IMS 13 Migration Workshop

Attend this two-day workshop of in-depth sessions on migrating to IBM® IMS™
13 and getting the most out of its innovative new capabilities

IMS 13 Migration Workshop

Day Two

9:15 a.m. - Morning topics

Application Enhancements

IMS 13 specifically enables the expansion of existing workloads through the implementation of new application programming models. New features enable you to architect synchronous business processes: Applications can synchronously call another IMS transaction running in any of the dependent region types. COBOL programmers can use SQL natively to call IMS database resources. We will also discuss IMS Universal Drivers which now let you issue queries qualified by positioning on non-searchable fields

IMS Tools - Part 1, 2

Together, the IBM IMS Tools Solution Packs and IMS 13 deliver simplification, automation and intelligence, with all the tools needed to support IMS databases now in one package. It doesn’t make sense to run reorganization utilities if your databases do not need to be reorganized. Now you can quickly and easily improve IMS application performance, IMS resource utilization and deliver higher system availability with the end-to-end analysis of IMS transactions. Comprehensive performance reporting and easier interactive analysis determine what happened, what needs fixing and how to fix it – all part of the intelligence and automation of the IMS Tools Performance Solution Pack.

12:45 p.m. - Afternoon topics

Database Enhancements – Full Function and Fast Path

IMS 13 Database Manager enhancements can make your IMS environment more dynamic and ensure the highest database availability. We will discus how it enables you to make structural changes to a database while the databases (HALDB and DEDB) are kept online. Similarly, you can make physical database structure changes without requiring modifications to impacted applications (via database versioning), meaning that you maintain application availability.

DBRC Enhancements

Database recovery and control is a key feature of IMS 13 as it ensures recovery of IMS databases if an outage takes place. In this session, we discuss migration and coexistence considerations for DBRC in IMS 13.

Installation and Migration

Pulling together all the major points made in the previous two days, this final session covers the installation of IMS 13 and outlines the steps and considerations to migrate to IMS 13 from IMS 12 or IMS 11. We will discuss prerequisite software, coexistence with previous releases, migration tasks and more.

4:30 p.m. - Close and next steps

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