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System Z sessions and Activities

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System z sessions are grouped by session number under each section. Click the triangle before each title to view the session description.

Featured sessions

  • +1349 Meet the Experts: System z Ask the Technical Experts
  • +1351 Analyst Insight: Developing an end-to-end mobile strategy from Data Center to Mobile Devices
  • +1541 Panel Discussion: 50 years and beyond: System z Customer Roundtable
  • +1735 Mobilize Your Mainframe
  • +1928 CICS Track Opening and Portfolio Update

Application Infrastructure sessions

  • +1081 WebSphere Java Batch Solutions Overview
  • +1308 DevOps trends in enterprise software lifecycle delivery
  • +1337 Next-generation Internet Banking at ESUN Bank: From .NET to IBM WebSphere Application Server on z/OS (Client)
  • +1349 Meet the Experts: System z Ask the Technical Experts
  • +1418 Brazil Lottery System - History & Use Case with WebSphere Application Server on z/OS (Client)
  • +1507 The latest best practices for avoiding a breach while demonstrating compliance
  • +1520 Meet the Experts: WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile
  • +1523 Performance Optimization Using IBM Java on z/OS & IBM WebSphere Application Server on z/OS V8.5.5 (Client)
  • +1541 Panel Discussion: 50 years and beyond: System z Customer Roundtable
  • +1651 Modernizing your System z Application Development with IBM Rational
  • +1670 The Big Bang Theory: Origins of Life with PSA's Migration to IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V8 (Client)
  • +1728 Meet the Experts: WebSphere Application Server: Open Questions / Input on Best Practices
  • +1814 Meet the Experts: WebSphere Application Server Performance
  • +1828 Meet the Experts: WebSphere Application Server Security
  • +1969 What's new with the WAS Liberty Profile on z/OS?
  • +2322 Highly Reliable Java Framework on IBM z/OS for the Central Bank in Japan (Client)
  • +2384 Meet the Experts: Java Batch, JSR 352 & WebSphere Batch
  • +2570 WAS z/OS WOLA - Real World Scenarios (Client)
  • +2611 Server consolidation on Linux for System z: The story keeps getting better
  • +2644 Ford Next Gen of zModernization (Client)
  • +2645 Reducing operating cost of business critical applications with Enterprise COBOL for z/OS v5.1
  • +2846 IBM Mainframe serving your needs yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • +2865 Accelerating Software Delivery & Reducing Operating Costs on IBM System z (Client)

Cloud and Mobile sessions

  • +1105 Mobile, Cloud, SOA Security with DataPower Gateway Appliances
  • +1108 Mobile Beats the Radios - A Mobile Strategy & Application for the NYPD (Client)
  • +1351 Analyst Insight: Developing an end-to-end mobile strategy from Data Center to Mobile Devices
  • +1653 Creating a Smartphone application to invoke CICS Service using Worklight
  • +1735 Mobilize Your Mainframe
  • +1812 How IBM WebSphere DataPower Supports State Farm's Enterprise & Cloud Integration (Client)
  • +2235 Fulfilling Retail Expectations with Mobile

Connectivity sessions

  • +1294 Enable Active-Active Business through Enterprise High Availability Messaging Technology (Client)
  • +1800 WebSphere MQ for z/OS and CICS: Workload Balancing in a 'Plexed world
  • +1804 Mean Time to Innocence: WebSphere MQ Problem Determination
  • +1863 What's new in IBM Messaging
  • +1866 Introduction to IBM Messaging Capabilities
  • +1867 WebSphere MQ: High Availability
  • +1868 WebSphere MQ: Disaster Recovery
  • +1876 WebSphere MQ for z/OS: Latest Features Deep Dive
  • +1877 WebSphere MQ for z/OS: Performance and Accounting
  • +1878 WebSphere MQ for z/OS: Shared Queues
  • +1879 Using WebSphere MQ in Managed File Transfer Environments
  • +1880 Secure your messages with WebSphere MQ Advanced Message Security (Client)
  • +1885 WebSphere MQ on z/OS and distributed platforms, are they like oil and water?
  • +3133 Meet the Experts: IBM Messaging

Integration sessions

  • +1203 Retail Managed File Transfer Implementation with PCI Endpoints Leveraging IBM WebSphere Products (Client)
  • +1320 Roundtable: IBM DataPower Customer Feedback
  • +1359 IBM Retail Integration - Cornerstone of Omni-Channel (Client)
  • +1680 Mobile Publish/Subscribe Projects at Garanti Bank Turkey with IBM WebSphere MQ & IBM MessageSight (Client)
  • +1809 Panel Discussion: Using IBM WebSphere DataPower to bridge Mobile to Enterprise Assets (Client)
  • +2273 Exploring Java in zServer with mission critical systems - achieving continuous availability.
  • +2748 Enabling a Digital Strategy that Fits the Healthcare System Around the Consumer Using BPM SOA (Client)
  • +2945 SOA Helps Banco de Crédito del Perú Solve Business Challenges & Grow Through Multi-channel Strategy (Client)

Smarter Process sessions

  • +1898 Hands on Lab: IBM Operational Decision Manager for z/OS: Hands-on Lab
  • +1905 Using Rules and Process on System z to Achieve Business Agility
  • +1934 What's New in IBM Operational Decision Manager?
  • +1974 A New Level of Interaction for Decision Management with IBM Operational Decision Manager
  • +2034 Panel Discussion: Getting Decisions Right - From Discovery to Rule Implementation
  • +2487 What's New in IBM Business Process Manager
  • +3293 Meet the Experts: IBM Operational Decision Manager
  • +3296 Meet the Experts: Scaling IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Operational Decision Manager Adoption

CICS Sessions

  • +1317 You've got a friend on z - tales from CICS Transaction Gateway (Client)
  • +1342 The Future of Distributed Transaction Processing with TXSeries V8.1
  • +1412 Smarter Banking with CICS
  • +1630 Got CICS? Enter the API Economy with IBM API MGMT
  • +1654 How to move an existing CICS application to a smartphone
  • +1674 CICS V5 Performance Overview
  • +1681 Managing Large Scale CICS Environments
  • +1699 CICS Transaction Server Version 5: A Technical Overview
  • +1925 Roundtable: Worried about mobile growth on your systems? Want to enjoy increased workload in CICS?
  • +1928 CICS Track Opening and Portfolio Update
  • +1966 Best practices for CICS SOA Connectivity (Client)
  • +1992 From OLTP to OLTAP - Real time fraud detection for CICS payments processing
  • +2015 Improving the Integration between Distributed Security and CICS
  • +2050 Hands on Lab: Modernizing CICS; Hands-on Labs; part 1
  • +2057 Hands on Lab: Managing CICS Systems; Hands-on Lab,
  • +2267 Smarter Banking Process: More flexible and stable batch process with QGate on CICS/MQ (Client)
  • +2380 CICS and Java: A tale of Liberty
  • +2433 How one customer reduced their z/OS planned outage downtime by 90%!
  • +3070 CICS TG and CICS in a High Availability environment: A Customer experience CA-Silca (Client)
  • +3071 Customer Experience: Dynamic Workload Balancing of CICS Web Services using the CPSM Goal Algorithm (Client)
  • +3072 Customer Experience CPSM Sysplex Optimized Workload Routing: Point/Counterpoint (Client)
  • +3116 Making it easy for Mainframe Applications (and Programmers) to be clients in an SOA Environment (Client)
  • +3227 Meet the Experts: Scaling the Heights with CICS
  • +3228 Meet the Experts: Mobilize Your Workloads with CICS
  • +3287 Roundtable: Is CICS doing enough for the next generation of mainframe users?

CICS - Cloud and Mobile sessions

  • +1411 Angry Birds and Half Words - Mobile and the Mainframe
  • +1474 Integrating CICS with Worklight to deliver Modern Mobile Apps that extend your Business
  • +1476 Managing Mobile Workloads being serviced by CICS
  • +1675 Architecting Your Application for Mobile Workloads
  • +1787 Debugging CICS WebServices in a Mobile Age
  • +1913 Integrate mobile applications and events into your end-to-end business process
  • +1961 No rainclouds here! Using CICS Platform and Policies to keep your private cloud healthy
  • +1985 Why talk to your colleagues when you're deploying things in the cloud?
  • +2009 Securing mobile access to CICS
  • +2241 Enterprise Modernization of CICS Through Mobile Enterprise
  • +2351 Building Hybrid Application Interfaces using JSPs, Servlets, and PHP with CICS TS Version 5
  • +2374 The modern mainframe is mobile ready
  • +2377 The mainframe isn't too heavy for the cloud
  • +2416 The Business Value of Creating a CICS Cloud
  • +2436 Modernizing the Mainframe, Humana Takes CICS to the Next Level (Client)
  • +2880 CICS TS v5 Tales from the Trenches: It's all about Efficiency (Client)
  • +3073 z/OS and CICS consolidation project at Danske Bank (Client)