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Even the world’s most secure computing platforms need protection from threats and breaches. Storing some of the most sensitive data, a high security platform like IBM System z remains a target for hackers and insider breaches. The System z platform helps provide proactive, preventative protection for the infrastructure and information - helping business to lower risks and cost. Learn more (PDF, 1.57MB) .

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Security intelligence for mainframe environments

Get integrated threat analysis, real-time alerts, audit consolidation and compliance reporting across the enterprise.

Webcast: Reducing Risk for the Crown Jewls on your Mainframe

January 21, 2015 @ 12:00 PM EST
Join this webinar to learn best practices that help reduce those high risk audit concerns and improve working practices in the areas of Security Administration, Monitoring, Compliance and Auditing.

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IBM InfoSphere Guardium. An integrated solution for automating the complete security and compliance lifecycle. Delivered as a set of preconfigured hardware or software appliances. View the video.
A Defense in Depth Approach for the IBM System z Platform. Optimize security controls for the world's most secure computing platform.
IBM InfoSphere Guardium. Database Activity Monitoring in a High Volume DB2 on z/OS Environment - Some Considerations.
Indormation Protection and System z by analyst Mike Ferguson. Get the report.