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Data is coming into businesses faster and more furiously than ever. Getting it into the hands of all users, including the decision-makers at the point of customer interaction, is crucial to owning a competitive advantage. Business Analytics has moved beyond “initiative”; today it’s a business imperative. This demands a new approach that extends beyond analytic reports and dashboards to embedding more real-time data into the operational fabric of the enterprise. But this requires tight integration between transactional, data warehousing and business analytics solutions across the business, departments, and systems, for a modern information hub that can support real-time, enterprise-wide decisions. This seminar will show you how IBM zEnterprise and related analytics tools address this challenge—without requiring a redesign of your infrastructure.

Come attend our High Performance, Cost-Effective Enterprise Business Analytics, delivered as a virtual event. Attending an event from your desktop gives you many benefits in addition to saving travel time. Presentations will be delivered by IBM executives and other subject matter experts. You’ll gain insight into Business Analytics strategies, learn about tools that can help you deliver on that insight as part of the decision-making process, and come away with new ideas that will help you and your staff address the issues—whether it’s business intelligence, predictive analytics, or data warehousing—that are most critical to your business.

Our program is being made available On Demand for a limited time. This virtual event is designed so that you can participate in all the sessions listed below or only those in which you have a specific interest. The sessions are delivered on demand, and you may attend them in any sequence you prefer.

Our briefing center will be open 24/7 for you to view sessions at your convenience. If you need advice on any issue you’re facing—whether or not it is a session topic— questions can be sent to a product expert via email when you visit the Solution Center. You can also browse the briefing center for additional information that you can collect and reference later.


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