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Tools/Utilities sessions

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DB2 Tools and utilities sessions

  • -IDZ-1160A How Walmart Modernized Its IBM DB2 for z/OS Backup and Restore Strategy for a Large SAP Environment
    Walmart adopted new technologies and procedures to modernize its IBM DB2 for z/OS with SAP environment. The challenges involved the size of the company’s environment and service level agreements, which meant recovery from image copies was not realistic. Preserving the integrity of the company’s PPRC high availability architecture was also an important consideration. Walmart used tools and architectures, including IBM DB2 Recovery Expert, DB2 Backup and Restore Utilities, PPRC and Remote Pair FlashCopy, to enable the recovery of large production systems in minutes instead of days. Walmart representatives describe their journey, provide tips gained from their experience, and share details about the next phase of implementation.
    Speaker: Michael Overholt, Walmart, Technical Expert - DBA;Tracey George, IBM, Premium Support Analyst
  • -IDZ-1174A A Day in the Life of a DB2 for z/OS Production Database Administrator
    A production DBA is responsible for maintaining production data so that it is safe, secure, accessible, and current. This session describes DBA activities such as monitoring, reacting, planning, implementing, teaching and sharing. You learn about tools and techniques that are used daily. The tools were made by using basic components provided by IBM. Among the tools that you will hear about in this session are JCL, SQL, Real-time Statistics, DB2 Catalog, REXX, DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS, DB2 Query Monitor for z/OS, and IBM Tivoli OMEGAMOM.
    Speaker: Larry Jardine, Aetna, Database Administrator
  • -IDZ-1175A The Importance of Being Consistent: IBM DB2 for z/OS and DASD-based Disaster Recovery
    Is your disaster recovery solution based on DASD replication functions? In most cases, you just need to restart IBM DB2 for z/OS normally. But this task assumes the DASD copy is consistent. Otherwise, it is guaranteed that data corruption that will have to be fixed, possibly several weeks or months after the event. In this session, you learn about Copy Services for IBM System z and what is required to ensure data consistency. You learn about the most common myths and misconceptions about these DASD replication solutions. Plus, you gain hints and tips on how to tune for fast DB2 restart and how to optimize GRECP/LPL recovery.
    Speaker: Florence Dubois, IBM, Consulting IT Specialist
  • -IDZ-1211A How Florida Hospital Delivers Enterprise Analytics with DB2 Query Management Facility (QMF)
    Many IBM Clients are reexamining their use of IBM DB2 Query Management Facility (QMF) because of its many new features, functions, and broader applicability across the enterprise. This session takes a look at the new features in DB2 Query Management Facility 11 Enterprise Edition, including the new QMF Analytics for TSO component and the QMF for Workstation and WebSphere enhancements. You hear about the value and results of broader QMF deployment directly from a user's perspective as representatives from Florida Hospital share their experience with QMF Enterprise Edition. They discuss the impact QMF has had on their business and the product’s role in their enterprise business analytics infrastructure.
    Speaker: Scott Morrell, Florida Hospital, Sr. Software Architect; Joe Sacco, IBM, DB2 QMF Product Manager
  • -IDZ-1302A IBM DB2 11 for z/OS Early Customer Experience
    In this session, you hear first-hand experience with the IBM DB2 11 Early Support Program (ESP). The presentation includes a brief summary of the ESP experience, the new functions provided by DB2 11.1 and the ones that were exploited during testing. It also highlights results from the test plan, including processor and other resource metrics from IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON reports and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The final part of the session describes lessons learned and shows the benefits of the new features.
    Speaker: Conrad Wolf, Golden Living, Manager - DBA
  • -IDZ-1373A State of the Art DB2 for z/OS Security with Guardium
    This session explains how implementing IBM InfoSphere Guardium V9 for z/OS gives you a giant advantage in terms of security and access governance. By using InfoSphere Guardium, you can accomplish security control tasks much easier than before and improve your confidence level within the security team.
    Speaker: Isaac Yassin, IYC, CEO
  • -IDZ-1403A Recovery Scenarios that Will Exercise Your Database Skills
    Comprehensive database recovery skills are critical to every DBA. With the improving dependability of hardware and database software, recovery skills are exercised less. In this session, you test your database skills by going through a series of real-life recovery scenarios. Register for this session to find out if you are database recovery power house or powder puff.
    Speaker: Robert Goodman, Florida Hospital, Sr DBA / DR Coordinator
  • -IDZ-1751A A Sneak Preview of the Extended RBA/LRSN Support
    The current implementation of RBAs and log record sequence numbers (LRSNs) is starting to see its limitations at some customer installations. IBM DB2 11 for z/OS will address this by extending both the RBAs and LRSNs to provide a larger granularity and life span. After first looking at the limitations of RBA and LRSN in more detail, this session will give you a first glimpse at the planned migration steps and options for the new extended RBA and LRSN support. We will highlight several topics of the migration process so that you have a better understanding what's waiting for you down the road, while you can still determine how fast you want to move forward.
    Speaker: Timm Zimmermann, IBM, DB2 for z/OS Development - SWAT Team; Christian Michel, IBM, DB2 Utilities for z/OS Development
  • -IDZ-1817B IBM DB2 for z/OS Migration - Query Performance Considerations
    The IBM DB2 for z/OS Optimizer is continually evolving with each release, and for static SQL, REBIND is recommended to take advantage of new optimizations. But how do you minimize your exposure to access path regression for static SQL? And then there are the RUNSTATS enhancements that came in DB2 9 and then in DB2 10. Can you model the potential impact before you get to production? This presentation outlines how best to navigate and exploit these RUNSTATS enhancements, to make the most of plan management and do proactive access path analysis. Whether you are migrating from DB2 V8 9 or to DB2 10, you will come away with practical tips for a more effective migration that makes full use of incremental query optimization enhancements.
    Speaker: Terence Purcell, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member; John Campbell, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-1826A Hands-on lab: Total Recall: Replay Production Workloads in Test Environments
    How do you currently analyze the impact that system, environment, configuration or structural changes have on critical workloads? In this session you will learn how you can reduce the time and effort involved by eliminating the need to set up test environments that mimic the complex client and middleware topologies you find in today's production environments. Whether you are planning to migrate your IBM DB2 for z/OS, tune configuration parameters, tune workloads, apply maintenance or introduce new workloads, IBM InfoSphere Capture Replay can help you to manage a library of workloads that you can easily replay to aid with your validation efforts. Built-in reports highlight SQL replay accuracy and performance differences.
    Speaker: Patrick Titzler, IBM, Solution Architect; Leif Pedersen, IBM Denmark ApS, Solutions Architect; Amitava Kundu, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IDZ-1909A A New Way to Tune: How Optimizing DB2 Queries a Workload at a Time Has Changed My Life as a DBA
    This customer success story tells how DBAs at Unipol deliver high-performance applications while reducing their costs. Learn how InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner for DB2 on z/OS and the Profile database provides an innovative environment for performing query workload tuning tasks like never before.
    Speaker: Roberta Barnab, Unipol assicurazioni, Ms
  • -IDZ-1959A DB2 Utilities - Now and Next
    The next release of DB2 yet again delivers major improvements within the Utilities Suite for maximizing availability and performance while minimizing resource consumption. This in addition to delivering significant new functions. This session will highlight these new capabilities and explain how best to take advantage of them.
    Speaker: Haakon Roberts, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer; Calene Janacek, IBM, Product Architect
  • -IDZ-1959B DB2 Utilities - Now and Next
    The next release of DB2 yet again delivers major improvements within the Utilities Suite for maximizing availability and performance while minimizing resource consumption. This in addition to delivering significant new functions. This session will highlight these new capabilities and explain how best to take advantage of them.
    Speaker: Haakon Roberts, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer; Calene Janacek, IBM, Product Architect
  • -IDZ-2009A Proactive SQL Tuning: Optim Query Workload Tuner To The Rescue
    Proactive SQL tuning: How discover developers and database administrators (DBAs) work together. Come learn how a team of DBAs and developers from a large business outsourcing solution provider automated tedious repeatable tasks, implemented best practices, pinpointed performance issues and met service level agreements (SLAs) for availability, performance and responsiveness. The DBAs were able to drive business results and foster teamwork throughout the data environment. In this session, we will discuss how performance tooling eliminated time-consuming manual processes to allow database administrators more time to focus on strategic high-value projects.
    Speaker: Mark Madsen, Discover, z/OS DB2 DBA;Saghi Amirsoleymani, IBM, Technical Enablement Specialist: IM.Host Database
  • -IDZ-2018 Drop in lab: Managing Migrations and the Day to Day life of DB2 for z/OS with DB2 Tools Administration Solution Pack
    The DB2 Tools Administration Solution Pack is a vital part of successful migrations and upgrades for DB2 for s/OS. Beyond that major event in the database lifecycle, the products in the pack help customers manage the day to day operations in your IT environment. In this hands-on-lab, you will learn use the integration of DB2 Administration Tool, DB2 Object Comparison Tool, DB2 Table Editor and Optim Configuration Manager in several use cases that demonstrate how the products are used to synchronize test and production systems, compare and manage changes to multiple DB2 systems in a single view, and control and isolate transactions without requiring an outage.
    Speaker: Elaine Morelli, IBM, Client Technical Specialist; Marichu Scanlon, IBM, IBM Optim Solutions Enablement
  • -IDZ-2057A New Techniques to Solve Database Administrator (DBA) Challenges
    The life of a database administrator (DBA) is becoming more complicated rather than less, because of the proliferation of systems, data, and also myriad new capabilities. These factors provide significant value if only the DBA knows what they are and how to take the best advantage of them. This session looks at some common problems and ways to solve them with new technology so you DBAs like you can manage your data and reduce your stress levels at the same time.
    Speaker: Haakon Roberts, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer; Paul Clark, IBM, Product Marketing Manager
  • -IDZ-2087A Best Practices for configuration with DB2 Connect
    This session will discuss best practices for configuration with DB2 Connect. The focus is on maximizing high availability across the scope of configuration, client drivers and properties. Optim Configuration Manager will also be brought into the picture to show how it can identify non-compliant configurations, adjust driver properties to optimize applications and help with performance problems.
    Speaker: Brent Gross, IBM, Architect; Ravi Mahendrakar, IBM, Product Manager - DB2 Connect and InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager
  • -IDZ-2145B Hands-on lab: The DB2 Performance Solution Pack in Your Hands-on Lab
    As part of this hands-on lab, participants will gain experience in the current integration capabilities between the different products packaged in the IBM DB2 Performance Solution Pack for z/OS. The integration capabilities of OMEGAMON XE for DB2 PE and Query Monitor with IBM InfoSphere Optim Workload Query Tuner are shown, as well as some integration use cases of OMEGAMON DB2 PE with Optim Configuration Manager and SQL Performance Analyzer. The Lab will work with DB2 subsystems at V10 and V11 levels. At the same time, customers can work with the individual products to experience their current DB2 11 support, such as monitoring the latest storage manager enhancements (IFCID 225), LogRBA/LRSN changes and autonomous transactions.
    Speaker: Matthias Tschaffler, IBM Germany, OMPE Technical Development Lead; Norbert Jenninger, IBM Germany, Product Manager / Customer Advocate; Leif Pedersen, IBM Denmark ApS, Solutions Architect; Patrick Titzler, IBM, Solution Architect
  • -IDZ-2146A Monitoring Techniques for the DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    This presentation will briefly introduce the latest features of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V4, and then provide a technical review of how to best monitor the Analytics Accelerator using IBM OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert, specifically the statistics and accounting performance aspects. The review will cover several use cases from online monitoring support to batch reporting. The analysis of the Analytics Accelerator metrics includes trend analysis, capacity planning and charge back. Result may also be shown in Pivot graphs.
    Speaker: Matthias Tschaffler, IBM Germany, OMPE Technical Development Lead; Norbert Jenninger, IBM Germany, Product Manager / Customer Advocate; Maggie Lin, IBM, DB2 for z/OS Development
  • -IDZ-2764A Hands-on lab: A Deep Dive into New DB2 Utility Functionality
    Are you interested in learning the latest features and functions in DB2 Utilities? This session will show you how to take advantage of the latest and greatest in the DB2 Utilities Suite. You'll get valuable best practice tips and techniques. You'll also learn how to test utility parameters, without changing your batch JCL. You'll be able to set execution condition based on your objects, your environment and your availability needs.
    Speaker: Hennie Mynhardt, IBM, Client Technical Professional; Jennifer Nelson, Rocket Software, Inc., Managing Director
  • -IDZ-3469A Expert Exchange: Data Security and Protection on System z: Are you ready for the next audit?
    This is your opportunity for dialogue with IBM product experts and your colleagues. These sessions are primarily driven by your questions and comments.
    Speaker: Ernie Mancill, IBM, Executive IT Specialist; Dennis Eichelberger, IBM, IT Specialist; Peter Mandel, IBM, Product Line manager for Infosphere Guardium; James Pickel, IBM, STSM; Marilene Roder, IBM, Software Engineer
  • -IDZ-3794A Expert Exchange: Best Practices with QMF 11 - Including Analytics for Big Data, Mobile and TSO
    This is your opportunity for dialogue with IBM product experts and your colleagues. These sessions are primarily driven by your questions and comments.
    Speaker: Joe Sacco, IBM, DB2 QMF Product Manager
  • -IIG-3247A Which Role System z can Play in the Data Governance Landscape?
    With the complexity of today's information ecosystems, organizations must improve the level of trust users have in information, ensure consistency of data, and establish safeguards over information. When information is trusted, businesses can optimize outcomes. Join us for this session to understand business/IT implications of Data Governance and how the IBM System z platform can play a key role in this area.
    Speaker: Marie-Laure Pessoa, IBM, Information Architect; Christophe Menichetti, IBM, IT Certified Specialist BAO/Big Data
  • -IPT-1999A IBM InfoSphere Optim Database Management Tools: Ready for the Future
    This session provides an overview of the IBM InfoSphere Optim database management products and capabilities. These tools have helped many clients design, test, deploy, manage, monitor and optimize their IBM databases. Some key use cases and client success stories are covered that demonstrate the value of these capabilities. The session also covers aspects of this portfolio that enable it to be ready to use the latest database and infrastructure technologies.
    Speaker: Madhu Kochar, IBM, Director, Optim Data Tools Development; Atul Chadha, IBM, Program Director Database Tools Dev and Enablement
  • -IPT-2136A End-to-end DB2 Performance Monitoring - Extended Insight is the Secret Sauce
    This session discusses one of the under-utilized features of Optim Performance Manager and OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert - Extended Insight. What is this feature, what business problems does it discuss, and what is the customer experience from those that have tried it.? This session includes lessons learned from customer engagements and how those are being addressed moving forwards and what the current best practices are for setting up Extended Insight.
    Speaker: Brent Gross, IBM, Architect
  • -IPT-2501A A Simplified Enterprise Configuration Management Service
    Every client faces challenges with configuring the various components that make up the complex technical solutions required to compete in the market today. Many components, such as IBM DB2, applications and connections, require extensive management of various configurations to operate. In this session, you learn about how IBM InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager offers an enterprise solution to centralize configuration management for all components, tracks their changes and automatically alerts when they are out of synch. This configuration manager provides a single source for configuration impact analysis and problem determination. It also offers generic configuration and allows you to specify and track key value pair configurations.
    Speaker: Daniel Galvin, Galvin Consulting, Inc., Consultant; Somil Kulkarni, IBM, Sr Technical Mgr

IMS Tools and utilities sessions

  • -IMS-1511B Improving IMS Performance via Dynamic Tuning of Buffer Pools and Subpools
    Tuning buffer pools is done to improve overall system performance. The net result can be dramatic application performance improvements without any IMS application changes. In today's high availability mode, this valuable performance tuning was rarely performed. With IMS 12, users can now dynamically add, change, and delete VSAM and OSAM buffer pool definitions for full-function databases. The challenge is doing it right. You need to know the impact of the changes to your system before you implement them. Accurate buffer pool tuning will help reduce IMS real storage and virtual storage usage without fear of affecting IMS performance. In this session, you will learn the steps needed to perform this valuable tuning technique.
    Speaker: Janet Leblanc, IBM, IMS Tools Strategist
  • -IMS-1643A Are Your Traditional Analysis Tools Overwhelmed Trying to Support 'Big Data' ?
    Many customers execute over 500 million transactions a day in their enterprise. The instrumentation data created easily qualifies as big data. The log, SMF, trace and other instrumentation needed to analyze modern transactions can overwhelm traditional tools. The session explains an IBM tool that can help reduce processing of instrumentation big data. The exception processing feature crawls the instrumentation data looking for transactions that exceeded exception criteria. Once identified, the tool enables transaction lifecycle analysis using IMS, CICS, DB2, WebSphere MQ, SMF, and Operlog data. Automate data gathering, enhance collaboration, reduce time to fix, and train the next generation of support personnel.
    Speaker: Jim Martin, Fundi Software, US Representative Fundi Software
  • -IMS-1949A 'Big Data' Database Maintenance Tasks are Simpler and Easier then Ever
    Do your database maintenance tasks for hundreds and thousands of data entry data base (DEDB) areas require large work loads? IMS Fast Path Solution Pack helps database administrators (DBAs) perform DEDB reorganization tasks more efficiently. DBAs automatically are alerted of exceptional states of DEDB areas via email/texting. When database attributes changes are required, DBAs can now simulate segment reload with new DBD keywords or a new randomizer that meets your performance and space usage requirements without actually loading the segment data. IMS Fast Path Solution Pack and IMS Autonomics Director and Administration Console help you understand the status of your databases in an intuitive and interactive graphical web interface.
    Speaker: Jie Ding, IBM, Software Engineer
  • -IMS-2035A IMS in a Sysplex Environment: Challenges and Solutions
    IMS coupled with Sysplex technologies can greatly improve IMS's scalability, availability, and performance. However, running IMS in a Sysplex environment brings some configurational and operational challenges. CF structures and SQ monitoring, transaction affinity management, long lock detection, buffer overflow protection, and RM structure management are tasks that IMS administrators have not dealt with before. Come and learn how to effectively cope with these challenges with IMS Sysplex Manager.
    Speaker: Andy Nguyen, IBM, Software Developer: IM.Host Database
  • -IMS-2459A Yes, You Can Automate and Simplify Database Monitoring of IMS Databases
    Do you want automated and simplified database monitoring of IMS databases? As a DBA, you might be responsible for hundreds and thousands of IMS databases. Your role requires continual access to data that you must analyze to detect space shortages or performance issues before they affect business operations. You can enhance your ability to monitor your many IMS databases by using IMS Database Solution Pack and Tools Base components as an integrated solution. IMS Database Solution Pack and IMS Autonomics Director and Administration Console help you understand the status of your databases in an intuitive and interactive graphical web interface.
    Speaker: Tatsuyuki Shiomi, IBM Corp, IMS Database Tools Architect
  • -IMS-3245A How a Company in the Healthcare Industry was Able to Improve Access to Data Through Cloning
    Providing access to data needed by business-critical applications is a problem many businesses are challenged with. This problem is becoming more and more difficult to address with the growth in the amount of data businesses maintain and the underlying need to mine business data better in order to maintain or improve competitiveness. In this session, you will hear from a customer whom has made use of cloning technology, available through IBM tooling, that has allowed them to deliver the data to the applications that need it, efficiently, securely, and without sacrificing data availability.
    Speaker: Anthony Minichino, WellPoint, Manager, Mainframe Database Services; Ron Bisceglia, Rocket Software, Software Engineer, Database Tools: Backup & Recovery for z/OS

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