IBM. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV | October 26-30. System z sessions and activities. Hosted by: Jake Porway

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  • -IDM-4900 How IBM Analytics Can Open A New Universe for Your Enterprise Applications
    IBM System z clients have much in common, and one key element is the investment they have made in their System z IT infrastructure. Applications that run on System z are industrial strength, driving the worlds most critical workloads. Many applications ha
    Speaker: Helene Lyon, IBM, Technical executive
  • -IDM-6066 Real-Time Analytics from IMS Data Using the DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    Do you remember the good old days, when you had to issue long-running decision support queries against copies of data in data warehouses? The queries ran forever! Or when your DBA spent similar hours analyzing and fine-tuning the SQL queries themselves?
    Speaker: Deepak Kohli, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IDM-6128 The Simplest Way to Search Your Big Data Sources: All of Them!
    There's a reason it's called big data: structured and unstructured; machine, social, multi-media, and more. Comprehensive analytics require comprehensive data sources. IBM offers big data and analytics capabilities that deliver value to all of its client
    Speaker: Helene Lyon, IBM, Technical executive;Richard Tran, IBM, IMS Open Database Lead
  • -IDM-6873 How FNB Launched South Africa's First Banking Mobile App
    To meet the needs of the millions of South Africans for whom mobile devices are their sole method of banking, FNB created and delivered a mobilebanking channel integrated directlywith core banking systems and dataon IMS and System z. In this session, join
    Speaker: Helene Lyon, IBM, Technical executive
  • -IDM-6875 Innovating with IMS: Centering your Enterprise for Growth
    As IMS nears its 50-year mark, new director Barry Baker shares his vision for how IMS is uniquely positioned to drive new growth across the enterprise - via innovative capabilities in Database, Transaction Manager, and Enterprise Suite. Barry will highli
    Speaker: Barry Baker, IBM, IMS Director

Modernization Sessions

  • -IDM-4564 Enterprise Application Modernization and Business Process Modeling
    Designing an application with an internal service flow template not only supports flexibility but also facilitates the creation of new business processes. This means, for example, that a control application could call another application, analyze the resu
    Speaker: Suzette Wendler, IBM, Consulting I/T Specialist
  • -IDM-4933 Enterprise Systems - Creating the Perfect Cloud
    More and more companies recognize that cloud technology can help them achieve business goals, but the widely-held perception remains that creating a private cloud infrastructure is expensive, time-consuming, complicated and could introduce security risks
    Speaker: Kenny Blackman, IBM, Certified I/T IMS Specialist;Suzette Wendler, IBM, Consulting I/T Specialist
  • -IDM-4936 Evolving Mobile Systems of Engagement in Your Enterprise
    Because of the strong business motivations to deliver mobile applications into the market quickly, mobile development projects typically have extremely aggressive time lines. Inception-to-delivery periods of a few months are common and the accepted norm.
    Speaker: Kenny Blackman, IBM, Certified I/T IMS Specialist;Suzette Wendler, IBM, Consulting I/T Specialist
  • -IDM-6113 Connecting Mobile and Cloud to the World's Enterprise Data
    It's been said that 80% of the world's data resides on or originates from a mainframe. That's a lot of data! And making enterprise data and business assets more directly accessible to your customers and employees can translate into new business opportuni
    Speaker: James Mulvey, IBM, WAS for z/OS Architect;Kyle Charlet, IBM, IMS Architect: Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, and SOA;Dave Sudlik, IBM, Product Manager
  • -IDM-6191 Agile Development to Meet the Speed of Business
    Business rules management systems provide value by bridging the gap between business and IT people. Operational decision management technologies enable rapid development and deployment of business rules and decision logic, providing the agility to respond
    Speaker: Nancy Stein, IBM, Consulting IT Specialist
  • -IDM-6620 From the Moon to the Cloud: IMS Data Will Get You There
    Enterprise clients on IBM System z see their operational data as the lifeblood of their enterprise. For good reason! It represents the justification for the investments made in IT infrastructures, as it fuels business growth as well as customer satisfact
    Speaker: Richard Tran, IBM, IMS Open Database Lead

IMS Tools Sessions

  • -IDM-4507 When Bad Things Happen to Good Transactions: Analyzing Transaction Problems on System z
    Businesses are executing over 500 million transactions/day and the resulting instrumentation data overwhelms traditional tools. IBMs tool has exception processing that crawls through this data looking for transactions exceeding specified exception criteri
    Speaker: Marc Spooner, IBM, Senior Business Partner Relationship Manager ;James Martin, Fundi Software Ltd, IBM's SME on IMS Performance Tools
  • -IDM-4522 How to Maintain and Achieve Superior performance with our IBM IMS System
    Surveys say the average age of IMS support staff is 55 and that too much time and IT resources are spent on troubleshooting and diagnosing IMS performance and system related problems! Add senior staff to this and you have dark clouds on the horizon. A so
    Speaker: Marc Spooner, IBM, Senior Business Partner Relationship Manager ;John Hancy, Fundi Software Ltd, IBM's SME on IMS Performance Tools
  • -IDM-4527 Got Big Data? We can Show You How to Take Care of It
    With Big Data your organization has changed how it thinks about data and how it 'takes care of it'. IBM's IMS Tool development team has made great strides in building autonomics capability for maintaining, tuning, and reorganizing your data. IMS Tools Au
    Speaker: Bob Magid, IBM, IMS Tools Architect
  • -IDM-4531 Take Control of Your IMS Environment
    DBAs today are faced with managing very complex and often disparate IMS environments. Managing these environments include installing and deploying new versions of IMS, administering changes to applications, creating and administering test environments, an
    Speaker: Marc Spooner, IBM, Senior Business Partner Relationship Manager ;Ron Bisceglia, Rocket Software, IBM's SME on IMS Recovery Tools;James Martin, Fundi Software Ltd, IBM's SME on IMS Performance Tools
  • -IDM-4820 Future Proofing Your IMS and IMS Tools
    We are in a new world. And IMS has not been left behind. There are a lot of changes in IMS designed to move IMS into the Future. New development paradigms, New resource definition capabilities and now an IMS Catalog. Everything we have been waiting f
    Speaker: Janet Leblanc, IBM, IMS Tools Strategist

Client Led Sessions

  • -IDM-5206 Why Infrastructure Is at the Heart of the Matter for The Travelers Companies
    The Travelers Companies is a leading provider of property casualty insurance for auto, home and business, with an extensive IT infrastructure spanning platforms and software portfolios. In this session, Rob De Sesa of Travelers Infrastructure group shares
    Speaker: Rob DeSesa, Travelers, Technology Engineer;Kyle Charlet, IBM, IMS Architect: Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, and SOA
  • -IDM-5997 Solving Problems in the Test Space with IMS 13 and OpenDB
    Large insurance companies face many challenges with the sheer volume of data they manage. One critical issue in delivering applications for their agents and customers is ensuring that solutions are thoroughly tested with production-like data. Providing
    Speaker: Mark Moncelle, State Farm Insurance, Systems Analyst;Daniel Galvin, Galvin Consulting, Inc., Consultant
  • -IDM-6126 Scotiabank uses DataPower for Multi-Channel Integration with IMS
    Scotiabank, a leading multinational financial services provider and Canada's most international bank, has positioned WebSphere DataPower as the "services gateway" for z/OS applications including IMS. Scotiabank is implementing DataPower for security, serv
    Speaker: Craig Oddy, Scotiabank; Shyh-Mei Ho, IBM, Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDM-6183 Infrastructure Installation Experience Easy as 1,2,3
    Thinking about upgrading your IMS infrastructure to the latest release? There are many customers who have already completed the migration to IMS13 and are starting to exploit the new features. What are you waiting for? It's as easy as 1-2-3! Listen to th
    Speaker: Guy L'Heureux, Tyson Foods, Database Administrator;Nancy Stein, IBM, Consulting IT Specialist
  • -IDM-6387 How Java Became the NextGen Application of Choice for Fiducia
    Fiducia IT AG is an IT Service Provider for cooperative banks in Southern Germany. As part of the evolution of their core banking processes, they aim to promote the use of Java on z/OS, especially Java and COBOL interoperability hosted by IMS. Fiducia al
    Speaker: Pascal Meyer, Fiducia IT Ag, Executive Architect

Administration Sessions

  • -IDM-4959 IMS Modernization & Integration Solutions and Strategy
    Your growing portfolio of enterprise integration solutions need access to IMS data and transactions. This session shows how IMS is key to the integration of your enterprise solutions; how it leverages emerging technologies and standards to support Big Dat
    Speaker: SHYH-MEI HO, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDM-5602 Big Data From System z IMS Starts With a Tiny IO
    IMS is in step with IBM's strategic objectives for Big Data. We'll share user scenarios that demonstrate how you can be sure to use Big Data analytics to drive business action regardless of platform. We'll then focus on the building blocks of big data as
    Speaker: Jeff Maddix, IBM, Technical Support Professional
  • -IDM-5598 Delivering High Availability for your Enterprise End-to-End Problem Determination on z/OS
    Your System z Enterprise is a complex ecosystem databases, transactions, tools, as well as the z/OS operating system itself. To ensure the highest levels of system availability, you need to proactively set up your system monitoring to capture appropriat
    Speaker: Jeff Maddix, IBM, Technical Support Professional
  • -IDM-5952 What You Don't Know Could Cost You, So Use What Youve Already Got!
    As an IT expert, you not only have to stay on top of your infrastructure technology, you have to find ways to cut the cost of operating it. Heres a radical thought: how about taking advantage of what you already have? IBMs enterprise software, including
    Speaker: Greg Vance, IBM, IMS Architect
  • -IDM-5958 Maximize Your Availability by Shrinking Those Pesky Maintenance Windows
    Like any high performance vehicle, your enterprise system requires periodic maintenance to stay ahead of the pack. Whether its adding new information to a database, installing new levels of software, configuring for mobile growth, enabling for cloud, you
    Speaker: Greg Vance, IBM, IMS Architect

Hands On Labs

  • -LCI-6662 A Hands on Workshop Developing and Deploying IMS Applications for the Cloud
    Come and experience for yourself how to enable an IMS transaction for a mobile or cloud environment and see how easy it is to marry your Systems of Record with your Systems of Engagement
    Speaker: Kevin Hite, IBM, IBM Senior Software Engineer - IMS Performance Lead

Drop In Labs

  • -LCI-5214 It's EASY to write Java Apps that Access IMS Data Using IMS Explorer for Development
    In this lab you'll see first-hand how to use the IMS Explorer for Development (E4D) tooling to easily develop Java apps that access and manipulate enterprise data in an IMS database. Develop a Java application to access native IMS dataPerform queriesDepl
  • -LCI-5219 It's EASY to write Java apps that access IMS data with SQL!
    In this lab, you'll see first-hand how you can use the IMS Explorer for Development (E4D) tooling to easily develop Java apps in JBP and JMP regions and query them using SQL.You can: Deploy and run Java applications in IMS Java batch processing (JBP) regi
  • -LCI-5994 SQL to What? Mobile to Where? Exploring IMS Data
    This session shows how easy it is to generate SQL to access IMS databases remotely. It provides a step-by-step approach, start to finish, on what it takes to create the calls, test the environment, and view the results using a downloadable no-charge IDE,
    Speaker: Kenny Blackman, IBM, Certified I/T IMS Specialist;Suzette Wendler, IBM, Consulting I/T Specialist

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