Enterprise Security and Compliance Virtual
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Lowering Risk and Costs with the Ultimate Security and Compliance Solutions

Secure the Enterprise with Confidence. IBM. Virtual Event.Secure the Enterprise with Confidence. IBM. Virtual Event.

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Session 1 - Secure the Enterprise with Confidence


Presenter: Ed Ferrara, Forrester Research

Cyber threats are increasing and continue to pose threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of applications and data. The stakes could not be higher. This Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper, commissioned by IBM, examines the infrastructure landscape for security to help detect threats and protect the reputation of an enterprise. The mainframe can integrate state-of-the-art hardware and software, effectively protect mission-critical productions systems, and consolidate workloads while reducing costs. This makes it the ideal secure platform of choice for cloud, big data, and analytics applications as well as a traditional transaction and batch application systems.

Session 2 - Security Intelligence Solution for System z and the Enterprise


Presenter: Andy Nietupski, IBM Security Systems, Worldwide Sales, IBM Software Group

It’s not enough anymore to rely only on the security of the mainframe infrastructure. With mainframe data now accessible worldwide via web services, web browsers and mobile devices, a more holistic approach to security is warranted. According to the 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, more than 85 percent of breaches go undetected by the affected organization. And, with 70 percent of all production data originating from the mainframe, it’s clear why mainframe customers have renewed concerns about security. Learn about the IBM Security Intelligence solution, a massively scalable, real-time enterprise security solution that addresses the three complex dimensions of mainframe and enterprise security.

Session 3 - Mainframe Considerations for Cloud and Mobile Applications


Presenter: Glinda Cummings, Senior IBM Security Solutions Product Manager, IBM Software Group

Companies are expanding traditional computing centers to exploit new technologies, such as big data analytics, to consolidate workloads for cloud implementations, and to support mobile communications with employees, vendors, and customers. These changes introduce risk. How can you ensure that your IT centers are secure, data is protected, threats are detected and regulations are met? We’ll discuss the mainframe industrial-strength integration of hardware, system, application, data and security software to provide comprehensive protection, and how the mainframe is keeping pace with the changing demands of current IT security scenarios to protect your enterprise.

Session 4 - The Security Impact of Big Data


Presenter: Mike Ferguson, Managing Director, Intelligent Business Strategies

With volumes of data increasing exponentially, the velocity at which big data is being processed and answers demanded – plus the sheer variety of data that is collected – creates huge challenges in the protection of information. Big data requires the exchange and integration of information across many computing and organizational boundaries within and outside the organization. New business opportunities are created, but they dramatically increase the potential for security breaches. Mike Ferguson, independent analyst and IBM Gold consultant, describes what to consider when implementing information protection solutions in the world of big data and how the IBM System z portfolio helps meet those requirements.

Session 5 - Top Big Data Security Tips and Ultimate Protection for Enterprise Data


Presenter: Peter Mandel, Product Line Manager, Guardium, IBM Software Group
Mark Simmonds, Enterprise Architect and Senior Product Marketing Manager, IBM Software Group

Organizations are using increasing varieties and large volumes of information to gain deeper insight into their businesses. In today’s data-intensive environments, data protection is a requirement to reduce business risk particularly as they undertake big data initiatives. Attend this session about a proactive approach to data protection, and how you can:• Ensure real-time monitoring and reporting of security-related events• Protect a wide range of data sources across many platforms and database vendors• Lower the cost of compliance with prebuilt policies, reports and automation• Discover sensitive data and categorize vulnerabilities• Monitor for suspicious behavior and block activity


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