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Your Big Data solution is not complete without IMS on System z

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Developed for: Industry solution architects and managers; IT and enterprise architects and managers
Technical level: Basic

All the attention around IBM® big data solutions can be misleading: IMS™ clients frequently ask how System z® fits into IBM’s big data strategy, when most of what they hear from the media relates to distributed platforms. But IBM big data solutions are also good news for IMS. When your operational data is stored in IMS, you can participate in the world of big data without having to perform unnatural acts to move your IMS data off platform.

Enterprises worldwide are investigating big data to learn how to gain a competitive advantage through analytics. Some are already implementing big data solutions. Is System z home to your operational data? How can you be sure that your big data strategy includes all sources of data? Learn how IMS is in step with IBM’s strategic objectives for big data.

Join us for this complimentary teleconference as we share user scenarios that demonstrate how you can use big data analytics to drive business action. Regardless of where you are in the continuum, this teleconference will guide you through the IMS big data vision, with ideas for incorporating IMS data sources into your own IMS big data strategy.

Join us after the teleconference for a live question-and-answer session. This teleconference will also be available for replay after the event.

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