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IOD 2013 is the largest System z software event in the world, delivering know-how that can help you improve business performance, gain more value from existing business analytics deployments, and get the latest innovations and success strategies from IBM experts, analysts and clients.

Choose from more than 180 executive, business leadership and technical sessions, covering key technologies, including:

- DB2 sessions
- IMS (Information Management System) sessions
- Big Data & Analytics sessions
- Tools/Utilities sessions
- Cross Platform sessions

All of these sessions and more offer a wealth of deployment best practices, technical tips and techniques, expert guidance, and strategies to drive value to your business.

To browse all System z sessions, including abstracts and speakers, click on the tabs above.

  • Client-led sessions

    Client-led sessions

    Learn from your peers in 30+ sessions delivered by IBM clients representing a wide range of industries. They’ll share their own experiences, including best practices, performance tips, cost saving strategies and experiences with the latest products and solutions.

  • Hands-on labs and workshops

    Hands-on labs and workshops

    Choose from 11 different sessions covering a wide range of topics. Each three-hour session lets you take a deep-dive, exploring and interacting directly with live software through well-proven, hands-on training exercises and workshops.

  • Featured sessions

    Featured sessions

    From lively panel discussions to informal Birds of a Feather get-togethers, don’t miss these special System z sessions, where you’ll gain insights from technical experts, analysts and fellow IBM clients.

Click on the triangle before each title to view descriptions and speakers

  • -IDZ-1215A Real-Time Analytics on Transactional Data with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    In this session, you learn how to use IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator to perform analytical queries on OLTP data. This session highlights use cases and benefits, both from a business and IT perspective. It also demonstrates the savings in processor cycles and tuning reduction efforts. The differences between DB2 and IBM Netezza SQL are also presented.
    Speaker: Thomas Baumann, Swiss Mobiliar, IT Performance Architect; Carlo Marchesi, IBM Switzerland, PureData TechSales, PureData Champion
  • -IDZ-3268A Oracle SAP Win-back to System z and DB2
    The utility company in Brazil was looking for upgrading their SAP and Oracle environment, but, after considering IBM as a player, went throughout deep analyses and decided for full winback solution, migrating their SAP Oracle and SUN platform to IBM System z and DB2 z/OS.
    Speaker: Paulo Ribeiro, COPASA, Senior IT Specialist
  • -IDW-3357A IBM System z, Big Data and Analytics
    Big data and analytics are two topics that are at the forefront of every client's business priorities. IBM System z is an important platform for implementing these solutions. Big data and analytics are complimentary topics as they define the ability to embrace all data and use it for better business insight and strategic decision making. Join Stephen O'Grady, of Redmonk, as he discusses the trends and marketing insights for big data and analytics on System z. Also Dan Wardman will discuss how IBM's business analytics and data management solutions for the System z platform can drive better business outcomes.
    Speaker: Stephen O'Grady, RedMonk, Analyst; Dan Wardman, IBM, Vice President, Information Management Mainframe Software & SVL Site Executive
  • - IDZ-3735A Next Generation DB2, Getting modernized to run continuously!
    For publically traded companies, success is measured by stockholder confidence and awareness of the bottom line. Achieving this requires that goals are set across the business portfolio. In recent years, it’s IT that has taken the lead in finding ways to increase business reliance and profit, especially through continuous availability for the data server environment. In this session, you’ll learn how FedEx is exploiting its investment in z/OS Parallel Sysplex and data sharing by making best use of IBM hardware, software and processes. Our speakers will discuss how FedEx is reducing the complexity of, and variations within, its mainframe environment by optimizing the latest hardware adoption strategies, while building the ultimate continuous availability data server platform to drive increased profits from its mainframe architecture.
    Speaker: Rob Crane, Fedex, Database Architect; Jim Reed, IBM, Program Director

  • Expert Panel

    Expert Panel

    This is your opportunity to ask all your burning IBM System z questions to our leading Technical experts from IM, WebSphere, Rational, Tivoli, Security, and the hardware team gathered into one panel for your edification and knowledge.

IDZ-3392A System z: Ask the Technical Experts
Time: Wednesday Nov. 6th, 4:30PM - 5:45PM
Location: Mandalay Bay South Convention Center - South Seas F
Moderator: Phil Weintraub, Vice President, System z sales
Panelists: Betty Patterson, Jeff Josten, Rosalind Radcliffe, Joe Winchester, Glinda Cummings, and other distinguished experts

  • Demo suites spotlight sessions

    Demo suites spotlight sessions

    These spotlight sessions are an invitation-only opportunity for you to preview some of the latest technology developed for the DB2, Guardium & IMS Tools you use on a daily basis.

    This more intimate setting will allow you to share with other IBM customers and learn directly from the experts who develop these tools, as well as help shape the direction of the products in which you’ve invested. Please join us for some light refreshments and lots of engaging conversation. All sessions start at 6:00 PM and are approximately 30 minutes in length. To attend, please contact your IBM sales representative or click here to register.

  • -DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS and DB2 Tools: Maximizing your Investment
    Monday, November 4th – 6pm
    Most customers are aware of the high-performance offering from IBM, the DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS. It delivers dramatically faster analytic query responses transparently to users. But, if you're like most customers, you want to answer this question: "How do I know if I am getting the maximum benefits from the Accelerator?" This session provides many insights into some of the DB2 Tools for z/OS you are familiar with or already own. We'll cover topics such as: Join us for these questions and more as we cover features in the tools and new products that will help you manage and monitor your business analytics investment on System z. Experts who will be in attendance include Gary Crupi, Distinguished Engineer, IBM and Hendrik Mynhardt, Executive IT Specialist, DB2 for z/OS, zChampion , IBM.

    Register Here for Demo Suite sessions
  • -Best Practices with DB2 11 for z/OS Migrations
    Tuesday, November 5th – 6pm
    DB2 11 for z/OS delivers key innovations that reduce your total cost of ownership and offer and easier and faster migration. Version 11 also provides enhanced analytics, increased availability, reliability and security for your business critical information. This session will be unique in that it will be customer-led and customer driven. You’ll be able to get valuable tips and techniques from customers who participated in the DB2 11 Early Support Program (ESP). You’ll be able to learn what IBM DB2 tools and utilities customers used in their testing. How important were those tools to their migration efforts? Are there any best practices that you can learn that will improve your DB2 11 migration and get you into production faster, with increased confidence and less impact to your critical DB2 applications? This session will give you to ask the questions you need to improve your DB2 11 for z/OS migration experience. Speakers will include a panel of DB2 11 ESP customers and IBM moderator, Hendrik Mynhardt, Executive IT Specialist, DB2 for z/OS, zChampion , IBM.

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  • -Smarter IMS Software
    Wednesday, November 6th – 6pm
    Smarter IMS software is changing the way we manage IMS databases. With Smarter IMS software, we can now focus our efforts and time on higher priority items and still know that our databases will be available and performing as expected. Smarter IMS software accesses system information to anticipate and react to database events automatically, before they become issues. By taking advantage of the expertise and capabilities provided by Smarter IMS software, IMS administrators now have time to identify new opportunities to leverage the IMS systems in their enterprises. Our speaker will be Nick Griffin, IBM.

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  • Rock the Mainframe System z reception

    “Rock the Mainframe” System z reception

    Join your peers, IBM experts, executives and IBM Business Partners on Monday evening for a special reception hosted by Phil Weintraub, Vice President, North America System z Software Sales for the IBM Software Group, and Dan Wardman, Vice President, Information Management Mainframe Development.

    For admission, present your IOD 2013 conference badge and your IOD 2013 System z pin.

When: Monday, November 4, 7:30-9:30pm.
Where: House of Blues

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RedMonk session

RedMonk session

RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady and Dan Wardman, IBM Vice President, lead a discussion on the benefits of big data and analytics on the System z platform.

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Experts panel

Experts panel

Ask the System z Experts: System z software technical experts answer your questions.

Client session


Learn how FedEx builds investor confidence by optimizing its mainframe environment for continuous availability.

See Featured Session