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BA/DW (Business analytics/data warehousing) sessions

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  • -IDZ-1025A Sensor Data as Big Data for IBM DB2 for z/OS
    John Deere has an application that gathers telematics data from sensors on machines in the field. Recently the company redesigned this application to provide scalability for future demand. This session explore big data, John Deeres application, and some of the basic concepts of IBM DB2 for z/OS that the company implemented to meet the challenges of this application. This session includes information about such DB2 concepts as page size, clustering, partitioning, SEQUENCE OBJECTS, and APPEND. You will see the John Deere application suite of products through two videos.
    Speaker: Bryan Paulsen, John Deere, Technology Architect
  • -IDZ-1211A How Florida Hospital Delivers Enterprise Analytics with DB2 Query Management Facility (QMF)
    Many IBM Clients are reexamining their use of IBM DB2 Query Management Facility (QMF) because of its many new features, functions, and broader applicability across the enterprise. This session takes a look at the new features in DB2 Query Management Facility 11 Enterprise Edition, including the new QMF Analytics for TSO component and the QMF for Workstation and WebSphere enhancements. You hear about the value and results of broader QMF deployment directly from a user's perspective as representatives from Florida Hospital share their experience with QMF Enterprise Edition. They discuss the impact QMF has had on their business and the product’s role in their enterprise business analytics infrastructure.
    Speaker: Scott Morrell, Florida Hospital, Sr. Software Architect; Joe Sacco, IBM, DB2 QMF Product Manager
  • -IDZ-1215A Real-Time Analytics on Transactional Data with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    In this session, you learn how to use IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator to perform analytical queries on OLTP data. This session highlights use cases and benefits, both from a business and IT perspective. It also demonstrates the savings in processor cycles and tuning reduction efforts. The differences between DB2 and IBM Netezza SQL are also presented.
    Speaker: Thomas Baumann, Swiss Mobiliar, IT Performance Architect; Carlo Marchesi, IBM Switzerland, PureData TechSales, PureData Champion
  • -IDZ-1470A Hands-on lab: Integrating DB2 for z/OS with Big Insights for Big Data Solutions
    This HOL focuses on coming key technologies in DB2 11 for z/OS that enable a seamless integration between DB2 and Big Insights, using both structured and non-structured data. We also show how DB2 for z/OS provides SOA solutions using SOAP and REST UDFs and pureXML. We will cover common usage scenarios that can apply to your business. We will show what needs to be done in the DB2 server and what information your application needs to know to create an enterprise with great performance, improving customer satisfaction, maximizing profit, and minimizing cost.
    Speaker: Jane Man, IBM, Software Development; Rick Chang, IBM, Advisory Software Engineer; Jason Cu, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IDZ-1755A Banco do Brasil: Delivering a Fast, Reliable, Secure Business Analytic Environment on System z
    Banco do Brasil, the largest Latin America Bank, will show and discuss how they are delivering a fast, reliable, and secure environment for business analytics running on System z with DB2 for z/OS, IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator and IBM Replication Server, among others.
    Speaker: Italo Freitas, Banco do Brasil, System z Manager; Fabricio Pimentel, IBM, Information Architect; Rafael Toshio, IBM, Client Technical Specialist - Information Management Software
  • -IDZ-2488A Reconcile Big Data Technologies with Business Needs: A New Data Strategy
    Actual business is facing new challenges and a new approach to business intelligence (BI). This implies new requirements and challenges for the IT architecture: more data and a larger number of users to deal with. Banca Carige have kept this challenge and have selected DB2 on z and IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator to give support to the new architectural vision where a new class of applications for new users in the enterprise will be deployed. Having DB2 safety, mainframe reliability and Accelerator performance, Carige is finding new ways to build a true real-time analysis on full enterprise data. The presentation will go thru new business needs, will show why the platform was selected and give a bird's-eye view on best practices, new approaches and first projects outcomes.
    Speaker: Daniele Cericola, Banca Carige, ICT Governance Director; Enrico Caraffi, IBM Italy, IT Architect, Technical Sales & solutions System z Information Management
  • -IDZ-3392A System z : Ask the Technical Experts
    This is your opportunity to ask all your burning IBM System z questions to our leading Technical experts from IM, WebSphere, Rational, Tivoli, Security, and the hardware team gathered into one panel for your edification and knowledge.
    Speaker: Betty Patterson, IBM, Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-3640A Big Data Strategies with DB2 for z/OS
    IBM DB2 for z/OS holds massive amounts of data and has become pivotal to the success of big data projects so data warehouses and analytics rely on much of this data. But other forms of information and new analytics are an essential part of the decision making process. The System z platform with its OLTP, analytics and accelerators make it the logical place to start your successful big data projects. Attend this session and learn how the combination of DB2 or z/OS and InfoSphere BigInsights are helping to further lower risks and costs for businesses a great entry point for your big data initiatives - as well as real life examples of organizations using DB2 for z/OS and the Information management portfolio
    Speaker: Mark Simmonds, IBM, IBM Enterprise Architect and Senior Product Marketing Manager; Harry Batten, IBM, IBM System z Data Serving Strategy Manager
  • -IDZ-3794A Expert Exchange: Best Practices with QMF 11 - Including Analytics for Big Data, Mobile and TSO
    This is your opportunity for dialogue with IBM product experts and your colleagues. These sessions are primarily driven by your questions and comments.
    Speaker: Joe Sacco, IBM, DB2 QMF Product Manager
  • -IDW-1056A Building and Using the Hybrid Data Server Approach to Servicing Mission Critical Business Analytics
    Principal Financial Group Retirement Investment Services used the IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9700 and IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator to service a broad spectrum of workloads built to deliver business results. This session provides customer views of the business requirements and the value of the solution, the solution architecture, and the business impact of the implementation and lessons learned.
    Speaker: Pam Kahler, Principal Financial Group, Assistant Director - IT
  • -IDW-1146A Aetna's Production Experience Using IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    Jeff Kohan presents Aetna's experience with IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator powered by IBM Netezza. Topics include Aetna's results and benefits in using DB2 Analytics Accelerator and operational issues encountered. Other functions are also examined including results of V3 and the Incremental Update feature.
    Speaker: Jeffrey Kohan, Aetna, Systems Engineering Manager; Patricia Zakhar, IBM, Solution Architect
  • -IDW-1611A IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: Trends and Directions
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator has drawn lots of attention from IBM DB2 for z/OS users. In many respects, DB2 Analytics Accelerator presents itself as just another IBM DB2 access path, but deep integration into DB2 and application transparency makes it one of the most exciting DB2 enhancements in years. The accelerator complements DB2 by adding the industry-leading, data-intensive, complex query performance of the IBM Netezza engine. Analytics Accelerator transforms DB2 by delivering both transactional and analytical workloads. This presentation brings the latest news from DB2 Analytics Accelerator and examines developmental trends.
    Speaker: Namik Hrle, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDW-1659A Incremental Updates of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    Incremental Update is a new feature of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator V3.1. This function uses change data capture techniques to provide near real-time synchronization of data from IBM DB2 to the accelerator. This session introduces the new Incremental Update feature and shows how it works. Understanding how incremental update works can help you formulate a strategy for operating this feature.
    Speaker: Andrew Perkins, IBM, Data Warehouse on System z SWAT Team
  • -IDW-3168A Why Users Call IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator the Magic Box
    As a part of the information management program at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, the information requirements and pain points for the various business areas were captured. Data performance was one of the major pain points. To address this issue, IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator was identified as a quick-win solution. This session describes how the Blue Cross IT team worked with IBM and business users to conduct a successful proof of concept. As a result of this effort, query run times were significantly reduced without much effort from the business users. They started calling the solution the "magic box," because their work was minimal. With business area support, DB2 Analytics Accelerator was successfully implemented.
    Speaker: Ajay Kambhampati, BCBSAL, Senior Information Architect
  • -IDW-3357A IBM System z, Big Data and Analytics
    Big data and analytics are two topics that are at the forefront of every client's business priorities. IBM System z is an important platform for implementing these solutions. Big data and analytics are complimentary topics as they define the ability to embrace all data and use it for better business insight and strategic decision making. Join Stephen O'Grady, of Redmonk, as he discusses the trends and marketing insights for big data and analytics on System z. Also Dan Wardman will discuss how IBM's business analytics and data management solutions for the System z platform can drive better business outcomes.
    Speaker: Stephen O'Grady, RedMonk, Analyst; Dan Wardman, IBM, Vice President, Information Management Mainframe Software & SVL Site Executive
  • -IDW-3445A Getting Ready for Big Data: Best Practices for Data Warehouses
    Big data implementations rarely happen all at once or in a vacuum. They involve feasibility studies, a proof of concept, perhaps requests for proposals to vendors, various pilot tests, and a phased rollout. Is your current data warehouse infrastructure ready? This session covers infrastructure planning and forward-looking technical needs for a data warehouse on IBM DB2 for z/OS. It covers the major topics of current best practices, infrastructure (including standards, plans for big data, and technology options), a case study and next steps.
    Speaker: Lockwood Lyon, Fifth Third Bancorp, Senior Data Architect

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RedMonk session

RedMonk session

RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady and Dan Wardman, IBM Vice President, lead a discussion on the benefits of big data and analytics on the System z platform.

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