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IBM experts discuss important mainframe-related hardware and software issues

Series: Did you say mainframe?

IBM PodcastWelcome to the "Did you say Mainframe?!" Podcasts! Listen to your host from the WebSphere System z Software team talk to the experts to discover how IBM, with the help of a great product range, is revitalizing the mainframe as the platform of choice for modern services-based infrastructures, such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

WebSphere System Z Software Podcasts series

CICS Transaction Gateway Version 8.0: what's new?

Matt WhitbourneHear about recently announced CICS Transaction Gateway Version 8.0 high availability, multiplatform support, and enhanced integration with both CICS Transaction Server and the CICS Explorer™

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CICS Transaction Gateway Version 7.1

Matt WhitbourneIn this podcast, Matt Whitbourne will talk about the latest enhancements delivered in CICS Transaction Gateway v7.1

CICS Configuration Manager

Reuben AndrewsHear about how with modern business growth more application change can lead to cold start risk and how predicting the changes to applications can minimise the disruption and down time to systems.

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CICS Configuration Manager, Part I

Joe WinchesterListen to Joe Winchester, from the CICS Explorer Strategy and Planning team, explain how the CICS Configuration Manager leverages the CICS Explorer to deliver a consistent look and feel with respect to the other CICS tools.

CICS Configuration Manager, Part II

Joe WinchesterListen to Joe Winchester, from the CICS Explorer Strategy and Planning team, explain the value that CICS Configuration Manager brings through control and governance of CICS definitions.

CICS Explorer Update

Matthew WebsterIn this podcast, Matthew Webster will talk about the latest version of CICS Explorer, the smart new face of CICS. This version supports both CICS TS V4.1 and CICS Configuration Manager V2.1, and supports a new CSD management.