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* This standard agenda may be modified for local requirements. Please go to the location's registration site for the event-specific agenda.

9:00 a.m. - Positioning your enterprise for cloud, analytics, and mobile computing

Digital business is driving new initiatives. Organizations are extending support for mobile and social interactions, enhancing business with deep analytics and using efficient hybrid computing and services platforms. This session looks at how you can most efficiently and effectively position your enterprise for digital business. We also examine why infrastructure matters for the critical information and data. You learn why a centralized, powerful, scalable and secure computing platform like the new IBM z13 is essential for security and the growth in cloud, analytics and mobile computing.

9:45 a.m. - The mainframe and mobile computing: a perfect match

Today’s mobile users expect access to real-time data from their devices anytime, anyplace and anywhere. The z Systems platform is ideal for mobile applications. It has the power, scalability and security required for the millions of mobile-generated transactions. In this session, you learn how you can easily and securely open your mainframe applications and data to mobile devices. The session also has strategies for accessing and sharing data as load and demand grow exponentially. We also will share the new mobile workload pricing model that is designed to make adoption of a mobile strategy more cost-effective.

10:45 a.m. - Scoring fast and winning big with analytics on z Systems

The use of analytics can help you gain business insights. By integrating insights with real-time on-platform transactions and data, you can detect fraud quickly and determine the best actions to take. But to realize these benefits, enterprise database technologies must provide a hybrid transaction and analytical platform. More than 60 percent of the world’s transactions run on mainframe computers. In this session, we explain why z Systems can offer an unparalleled environment for supporting end-to-end analytics.

12:30 p.m. - Implementing hybrid clouds with z Systems

Companies can use z Systems and Linux-based cloud on z/VM to build private cloud environments that save money, increase agility and deliver superior service levels. Furthermore, IBM Bluemix on IBM SoftLayer and z Systems can work together as a hybrid cloud to leverage the agility of DevOps, while keeping proprietary mission-critical data securely managed and curated on the company’s existing mainframe. This session will describe the unique capabilities and possibilities of using the all new modern mainframe to gain faster time to value and reduce costs while providing the best levels of service and security.

1:30 p.m. - Easy and agile development and administration for cloud, analytics, and mobile computing

People unfamiliar with z Systems might think mainframe applications are still developed with batch compilation and cryptic commands on green screens. Today’s mainframes support the latest graphical user interfaces, Eclipse-based methodologies, development tools and administration. These systems are intuitive, familiar and agile for baby boomers and millennials alike. The development and operations skills acquired on distributed platforms port easily to today’s mainframe tools. In this session, we examine current mainframe skills requirements and show you a broad range of IBM z Systems administration and DevOps tools.

2:15 p.m. - Building the business case for cloud, analytics, and mobile computing on z Systems

This session discusses the differences between IT value and business value with the purpose of helping you understand how to formulate a compelling business case for z Systems. We’ll drill into several key areas of IT value and suggest how these might be viewed from a business value perspective. This session brings together the entire day’s discussions of secure cloud, analytics and mobile computing on z Systems, so you can develop a strategy for building a business case for adoption in your organization. We give you guidelines for articulating value and help you formulate compelling reasons to act. We will also share quantifiable benefits and savings based on actual client data collected for IT Economic studies.


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