tightly synchronizes data between the data warehouse and the Analytics Accelerator, similar in function to “change data capture” between the data warehouse and operational OLTP environment. Join us to learn about the potential savings from these new features.

Enterprise Business Analytics — Better business decisions, faster and cost-effectively

David Jeffries, Director, Business Analytics on System z, IBM Software Group

Organizations are striving to make better business decisions faster to gain stronger competitive advantage and improve business performance. To do this, they need answers to questions based on the most current, relevant data—many times at the point of customer engagement. In this session you will hear how technologies, including IBM Cognos BI and SPSS as well as capabilities like Real Time Scoring, can help your organization incorporate all of the newest and most relevant data—as it is received—directly into the decision-making process. This can accelerate the effectiveness of your business, deliver better results and accelerate your capability and insight beyond that of your competitors.



Dr. Barry Devlin photo

Dr. Barry Devlin
Founder and Principal, 9sight Consulting

Dan Wardman photo

Dan Wardman
Vice President, Information Management Mainframe Software, IBM Software Group

David Jeffries photo

David Jeffries
Director, Business Analytics on System z, IBM Software Group

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