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* This standard agenda may be modified for local requirements. Please go to the location's registration site for the event-specific agenda.

8:30 AM - Registration and light breakfast

8:50 AM - Welcome by Regional Sales Exec

9:00 AM - Unique Innovations that Make zEnterprise Superior

IBM made a bold statement when it first introduced the mainframe 50 years ago, and we have been pouring innovations into the platform ever since. In this module, we survey a selection of specific zEnterprise technology innovations that sustain the mainframe as the leading enterprise platform for mission-critical applications and data, and position it to meet the business challenges of the future.

Issue: Today’s enterprise computing demands platforms with unmatched capability suitable for new 21st century workloads.

Solution: IBM zEnterprise has unique innovations for scalability, virtualization, security, workload optimization and hybrid computing, etc. not found on other platforms.

Products: zEC12, zBC12, zBX, z/OS, z/VM

10:00 AM - Business Analytics on the Ultimate Data Platform

Most of us know that the mainframe securely holds about 70% of the world's operational data. But did you know that it’s also the world’s best business analytics platform because of its speed, accuracy and low cost? Instead of copying data off the platform, zEnterprise – coupled with the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator – now gives you the unprecedented ability to run complex end-to-end business analytics in-place. You can also include unstructured and streaming data from external sources such as social networks and other live data feeds.

Issue: To maintain competitive edge, the best decisions are based on the most current, systems of record data.

Solution: Keep analytics on the mainframe! Save on ETL costs and reduce data copies. Improve performance with the analytics accelerator.

Products: DB2 for z/OS, IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, InfoSphere Information Server, InfoSphere Warehouse, Cognos, SPSS

11:00 AM - Break

11:15 AM - Dynamic Cloud with zEnterprise

Cloud computing was initially focused on commodity applications, but today has moved on to providing secure and robust cloud environments for mission critical business applications. In this session, we’ll look at the unique capabilities of zEnterprise with z/VM and Linux on System z as a platform for a dynamic cloud -- providing the ultimate in security, scalability, elasticity, and more, all at significantly reduced costs. We'll look at specific enterprise computing workloads that are ideal for deployment on a zEnterprise cloud. We'll also look at the newest cloud management tools that can dramatically reduce costs by auto-mating the deployment and management of the workloads in a dynamic hybrid cloud.

Issue: When does it make sense to deploy a cloud on zEnterprise?

Solution: A dynamic cloud on zEnterprise with z/VM and Linux on System z is the ideal platform for many of today’s mission-critical business applications.

Products: z/VM and Linux on System z, Enterprise Linux Server, IBM WAVE, Enterprise Cloud System, Cloud Manager for OpenStack, Cloud Orchestrator, Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux, Tivoli Storage Manager

12:15 PM - Lunch (provided)

1:15 PM - Is Your Enterprise Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

Mobility is fundamentally changing the way we do business. Today, people want to access real-time data from their devices anytime, anyplace, and anywhere! This new accessibility requires a platform that can scale to handle the avalanche of new workload generated by millions of mobile devices, and also differentiate, prioritize and manage the different types of mobile transactions in a secure manner. In this module, we’ll look at mobile devices accessing mainframe data, as well as strategies for addressing accessing and sharing of data as load and demand continue to grow exponentially.

Issue: Can your enterprise computing platform sustain the anticipated huge volume of demand from mobile devices?

Solution: zEnterprise, by design, is uniquely positioned to handle the demand on enterprise data from mobile devices.

Products: z/OS, Worklight portfolio, CICS Mobile, MobileFirst, AppScan, zSecure, QRadar, Guardium, z/OS Connect

2:15 PM - Mainframe Skills - The Myths and the Reality

People unfamiliar with zEnterprise think that you need different skills to work with the mainframe and that mainframes are all about “green screens.” Nothing could be further from the truth! Today’s mainframes embrace the latest DevOps, GUI and Eclipse-based tools and methodologies for development and operations. If you’re worried about finding mainframe personnel, worry no more!

Issue: The myth prevails that the mainframe is an old platform – which drives away customers and future generations of administrators and developers.

Solution: zEnterprise incorporates the latest in modern user interfaces, supports a wealth of newer languages, and has tools built on familiar graphical user interfaces.

Products: CICS/COBOL, z/OSMF, Rational portfolio including RDz and RD&T, DevOps including ISDz and CISz

3:15 PM - Break

3:30 PM - Innovative Workloads for zEnterprise

With 50 years of innovations built in, zEnterprise today is perfectly poised to host a variety of new, non-traditional workloads. In this module, we’ll look at a selection of interesting contemporary use cases, examining the business challenges faced and the convincing reasons –both economic and technical - for choosing zEnterprise as the solution.

Issue: Which platform can best meet the challenges for enterprise computing today and in the future?

Solution: zEnterprise continues to build on its reputation for ultimate security, unsurpassed reliability and availability and low total cost of ownership.

Products: Eagle Studies, Benchmark Center PoCs, Customer references and testimonials

4:30 PM - Close


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