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Series: Did you say mainframe?

IBM PodcastWelcome to the "Did you say Mainframe?!" Podcasts! Listen to your host from the WebSphere System z Software team talk to the experts to discover how IBM, with the help of a great product range, is revitalizing the mainframe as the platform of choice for modern services-based infrastructures, such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

WebSphere System Z Software Podcasts series

CICS V5.3 - The Optimization Solution Pack

Kevin BowkettIn support of new CICS TS V5.3, CICS Tools introduces their Solution Optimization Pack. Kevin Bowkett, CICS Tools Development Manager, discusses the four Tools that will help make your CICS usage smoother, simpler and more efficient. Learn about CICS Performance Analyzer, CICS Interdependency Analyzer, CICS Configuration Manager, and CICS Deployment Assistant in this podcast.

CICS V5.3 - Core Improvements

NickIn this latest podcast listen to both John Tilling and Colin Penfold from the CICS Development team discuss some of the fundamental improvements in CICS from the foundation perspective. Now that you know some of the detailed improvements in specific areas of CICS, gain an understanding of the wider picture of enhancements throughout the new CICS V5.3 release.

CICS V5.3 - Java

MartinCocksPhil Wakelin discusses what's new with Java in the upcoming release in CICS TS V5.3 including API capabilities, standardization and making sure that there is good support for migration of applications. Also learn about the new JAVA 8 support and some of the progress made with the Liberty JVM Server.

CICS V5.3 - Performance

MartinCocksListen to Martin Cocks as he explains some of the exciting performance improvements that come with the new release. Find out more about how Martin's team listened to our customers to improve areas in CPU servers and savings, CICS webservices, as well as harnessing AT-TLS to improve performance for the long run.

CICS V5.3 - DevOps

Mark CockerMark Cocker from the CICS team discusses some of the improvements to app deployment available in the latest release of CICS TS V5.3. Listen here to find out more about how his team have developed a smoother, faster and more efficient deployment of applications by listening to their customers feedback, and with the help of UrbanCode Deploy.


Andy BatesIn line with the announcement of CICS TS V5.3, Nick Garrod discusses with Andy Bates of the CICS team what exciting things this new release has to offer. In this latest podcast, find out about the three key areas this release has focused on: Service Agility, Operational Efficiency, and Cloud with DevOps.

z/OS Connect

CooperPaul Cooper from the CICS Development team at the UK Hursley Lab, gives us an overview of the capabilities available for CICS users through z/OS Connect. He explains how you can use z/OS connect to expose mainframe assets to mobile devices and make use of JSON web services.

Virtual Storage Relief

BurnettIn the first of a series of performance related podcasts with tips to improve your CICS performance, Nick is joined by Ian Burnett. In this podcast Ian gives us an overview of Virtual Storage Constraint Relief which allows you to grow your applications through consolidation of CICS regions.

API Management

Nathan BriceLearn about API management on z, in this podcast, with Nathan Brice, from Product Management in the z Systems team.

CICS V5.3 open beta

Nick GarrodThe 'Did you say mainframe?' podcast series host Nick Garrod introduces the CICS Transaction Server V5.3 open beta. In this podcast, Nick gives a high level overview of the new capabilities introduced in the latest release, as well as discussing the Design Thinking concepts behind this version.

CICS Transaction Gateway open beta V9.2

Andrew SmithsonAndrew Smithson, CICS TG Technical Lead joins Nick Garrod to give a deep dive into the latest technical enhancements in the latest releases of CICS TG, including mobile support and cloud capabilities. This podcast also describes the developments included in the recent open beta.

CICS TS V5.3 open beta – Liberty in CICS

Phil WakelinThe first in a series of podcasts, giving you expert insights into the developments announced in the latest CICS TS open beta. In this podcast, Nick is joined by CICS Java experts in the shape of Phil Wakelin and Mike Jones, who tell us about all the advances in the Liberty profile inside of CICS.

CICS TS V5.3 open beta – Performance

Martin CocksAs promised in the CICS TS open beta podcast, this podcast gives us more of a deep dive into the enhancements of the latest open beta. Martin Cocks, Performance Hill leader, enlightens us on the latest performance developments delivered by the CICS TS V5.3 open beta, and how these could deliver cost reductions to customers.

CICS TS V5.3 open beta – Cloud and Devops

Martin CockerThis podcast features CICS technical experts Martin Cocker and Ben Cox, who give us an insight into the Cloud and Devops developments announced in the recent open beta, as well as give us an introduction to a new IBM offering, UrbanCode Deploy.

CICS TS V5.3 – Foundation

John TillingSenior Software Engineers John Tilling and Colin Penfold feature in the latest podcast in a series taking a deeper technical dive into the latest developments in CICS TS. This edition covers the improvements in CICS core capabilities and Java enhancements in the recent CICS open beta.

CICS Operational Insights

Joe PavittJoe Pavitt, Software Designer and Developer on CICS Tools, introduces the latest CICS software as a service offering, CICS Operational Insights. In this podcast, Joe discusses the capabilities and benefits of this new offering and how CICS customers can use the service to analyse their operational efficiency and learn how to save money.

CICS Development Services

Arndt EadeArndt Eade, Services Lead from the CICS Worldwide Development team in Hursley, UK, explains exactly what CICS Development Services offer, how they provide technical expertise, and the benefits of a CICS Health check, to help customers improve performance.

Omegamon Performance Management Suite

Chris WalkerChris Walker, a developer on IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON for CICS, discusses the latest enhancements for CICS and CICS TG users within the new OMEGAMON Performance Management Suite, including historical data collection, embedded data and application trace.

Cloud, DevOps and Policies

Matthew WebsterListen to Nick Garrod with Matthew Webster from the CICS Development Team, discuss what DevOps is all about, and the use of Threshold Policy capabilities in CICS TS V5.

CICS and Mobile

Indi SinghIndi Singh from the CICS development team talks about how mobile integrations have gone into CICS in the most recent release and outlines the capabilities and benefits of this integration.


Stewart SmithHear Stewart Smith from the CICS test team talking about the latest release of GENAPP. In this podcast, Stewart tells the listeners how new functions and capabilities of GENAPP increase the value of CICS.

Liberty in CICS

Phil WakelinHear Phil Wakelin from the CICS Development team talking about Liberty profile. In this podcast, Phil focuses on the capabilities and benefits of Liberty in CICS.

CICS V5.2 - Multi-Versioning

Nick GarrodHear Matthew Webster from CICS Development Team talking about the new cloud capability in CICS TS V5.2. In this podcast, Matthew focuses on application multi-versioning and its value.

CICS V5.2 - Overview

Nick GarrodListen to Nick Garrod from the CICS business team to hear about the capabilities of CICS V5.2. In this podcast, Nick focuses on the enhancements, which were introduced to the operational efficiency, service agility and cloud enablement.

CICS V5 - Value

Andy BatesHear Andy Bates, CICS TS Product Manager, talking about the value of CICS V5. In this podcast Andy concentrates on the latest enhancements of CICS V5 and how they can help your business growth.

CICS TS V5.1 First Class Applications and Platforms Explained

First Class Applications and Platforms Explained Listen to Pradeep Gohil and Ledina Hido-Evans from CICS Development Team, who will explain the concepts of platforms and applications in CICS.

CICS TS Feature Pack for Security Token Extensions

Get your CICS for free - CICS Developer TrialListen to Fraser Bohm, CICS Senior Technical Staff Member, who talks about the value and capabilities of the CICS TS Feature Pack for Security Token Extensions.

Get your CICS for free - CICS Developer Trial

Get your CICS for free - CICS Developer Trial Listen to Nick Garrod from the CICS Business Team talking about CICS Developer Trial. In this podcast, Nick focuses on the opportunities provided by the no-charge Developer Trial for customers who are considering purchasing CICS.

CICS PHP Dynamic Scripting Feature Pack

Dynamic Scripting Feature Pack Anthony Papageorgiou from the CICS Development team talks about the CICS PHP Dynamic Scripting Feature Pack and its benefits. In this podcast Anthony focuses on how PHP can help you to exploit business opportunities and rapidly create and deploy situational applications based on the PHP scripting language.

CICS TS V5.1 - Increased Availability

Nick GarrodNick Garrod, CICS Marketing Specialist, talks about how CICS TS V5.1 can help you to drive operational efficiency in your business. In this podcast Nick focuses on how CICS TS V5.1 brings increased availability, helping you to reduce the need for planned downtime.

CICS TS V5.1 - Managed Operations

Nick GarrodNick Garrod, CICS Marketing Specialist, talks about how CICS TS V5.1 can help you to drive operational efficiency in your business. In this podcast Nick focuses on how CICS TS V5.1 brings managed operations, helping you to control critical resource thresholds with policies.

z/OS Explorer - One tool to rule them all

Joe WinchesterJoe Winchester, IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, talks about z/OS Explorer, an Eclipse-based platform for z/OS. Joe talks about how z/OS Explorer enables the integration of a wide variety of solutions, as well as how z/OS Explorer can be used with CICS.

CICS TS V5.1 - Deeper Insight

Nick GarrodNick Garrod, CICS Marketing Specialist, talks about how CICS TS V5.1 can help you to drive operational efficiency in your business. In this podcast Nick focuses on how CICS TS V5.1 provides deeper insight, helping to extend performance and compliance information.

CICS and Java

Geoff PirieHear Will Yates, the test team lead, talk about Java and CICS TS V5.1.

CICS TS V5.1 - Mobile Extensions

Geoff PirieGeoff Pirie, CICS TS Customer Enablement and Marketing Manager, talks about the new CICS feature pack for Mobile Extensions.

CICS TS V5.1 - Batch Modernisation

Luke StaddonHear Luke Staddon talk about a new CICS feature pack called the Modern Batch


Andy Bates Hear Andy Bates talk about the release of VUE for CICS TS V5.1

CICS TS V5.1 Greater Capacity

Nick Garrod Hear about the enhancements made in CICS TS V5.1 towards providing greater capacity, better performance through innovative scaling.

Are your transaction processing systems ready for mobile commerce?

Matthew Whitbourne In this podcast, IBM Master Inventor and CICS Business Manager Matt Whitbourne discusses the market shifts affecting the most basic element of technology and business: the ability to complete a transaction reliably, consistently, and at the lowest possible cost.

CICS Explorer with its Java implementations

Hear about the new enhancements in the CICS Explorer relating to Java and what is OSGI

CICS Explorer Part 1

Hear about the CICS Explorer enhancements and whats been included in the new CICS Explorer release

CICS Explorer Part 2

Hear about some of the aspects of the z/OS perspective that have been produced in the CICS Explorer

The new JVM Server environment in CICS TS V4.2

Hear about the new features and functionality of the new JVM Server provided in CICS TS V4.2

See .doc file CICS Version 4.2

Progressively modernise Oracle Tuxedo Applications with WXTR

Hear about the latest feature pack from CICS on WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime

System Events in CICS TS V4.2

Stewart SmithHear from Andy Armstrong about the new event processing functionality in CICS TS V4.2 and how systems events can give you up to date information.

Smarter Banking with CICS Transaction Server

Nigel WilliamsHear about how you can unlock business data in CICS core banking systems using the new Web 2.0 and business events support in CICS TS V4.1.

CICS TS V4.1 WLM Sysplex Optimised Workloads

 Dave WilliamsHear Dave Williams, a Senior Developer in the CICSPlex SM development team, describe about how Sysplex Optimisation addresses dynamic routing problems across Parallel Sysplexes, and the performance gains that can result from it.

Integrated Event Processing with CICS 4.1

Catherine MoxeyListen to Catherine Moxey from the CICS Worldwide Development Team at IBM Hursley in the UK explain how easy it is to get business events out of your CICS applications with CICS TS Version 4.1.

CICS Transaction Server Dynamic LIBRARY Support

Catherine MoxeyIn this podcast Catherine Moxey, technical leader based in the CICS development team at IBM Hursley, will explain the new support for dynamic program LIBRARY management in CICS Transaction Server V3.2, which allows you to introduce new WebSphere applications into CICS without restarting the CICS region.

CICS and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository - Why is it important to your SOA deployment

Martin CocksCICS was the first product to issue support for WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR), indeed this support was from day one. In this Podcast you will hear about why CICS, web services and WSRR are important to your SOA deployment from a CICS Technical Specialist, Martin Cocks, and why you should download the free SupportPac, CA1N.