IBM. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV | October 26-30. System z sessions and activities. Hosted by: Jake Porway

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Tools/Utilities sessions

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DB2 Tools and utilities sessions

  • -IDZ-4208 Simplifying DB2 for z/OS and SAP Upgrades and Maintenance
    Bill Anani shares how AIGsimplified its upgrade process for SAP and DB2 for z/OS quickly, using verylittle CPU or I/O. He will share his methodology of copying data using bothdata sharing and non-data sharing environments that can be used repeatedly to ensure consistency and deliver results without impacting DB2 production environments.
    Speaker: Bill Anani, AIG, DB2 Systems Programmer
  • -IDZ-4239 DB2 for z/OS Distributed Access - Best Practices and Updates
    As distributed environments become more complicated and important your organization needs a methodology for adjusting timeouts and other thresholds for high availability. These practices will be affected by DB2 10/11 for z/OS. We will go over the recommended driver and server configurations for workload balancing, high availability, and client reroute in a Data Sharing or non-Data Sharing environment. You will be exposed to new DB2 commands which can be used to manually control distributed connections. We will also discuss improvements to DDF cancel thread, distributed correlation, location stats, and how to tune the system parameters based on this information. There will be some discussion on identifying these distributed threads as well.
    Speaker: Adrian Burke, IBM, DB2 SWAT team
  • -IDZ-4540 High Volume and High Security: How Fidelity Investments Successfully Deployed InfoSphere Guardium on DB2 z/OS
    More and more organizations are recognizing that their mainframe environments require enhanced monitoring capabilities for compliance and security reasons but may be reticent to move forward because of the fear of impacting performance. Fidelity Investments has successfully navigated these waters, and in this session presents a roadmap for how they deployed InfoSphere Guardium Data Activity Monitoring in a high volume DB2 for z/OS environment. This presentation reviews deployment strategies that include a heavy emphasis on using DB2 instrumentation analytics and benchmark testing to achieve optimal InfoSphere Guardium performance while providing a rich and secure data audit environment for security and compliance.
    Speaker: Bill McMann, Fidelity Investments, Director, Database Administration EPS Web & Data Services ;Marilene Roder, IBM, Technical Customer Advocate
  • -IDZ-4881 DB2 for z/OS Utilities Update
    Yet again major enhancements are provided in the DB2 Utilities Suite in DB2 11. This session will cover what we delivered in V11 as well as the very latest news to improve performance and availability and reduce data management costs.
    Speaker: Haakon Roberts, IBM, Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-4887 Combat Complexity & Maximize Efficiency with Advanced Autonomics
    DBA staff are increasingly challenged by the growing size and complexity of DB2 environments coupled with the need to maximize availability and efficiency. This session will show the very latest IBM developments to make DB2 systems more self-managing, thereby freeing DBAs up to focus on delivering new value to the business.
    Speaker: Haakon Roberts, IBM, Distinguished Engineer;Christopher Holtz, IBM, IMS and DB2 Modernization Architect
  • -IDZ-4905 What Every DB2 for z/OS System Programmer Needs to Know about InfoSphere Guardium
    Is your security officer asking about auditing your DB2 on z/OS environment? Are you concerned about the impact of auditing on application performance and availability? Are you looking for guidance from someone who's "been there, done that"? You need look no further than this presentation, in which AIG Insurance describes their best practices for installing and tuning the InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for DB2 on z/OS in a data sharing environment. The presentation includes critical planning information and upgrade steps as well as an overview of the business value provided by InfoSphere Guardium for providing granular auditing capabilities for security mandates and federal regulation.
    Speaker: Peter Bongiovanni, AIG Insurance, Systems Software Programmer;Ernest Mancill, IBM, Executive IT Specialist - System z Software Technical Sales
  • -IDZ-5160 Why BCBS AL Calls IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator the Magic Box for Query Workloads
    This session looks at how Blue Cross/Blue Shield of AL maximizes their query workload results when using the DB2 Analytics Accelerator. There is no doubt that the Accelerator is like a magic box that delivers outstanding results for queries that are optimized. How can you help ensure that you have the best queries and objects so that the DB2 Optimizer will route them to the Accelerator? Join Scott David name from Blue Cross/Blue Shield AL as he shares his techniques. Hell show how when using the Workload Advisor feature in Optim Query Workload Tuner, he can fine tune his workload, determine which objects are best suited for acceleration and the cost savings in a before and after analysis.
    Speaker: Scott Davis, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, DBA
  • -IDZ-5393 How State Farm Enhanced their Load Operations to the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    As a user of the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS, State Farm was familiar with the superior performance benefits they received in accelerating their query workloads. They wanted to explore other load options to meet their business needs. This presentation will show how State Farm using the DB2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS were able to avoid impacting DB2 production objects while loading data to the Accelerator. You'll learn tips and techniques from their Accelerator Loader use cases that you can apply to your environment.
    Speaker: Vaidya Pillai, State Farm, Data Specialist;James Knisley, IBM, IMz CTP
  • -IDZ-5409 How ADP Delivers Enterprise Analytics with DB2 Query Management Facility (QMF)
    In this session youll hear about the value and results of broad QMF deployment directly from a customers perspective as a representative from ADP, the leader in employer services, shares their experience as long standing QMF users. The discussion will include the deployment architecture using IBM WebSphere and Linux on System z, the types of internal consumers as well as the types of usage including production reports and system health check dashboards looking at Query Monitor and Performance Monitor warehouse information. Theyll discuss the impact QMF has had on their business and the products role in their analytics infrastructure. This session will include live demonstrations of the types of usage described.
    Speaker: Jackie Roemer, ADP, Design Engineer IV;Joe Sacco, IBM, Product Manager, DB2 Query Management Facility;Shawn Sullivan, Rocket Software, Product Manager
  • -IDZ-5433 Baldor Electric Company shares experiences from migrating and installing DB2 11 for its critical SAP system
    Disaster recovery planning plays an integral role in the management of a data center to ensure business continuity and availability. In this session, Baldor Electric Company will share experiences from migrating and installing DB2 11 for z/OS for its critical SAP system along with the disaster recovery strategies being implemented to achieve a cost effective near real-time recovery using Recovery Expert.
    Speaker: Andrew Mackey, Baldor Electric Company, Database Administrator;Surekha Parekh, IBM, WW DB2 for z/OS Program Director
  • -IDZ-5444 Using OMEGAMON DB2 Analysis and Trending Techniques to Tame DB2 for z/OS Application Performance
    Robert Cummings from Avnet, a global distributor providing a vital link in the worldwide technology supply chain, will share how he uses performance and trend analysis features in OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert along with other IBM DB2 tools to deliver on Avnets business objectives. With Avnets growing Online and batch demand, Database performance becomes critical to providing a positive online customer experience and reaching critical batch deadlines. Whether it is Avnets Online Quote-to-Order system, or complex Material Management, OMEGAMON XE for DB2 PE ensures Avnet can manage and predict performance of their large DB2 for z/OS-based service and distribution applications environment.
    Speaker: Robert Cummings, Avnet Inc., Enterprise DB Analyst;Norbert Jenninger, IBM Germany, Product Manager / Customer adocate
  • -IDZ-6263 Update on Continuous Availability with DB2 z/OS, Websphere and DB2 Connect
    This session will cover latest best practices and new capabilities to achieve continuous application availability for DB2 z/OS applications deployed in Websphere. Several high availability (HA) features have been introduced and many existing ones have evolved at every layer: WAS, DB2 and DB2 Connect. Customers, however, are unable to figure out end to end optimal configurations suited to their environments leading to unplanned outages. We have drawn on our recent customer engagements to formulate a unified view of HA technologies in an integrated environment. By presenting this consolidated view we will bridge the classic gap between the application developers, WAS admins and DBAs/systems programmers.
    Speaker: Pallavi Priyadarshini, IBM, DB2 Connect-JCC Architect;Maryela Weihrauch, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-6511 JN Data Automates DB2 Change Management with DB2 Administration Tool and Object Comparison Tool
    Like most companies, JN Data experienced growth over the last several years through merger and acquisition. As a result, their DB2 for z/OS staff is challenged to support more data and more clients throughout Denmark. By standardizing on the IBM Administration and Object Comparison Tools JN Data is able to manage their growing landscape while increasing staff flexibility and reducing operational costs. Equally important to JN Data is currency support for DB2 for z/OS. Being a beta tester of DB2 11, the support for DB2 11 functionality is of high importance in their environment.Join us as we explore how they have automated many of their processes using the IBM DB2 Administration and Object Comaprison Tool.
    Speaker: Tage Gejl, JN Data, DBA;Peter Schouboe, IBM, zIM Sales;Tom Ulveman Jensen, IBM, SW architect
  • -IDZ-6919 How Nationwide Implements DB2 Utility Best Practices and Reduces Operating Costs
    Nationwide is like many large DB2 for z/OS customers today. They are currently in production in DB2 10 and have migration plans in place, with some environments already at DB2 11. They look for ways to increase zIIP usage, reduce CPU and improve elapsed time, all while experiencing more application usage and data growth on DB2 for z/OS. This session covers best practices that Nationwide uses in the IBM DB2 Utilities to help them achieve their IT cost savings, while ensuring performance and availability. We'll cover how to set up policies and profiles that you can customize to fit your needs to reduce costs and maximize your maintenance window.
    Speaker: Randy Black, Nationwide Insurance, Application Consultant;Calene Janacek, IBM, DB2 for z/OS Tools Product Manager;Haakon Roberts, IBM, Distinguished Engineer

IMS Tools and utilities sessions

  • -IDM-4507 How to be Sherlock Holmes when analyzing transaction performance and behavioral problems on System z
    Businesses are executing over 500 million transactions/day and the resulting instrumentation data overwhelms traditional tools. IBMs tool has exception processing that crawls through this data looking for transactions exceeding specified exception criteri
    Speaker: Marc Spooner, IBM, Senior Business Partner Relationship Manager ;James Martin, Fundi Software Ltd, IBM's SME on IMS Performance Tools
  • -IDM-4522 How to maintain and achieve superior IMS Performance
    Surveys say the average age of IMS support staff is 55 and that too much time and IT resources are spent on troubleshooting and diagnosing IMS performance and system related problems! Add senior staff to this and you have dark clouds on the horizon. A so
    Speaker: Marc Spooner, IBM, Senior Business Partner Relationship Manager ;John Hancy, Fundi Software Ltd, IBM's SME on IMS Performance Tools
  • -IDM-4527 So - You've got Big Data? Now find out how to take care of it
    With Big Data your organization has changed how it thinks about data and how it 'takes care of it'. IBM's IMS Tool development team has made great strides in building autonomics capability for maintaining, tuning, and reorganizing your data. IMS Tools Au
    Speaker: Bob Magid, IBM, IMS Tools Architect
  • -IDM-4531 Take Control of Your IMS Environment
    DBAs today are faced with managing very complex and often disparate IMS environments. Managing these environments include installing and deploying new versions of IMS, administering changes to applications, creating and administering test environments, an
    Speaker: Marc Spooner, IBM, Senior Business Partner Relationship Manager ;Ron Bisceglia, Rocket Software, IBM's SME on IMS Recovery Tools;James Martin, Fundi Software Ltd, IBM's SME on IMS Performance Tools
  • -IDM-4820 Future Proofing Your IMS and IMS Tools
    We are in a new world. And IMS has not been left behind. There are a lot of changes in IMS designed to move IMS into the Future. New development paradigms, New resource definition capabilities and now an IMS Catalog. Everything we have been waiting f
    Speaker: Janet Leblanc, IBM, IMS Tools Strategist

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