IBM. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV | October 26-30. System z sessions and activities. Hosted by: Jake Porway

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IBM Insight 2014 is the largest System z software event in the world, delivering know-how that can help you improve business performance, gain more value from existing business analytics deployments, and get the latest innovations and success strategies from IBM experts, analysts and clients.

You can choose from more than 180 executive, business leadership and technical sessions that cover key technologies. All of these sessions and more offer a wealth of deployment best practices, technical tips and techniques, expert guidance, and strategies to drive value to your business. See the Insight 2014 System z Session Guide here. (PDF,874KB)

  • Client-led sessions

    Client-led sessions

    Learn from your peers in 40+ sessions delivered by IBM clients representing a wide range of industries. They’ll share their own experiences, including best practices, performance tips, cost saving strategies and experiences with the latest products and solutions.

Featured sessions

  • -IWM-4308 Gartner Perspective on Big Data and Enterprise Analytics
    Big data and analytics are two topics that are at the forefront of every client's business priorities. IBM is an important platform for implementing these solutions. Big data and analytics are complimentary topics as they define the ability to embrace all data and use it for better business insight and strategic decision making. Join Gartner as they discuss the trends and marketing insights for big data and analytics on System z. Also Dan Wardman will discuss how IBM's business analytics and data management solutions for the System z platform can drive better business outcomes.
    Merv Adrian, Gartner, Vice President
    Daniel Wardman, IBM, Vice President, Information Management Mainframe Software
    Penny Hill, IBM, Marketing Manager
  • -IWM-5390 Providing superior customer service by transforming big data into insight
    By centralizing our data on the zEnterprise platform, we gained a single version of the truth, avoiding the cost, effort and complexity involved in developing distributed data marts for each new requirement. IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator allows us to query against a relational schema with the same performance as if we were querying against a pre-indexed mart and without incurring in any additional costs.
    Daniele Cericola, Banca Carige SPA, Responsabile Sistemi di Governance ICT presso
  • -IDM-6873 How FNB Launched South Africa's First Banking Mobile Application
    To meet the needs of the millions of South Africans for whom mobile devices are their sole method of banking, FNB created and delivered a mobile banking channel integrated directly with core banking systems and data on IMS and System z. In this session, join Jay Prag, CIO of Channel Integration for FNB, to learn how they achieved lightning speed-to-market with a uniquely flexible architectural approach.
    Jay Prag, First National Bank of South Africa, CIO - Channels Helene Lyon, IBM, Technical executive
  • -IDZ-4306 System z: Ask the Technical Experts
    Learn how to make your company's most important asset even more strategic. Get your IBM System z technology questions answered by an all-star panel of IBM's best and brightest Distinguished Engineers, Fellows and Master Inventors. You get access to IBM System z technical experts from IBM WebSphere, Rational, Information Management, and Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure. Hear why other companies are investing in IBM System z and reaping the benefits of doing so.
    Phil Weintraub, IBM, VP, System z software sales
    Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise Modernization
    Glinda Cummings, IBM, WW Senior IBM Security Solutions Product Manager
    Kyle Charlet, IBM, IMS Architect: Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, and SOA

  • Hands-on labs and workshops

    Hands-on labs and workshops

    Choose from 11 different sessions covering a wide range of topics. Each three-hour session lets you take a deep-dive, exploring and interacting directly with live software through well-proven, hands-on training exercises and workshops.

  • Demo suites spotlight sessions

    System z Solution Suites

    Register for a System z Solutions Suite for one-on-one demos with IBM experts covering a host of topics (your choice) from Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, Security, DB2 for z/OS, IMS, and DB2 & IMS Tools on System z.
    Register for System z Solutions Suite sessions

  • Rock the Mainframe System z reception

    “Rock the Mainframe” System z reception

    Join your peers, IBM experts, executives and IBM Business Partners on Monday evening for a special reception hosted by Phil Weintraub, Vice President, North America System z Software Sales for the IBM Software Group, and Dan Wardman, Vice President, Information Management Mainframe Development.

    For admission, wear your Insight 2014 conference badge and your Insight System Z pin.

When: Wednesday, October 29, 7:30-9:30pm.
Where: House of Blues

  • DB2 11 Book Signing Event – Meet the Authors

    DB2 11 Book Signing Event – Meet the Authors

    Every October for the past five years, IBM has launched a new DB2 for z/OS book in time for IBM’s largest “Big Data” Conference in Las Vegas (#IBMInsight), and this year is no exception. This new book builds on our previous books and is targeted at new and existing DB2 for z/OS customers and users. Read more. (PDF,874KB)

When: Monday, October 27th, 1-2 pm.
Where: IBM Insights Bookstore, Mandalay Bay


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