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IMS (Information Management System) sessions

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  • -IMS-1012A Upgrading to IMS 12 from IMS 10: Lessons Learned
    IMS has been around almost as long as the earth has spun around the sun. Yes, that?s an exaggeration, but many shops still use IMS as part of their mission-critical strategy of data storage and delivery. IBM has continually made it viable and relevant in a world of Java and clouds. This is a presentation, from a customer perspective, on upgrading IMS from version 10 to version 12. Whether you are a seasoned IMS professional or new to IMS, come learn how easy it is to install and upgrade your IMS investment.
    Speaker: Jeff Sullivan, State of Arizona, Sr. Systems Programmer; Kenny Blackman, IBM, Certified Client Technical Specialist
  • -IMS-1013A IMS Has a Catalog - Did You Get the Memo?
    You probably never thought you'd see the day when SQL could be run against IMS. And you probably never thought you would see a day when your PSB and DBD libraries would be a back-up to your IMS catalog metadata. If you look at the bigger picture, the lines are starting to get blurry between DB2 and IMS. This presentation will lay your fears to rest because it is not scary. Topics will cover how to build, administer, and maintain an IMS catalog, general maintenance and future directions. In addition, the IMS Enterprise Explorer will be shown in a real life demonstration.
    Speaker: Jeff Sullivan, State of Arizona, Sr. Systems Programmer; Nancy Stein, IBM, Consulting IT Specialist
  • -IMS-1065A Achieving Consistent Microsecond Response Time in High Volume, High Growth Enterprise Databases
    China Construction Bank (CCB) Beijing Data Center is the biggest IMS Database and CICS transaction server client in China, with around 250 million user accounts served. The current CCB production system manages more than 33 terabytes of IMS data in full-function, high availability, and Fast Path data entry databases, with growth projections of 30 percent year-to-year. CCB's challenge is to maintain and operate this huge amount of IMS data while sustaining and improving high performance. Shen Hong Fang, the CCB database administrator, will share customer experiences and best practices in how to proactively identify and resolve issues that potentially affect performance.
    Speaker: Hong Fang Shen, Construction Bank of China, IMS Manager for Production; Shyh-Mei Ho, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer; Cui Lei, IBM , IMS and IMS Tools Technical Support; Wang Yu Ying, IBM, IMS Performance Test
  • -IMS-1129A IMS Disaster Recovery Overview
    This presentation will provide an overview of the Disaster Recovery solutions available for IMS. The solutions are divided into 4 categories: 1) Restart, 2) Recovery, 3) Restart and Recovery, and 4) Coordinated Restart and Recovery. There will be a discussion of storage mirroring solutions as well as solutions involving specific IMS recovery resources.
    Speaker: Glenn Galler, IBM, Certified I/T Specialist – ATS
  • -IMS-1511B Improving IMS Performance via Dynamic Tuning of Buffer Pools and Subpools
    Tuning buffer pools is done to improve overall system performance. The net result can be dramatic application performance improvements without any IMS application changes. In today's high availability mode, this valuable performance tuning was rarely performed. With IMS 12, users can now dynamically add, change, and delete VSAM and OSAM buffer pool definitions for full-function databases. The challenge is doing it right. You need to know the impact of the changes to your system before you implement them. Accurate buffer pool tuning will help reduce IMS real storage and virtual storage usage without fear of affecting IMS performance. In this session, you will learn the steps needed to perform this valuable tuning technique.
    Speaker: Janet Leblanc, IBM, IMS Tools Strategist
  • -IMS-1643A Are Your Traditional Analysis Tools Overwhelmed Trying to Support 'Big Data' ?
    Many customers execute over 500 million transactions a day in their enterprise. The instrumentation data created easily qualifies as big data. The log, SMF, trace and other instrumentation needed to analyze modern transactions can overwhelm traditional tools. The session explains an IBM tool that can help reduce processing of instrumentation big data. The exception processing feature crawls the instrumentation data looking for transactions that exceeded exception criteria. Once identified, the tool enables transaction lifecycle analysis using IMS, CICS, DB2, WebSphere MQ, SMF, and Operlog data. Automate data gathering, enhance collaboration, reduce time to fix, and train the next generation of support personnel.
    Speaker: Jim Martin, Fundi Software, US Representative Fundi Software
  • -IMS-1863A Dynamic Change Management in IMS, Simplified to Deliver Higher Availability
    As an Enterprise DBA or SysProg, you've seen firsthand the growth of IMS dynamic change management. You've used these capabilities to increase availability and simplify day-to-day management of your database, application, routing code and transaction resources. What's next in your roadmap? Have you migrated resource definitions to the centralized repository? Are you mentoring new IMS specialists? Anu Vakkalagadda from the IMS Lab will highlight the strategic direction for IMS change management. More autonomics, increased security and simplified interfaces are the order of the day. Dan Perra from AEGON will give a Client perspective on how an IMS small shop capitalizes on these capabilities, providing setup and usage examples.
    Speaker: Daniel Perra, TransAmerica, IMS System Programmer; Anu Vakkalagadda, IBM, IMS Systems Development
  • -IMS-1866A Your Big Data solution is not complete without IMS on System z
    The world of big data has arrived. Enterprises worldwide are investigating big data to learn how to gain a competitive advantage through analytics. Some already have big data implementations in production. Is IBM System z home to your operational data? How can you be sure that your big data strategy includes all sources of data, regardless of platform? IMS is in step with IBM's strategic objectives for big data. We have identified user scenarios that demonstrate how you can use big data analytics to drive business action. Regardless of where you are at in the big data continuum, don’t miss this session. Kyle Charlet, IMS STSM, and Chad Deluca, IMS Big Data Development, will guide you through our vision and how it maps to your success.
    Speaker: Kyle Charlet, IBM, STSM, IMS SOA and Modernization; Chad DeLuca, IBM, Software Engineer
  • -IMS-1881A Orienteering through your Multi-Platform Enterprise: Java Development on System z Best Practices
    Navigating your way through your enterprise architecture can sometimes feel like orienteering. You have IBM System z, you have distributed; you have apps here, apps there, data here, there and everywhere. Java development skills are strategic to your company. In this session, you will learn how to take advantage of open access capabilities in IBM IMS. Your new Java apps can directly access IMS data with universal drivers saving your company time and money. Not familiar with z/OS? No problem. New open standards, including SQL, mean you can be productive from Day 1. Database administrators will get tools and techniques that will keep IMS availability in the 5 9s and performance in the stratosphere (naturally).
    Speaker: Richard Tran, IBM, Software Engineer; David Ormsby, IBM, Advisory Software Engineer
  • -IMS-1946A 45 Years Strong: IMS Introduces Its Most Innovative Release
    Welcome to IMS 13! One year ago, we announced the start of our Quality Partnership Program for IMS 13 and presented the release preview at IOD. Now we can give you the complete stage production with full orchestration. Betty Patterson, Chief IMS Architect, will walk you through the spectrum of technical enhancements for IMS Database, Transaction Manager, System Services, Connectivity, and more. Whether your business focus is reducing total cost of ownership (TCO), taking advantage of IMS open access capabilities to support growth, reducing outages, improving connectivity, all of which are made even simpler in this release, you are sure to find a ton of useful information to ignite the spark for your migration plans. Join us!
    Speaker: Betty Patterson, IBM, Distinguished Engineer
  • -IMS-1949A 'Big Data' Database Maintenance Tasks are Simpler and Easier then Ever
    Do your database maintenance tasks for hundreds and thousands of data entry data base (DEDB) areas require large work loads? IMS Fast Path Solution Pack helps database administrators (DBAs) perform DEDB reorganization tasks more efficiently. DBAs automatically are alerted of exceptional states of DEDB areas via email/texting. When database attributes changes are required, DBAs can now simulate segment reload with new DBD keywords or a new randomizer that meets your performance and space usage requirements without actually loading the segment data. IMS Fast Path Solution Pack and IMS Autonomics Director and Administration Console help you understand the status of your databases in an intuitive and interactive graphical web interface.
    Speaker: Jie Ding, IBM, Software Engineer
  • -IMS-1965A Worlds Together: IMS and .NET
    Most databases on the market can be easily accessed from the popular .NET platform. However, until today, IMS customers who needed to access IMS data from .NET applications were mostly out of luck. In the newest release of IMS Enterprise Suite, we introduce .NET Data Provider for IMS Database. This solution provides standards-based SQL access to IMS data from .NET in a simple, fast, well-proven way. It simplifies development of .NET applications (e.g. C#, Visual Basic) accessing IMS to read/store IMS data, while eliminating the need for intermediate steps and expensive tools for access to IMS databases.
    Speaker: Evgeni Liakhovich, IBM, Advisory Software Engineer
  • -IMS-1983A IMS: The Original No SQL Big Data Engine
    2013 has been a stellar year for IMS celebrating its 45 years of innovation, reaching new levels of performance, staking claim as a cornerstone for contemporary IT enterprises worldwide. In this session, IMS Director Dinesh Nirmal will highlight the significance of IMS’s impact on the world of enterprise software, and share his vision for IMS with you: a vision that connects IMS with big data, cloud, analytics, and more. Don’t miss it!
    Speaker: Dinesh Nirmal, IBM, IMS Director; Sandy Sherrill, IBM, IMS Worldwide Market Manager
  • -IMS-2035A IMS in a Sysplex Environment: Challenges and Solutions
    IMS coupled with Sysplex technologies can greatly improve IMS's scalability, availability, and performance. However, running IMS in a Sysplex environment brings some configurational and operational challenges. CF structures and SQ monitoring, transaction affinity management, long lock detection, buffer overflow protection, and RM structure management are tasks that IMS administrators have not dealt with before. Come and learn how to effectively cope with these challenges with IMS Sysplex Manager.
    Speaker: Andy Nguyen, IBM, Software Developer: IM.Host Database
  • -IMS-2190A IMS 13 QPP Experience at Volvo IT
    This session describes what we benefit from being part of the QPP, the solutions we tested and what we benefited from them.
    Speaker: Anders Ohrnberg, Volvo Information Technology, IMS Sys Prog; Deepak Kohli, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IMS-2416A Simplify, Govern, and Enhance the Security of Your Enterprise Web Services
    Your growing portfolios of web services need access to IMS data and transactions. The explosive growth of mobile technology will only increase the level of access to these assets. IBM's strategic security and integration gateway, DataPower, is the logical choice to help you secure, integrate and optimize access to web, mobile, and API workloads. In this session, IMS On Demand Architect Shyh-Mei Ho will bring you up to speed on the robust integration capabilities between IMS and DataPower appliances, which provide access for clients on the web to both IMS databases and IMS transactions. Learn how you can leverage your IT resources to better respond to emerging strategic initiatives!
    Speaker: Shyh-Mei Ho, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IMS-2459A Yes, You Can Automate and Simplify Database Monitoring of IMS Databases
    Do you want automated and simplified database monitoring of IMS databases? As a DBA, you might be responsible for hundreds and thousands of IMS databases. Your role requires continual access to data that you must analyze to detect space shortages or performance issues before they affect business operations. You can enhance your ability to monitor your many IMS databases by using IMS Database Solution Pack and Tools Base components as an integrated solution. IMS Database Solution Pack and IMS Autonomics Director and Administration Console help you understand the status of your databases in an intuitive and interactive graphical web interface.
    Speaker: Tatsuyuki Shiomi, IBM Corp, IMS Database Tools Architect
  • -IMS-2561A IMS 13 Transaction Manager: Simpler Operations in an Open Environment
    IBM IMS 13 adds many new enhancements in the transaction manager and connectivity arenas. This session discusses the enhancements that affect open transaction manager access (OTMA), including a new IBM CICS connectivity option to use ISC over TCP/IP, a new descriptor type that enhances WebSphere MQ asynchronous processing, application modernization through synchronous program switching, and greater efficiencies with OTMA TCO improvements. Additionally, specific topics for integration capabilities include the new .Net Data Provider, enhancements to the IMS Explorer for Development, the new IMS Explorer for Administration, and much more.
    Speaker: Suzette Wendler, IBM, Consulting I/T Specialist; Kenny Blackman, IBM, Certified Client Technical Specialist
  • -IMS-2564A IMS 13 System: Easier Management with Increased Reliability
    This session will cover the system enhancements in IMS 13 as well as an overview of total cost of ownership (TCO) improvements. Topics include the new capabilities in IMS Connect, the IMS Repository, the /DIAG command, user exits, security, and improvements to concurrent application thread processing. Installation and migration considerations for IMS 13 will also be discussed.
    Speaker: Kenny Blackman, IBM, Certified Client Technical Specialist; Suzette Wendler, IBM, Consulting I/T Specialist
  • -IMS-2566A IMS 13 DB and DBRC: Greater Resiliency for Your Data
    This session describes the new IMS 13 capabilities for IMS database and DBRC. Topics include: high availability large database (HALDB) alter support, which provides the opportunity to make structural changes to a database while maintaining database availability; database versioning, which maintains multiple views of the physical IMS data in the IMS catalog to allow physical database structure changes without modifying all of the application programs using the database; Fast Path enhancements (including DEDB alter, which adds the ability to dynamically change specific DEDB definitions); and DBRC migration and coexistence information.
    Speaker: Nancy Stein, IBM, Consulting IT Specialist; Glenn Galler, IBM, Certified I/T Specialist - ATS
  • -IMS-2862A Up and Running on IMS in Record Time
    When you think about getting up and running on IMS, do you first think of IVP, or the installation verification program? Do you know that there is a whole set of applications that can speed the process of getting your IMS up and running, and that over the last few releases of IMS, they have been significantly simplified? Join John Butterweck, IMS IVP expert as he uses the IVP framework to educate you on the additional TSO applications of Syntax Checker, SPOC (single point of control), and Dynamic Resource Definition UI. Each of these applications will be highlighted, and John will lead a Q&A session to help you plan for your next IMS migration.
    Speaker: John Butterweck, IBM, Software Support Engineer
  • -IMS-2922A Increase ROI by Expanding the Life of Your IMS Applications for Another 45 years!
    How do you keep up with change? How do you make changes in applications without breaking what's already working? How do you make changes in databases without having to change existing programs? How do you phase changes into your applications? Can you have different versions of an application running at the same time? Does Shakira's dance routine change? If these questions have been keeping you up at night, then come to this session and learn how IMS V13's versioning capability is helping customers increase their ROI by expanding the life of their apps while still adapting to change.
    Speaker: Deepak Kohli, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IMS-3206A Leveraging IMS - From 3270 to Mobile at Sun Life Financial
    In Canada, Sun Life Financial offers financial planning, investment options, retirement savings, life insurance, health insurance, group benefits and more. Given the nature of their business, and a long-established web presence, Sun Life has been using mobile technology for years, implementing a mobile solution that incorporates multiple products. Marc Julien, IBM System z Architect, and Pradheep Kumar, Sun Life Financial Enterprise Architect, will show you how there are many roads to Mobile, and you already have the roadmap.
    Speaker: Marc Julien, IBM, System z Client Architect, zChampion, Insurance, Retail, GB;Pradheep Kumar, Sun Life Financial, Director of IT Architecture
  • -IMS-3245A How a Company in the Healthcare Industry was Able to Improve Access to Data Through Cloning
    Providing access to data needed by business-critical applications is a problem many businesses are challenged with. This problem is becoming more and more difficult to address with the growth in the amount of data businesses maintain and the underlying need to mine business data better in order to maintain or improve competitiveness. In this session, you will hear from a customer whom has made use of cloning technology, available through IBM tooling, that has allowed them to deliver the data to the applications that need it, efficiently, securely, and without sacrificing data availability.
    Speaker: Anthony Minichino, WellPoint, Manager, Mainframe Database Services; Ron Bisceglia, Rocket Software, Software Engineer, Database Tools: Backup & Recovery for z/OS
  • -IMS-3465A Scotiabank Uses DataPower to Expand IMS Callout Capabilities
    Scotiabank, a leading multinational financial services provider and Canada's most international bank, put to the test an innovative integration architecture by which IMS programs call out to external systems through DataPower. In one such case, Scotiabank integrated IMS customer functions with IBM AIX WebSphere-based brokerage services. Transformations created in WTX Design Studio can be implemented on DataPower and IMS callouts transformed to XML or JSON-based messages for external system integration using a variety of protocols, all with blazing fast performance. Join Craig Oddy, Senior Enterprise Architect, Scotiabank, and Shyh-Mei Ho, IMS On-Demand Chief Architect, for this truly innovative session.
    Speaker: Craig Oddy, Scotiabank, senior enterprise architects
  • -IMS-3471A Standard Access to IMS Data Assets from COBOL Using SQL
    For clients with a large base of COBOL applications, the need to implement standards-based access is key to a fluid modernization. They have a business need to write or modify IMS COBOL applications to access IMS data using SQL in addition to Java. They are hiring specialists who come to the table with SQL skills without requiring in-depth IMS database knowledge. For these reasons and more, they need a consolidated native SQL engine as the foundation for existing and future client exploitation.
    Speaker: Haley Fung, IBM, MS SOA TM Connectivity Technical Lead
  • -IMS-3755A Fiducia: Driving Efficiencies with IMS
    Fiducia AG is an IT Service Provider for cooperative banks in Southern Germany. As part of the modernization of their core banking processes, they aim to promote Java and COBOL language interoperability hosted by IMS. Fiducia has succeeded to implement this in production, and now they have embarked on a follow-on project to also include access to DB2 from the Java layer. Lead Enterprise Architect Pascal Meyer will share how Fiducia implemented the IMS interoperability solution in terms of the topology, platform, access, APIs and more. He will share results of their time-to-market, security, performance, scalability, management and more, and what their next steps in the process are.
    Speaker: Pascal Meyer, Fiducia IT AG, Enterprise Architect

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