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IMS regions simplified, clarified and demystified: Part 2



Topics include:

Speaker: Deepak Kohli, IMS Modernization and SOA Enablement, IBM Software Group
Replay: Available for your convenience, register now.
Developed for: System programmers; operations managers; database administrators and managers
Technical level: Basic

With many IMS™ experts at the end of their careers, IMS skills in the industry have been eroding. New IT staff may not have strong mainframe skills. Yet, IMS is still critical to many businesses, and they rely on IBM to help fill the education gap. Maintaining IMS skills in our clients’ shops also means maintaining IMS instead of replacing it.

Part 1 of this teleconference provided an overview of the IMS online and batch architecture. We covered the what, why and how of the IMS regions, including the CTL region, DBRC, DLISAS, MPRs, BMPs, IFP, JMPs, JBPs and IRLM. Join us for Part 2 on IMS regions as we continue the discussion. In this session we will focus on the other IMS address spaces: IMS Connect, CQS, IMS CSL address spaces and more. Other topics include IMS features such as MSC and ISC.

Attendees will gain a good understanding about the different regions in an IMS environment, their purpose, their requirements, and their interactions — essentially “IMS Regions 101.”

Join us after the teleconference for a live question-and-answer session. This teleconference will also be available for replay after the event.