IBM. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV | October 26-30. System z sessions and activities. Hosted by: Jake Porway

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Big Data on System z Sessions

  • -IDZ-4212 DB2 11 for z/OS and Beyond
    DB2 11 addresses many key customer requirements, some of which are driven by mobile, cloud, and analytics.. This session will review the key DB2 11 features and will also take a peek into the future at DB2 Cypress, the next release. The following areas will be covered:- Performance: DB2 11 delivers out-of-the-box performance improvements as well as new performance features.- Reduced Management Costs: DB2 11 provides several improvements to utilities and to system automation. - Reliability Availability Serviceability (RAS) and Security: DB2 11 extends the industry leading RAS and Security capabilities of System z. - Extended SQL and Analytics Capabilities- DB2 Cypress outlook.
    Speaker: Jeff Josten, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, DB2 Chief Architect
  • -IDZ-4255 Enterprise data delivering business any time, any where, any how
    With more mobile devices than tooth brushes on the planet, mobile ubiquity creates a channel that can help you reach and engage more of your customers than ever before. Now think of where the vast majority of data resides and your transactions are performed.... Attend this session and learn how IBM System z solutions could help you accelerate your business through an efficient mobile channel through secure and easy access to business data and transactions and how Barclays implemented a mobile channel for their customers.
    Speaker: Mark Simmonds, IBM Corporation, Snr Marketing Manager / IT Architect;Joachim Limburg, IBM Corporation, DB2 for z/OS Development Director
  • -IDZ-4306 System z: Ask the Technical Experts
    Learn how to make your company's most important asset even more strategic. Get your IBM System z technology questions answered by an all-star panel of IBM's best and brightest Distinguished Engineers, Fellows and Master Inventors. You get access to IBM System z technical experts from IBM WebSphere, Rational, Information Management, and Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure. Hear why other companies are investing in IBM System z and reaping the benefits of doing so.
    Speaker: Phil Weintraub, IBM, VP, System z software sales;Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM, Distinguished Engineer, Enterprise Modernization;Glinda Cummings, IBM, WW Senior IBM Security Solutions Product Manager;Kyle Charlet, IBM, IMS Architect: Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, and SOA
  • -IDZ-4759 Building a Big Data solution using DB2 for z/OS
    This presentation focuses on key technologies in DB2 11 for z/OS that enable a seamless integration between DB2 and BigInsights, using both structured and non-structured data. We show how to enable the DB2 server to integrate with BigInsights. Using a scenario that is common to all DB2 for z/OS users, we demonstrate how Jaql, JAQL_SUBMIT and HDFS_READ can be used to create an integration solution between BigInsights and DB2 by creating a machine data analysis.
    Speaker: Jane Man, IBM, Senior Software Engineer;Jason Cu, IBM, DB2 Development Engineer;Rick Chang, IBM, Software Engineer

Analytics on System z Sessions

  • -BBI-4514 Danske Bank, leveraging the latest technology innovations to improve real-time decisions
    Until now the ability to score in real-time the volume of transactions most customers required could have been considered risky, if not too costly! Join us in this session where we will discuss new technology introduced by IBM that embeds our scoring algorithms directly into our large scale transactional applications, making the possibility of leveraging real-time scoring in their organization a viable option for improving decision-making. During this interactive session Danske Bank will also take us through their innovative implementation using IBM SPSS Modeler for modeling and scoring to control both online and batch workloads and detect in real-time performance problems.
    Speaker: Amine Boudali, Danske Bank, IT;Jaime Anaya, IBM, STSM: Business Analytics on System z strategy and lead architect;Rebecca Wormleighton, IBM, Sr Product Marketing Manager
  • -BBS-5875 UnipolSai Takes Capacity Management Analytics to New Levels for Improved Performance and Storage
    After introduction of DB2 Analytics Accelerator it became possible to improve BA and BI solution on System z. One of the many possible exploitations is related to performance and capacity management analysis, a very rich context of structured Big Data to deal with.We'll present how it's possible to start from SMF detailed data, collect them with TDSz in a structured way and calculate on the fly performance/SLA enhanced COGNOS reports. We'll also use SPSS BA tool to develop capacity forecasts based on historical data. Hours of computation will now became minutes, minutes will become seconds. Isn't it an innovative solution?
    Speaker: Marina Balboni, UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A, Responsabile area sistemi mainframe;Francesco Borrello, IBM, Technical Sales and Solutions;Rebecca Wormleighton, IBM, Sr Product Marketing Manager
  • -IDZ-4924 1001 Uses for IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator at a Big Financial Institution
    In today's environment, financial firms must turn insight into both a strategic advantage and a competitive differentiator. Learn how one large financial services firm took a different approach to gain buy-in from its many lines of business to acquire IBM's DB2 Analytics Accelerator - and the benefits they expect to reap from the technology. Cost savings opportunities abound including improvements in elapsed time, CPU time, storage costs, and end user productivity.
    Speaker: Ed Lynch, IBM, Executive Client Technical Professional
  • -IDZ-5853 Garanti Bank DB2 Analytics Accelerator Architecture & Implementation
    Garanti Bank IDAA architecture & implementation
    Speaker: Tuna Ozken, Garanti Bank , DB2 Architect
  • -IDZ-6114 DB2 Analytics Accelerator Implementation Experiences at Vanguard
    Share implementation planning and issues encountered for DB2 Analytics Accelerator 4.1.
    William Shipley, The Vanguard Group, Inc., Database Administrator
  • -IDZ-6562 Client Experience with DB2 Analytics Accelerator new functionality
    A client will discuss their experience with new functionality in DB2 Analytics Accelerator and how security has been augmented to complement the already proven built-in security of System z.
    Speaker: Pat Zakhar, IBM, Marketing Manager
  • -IDZ-6691 IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) Use Cases
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) speeds analytic queries that currently runs on DB2 for z/OS. Well sure, but there's so much more to IDAA:1. Operational Data Store (ODS) reconsolidation on System z.2. Reduce ETL costs and latency to make OLTP data available for analysis faster and less expensively.3. Speed up batch reporting and offload System z CPU consumption.4. Archive legacy data using the High Performance Storage Saver (HPSS).5. Enable the analysis of VSAM and IMS data along with DB2 for z/OS by using the DB2 IDAA Loader.
    Speaker: Frank Fillmore, The Fillmore Group, Inc., President
  • -IWA-4373 Getting Insight from a Billion Rows in Seconds at Fifth Third Bank
    This session will provide attendees an insight into the technical aspects of the IDAA POC process. Attendees will be given an overview of IDAA, steps taken in the evaluation/analysis of the current environment for IDAA suitability, key aspects of the software installation and maintenance, and lessons learnt. The session will also provide information on how we leverage the IDAA insfrastructure to host DB2 tens of billions of rows of performance data from Omegamon and Query Monitor, and processes we have in place to automate the offload/maintenance of performance data.
    Speaker: Dave Snyder, Fifth Third Bank, Principal Systems Programmer/DB2z;Thanikachalam "Billy" Sundarrajan, Fifth Third Bank, Manager, Database Administration;Gary Crupi, IBM, Distinguished Engineer
  • -IWM-4308 Gartner Perspective on Big Data and Enterprise Analytics
    Big data and analytics are two topics that are at the forefront of every client's business priorities. IBM is an important platform for implementing these solutions. Big data and analytics are complimentary topics as they define the ability to embrace all data and use it for better business insight and strategic decision making. Join Gartner as they discuss the trends and marketing insights for big data and analytics on System z. Also Dan Wardman will discuss how IBM's business analytics and data management solutions for the System z platform can drive better business outcomes.
    Speaker: Merv Adrian, Gartner, Vice President, Gartner;Daniel Wardman, IBM, Vice President, Information Management Mainframe Software;Penny Hill, IBM, Marketing Manager
  • -IWM-4728 How DB2 and Analytics Accelerator Services Critcal Business Analytics at Statefarm
    DB2 for z/OS with Analytic Accelerator opens new opportunity to drive mission critical business analytic on real-time data with high performance cost-efficiently.The presentation will give a short overview about DB2 with Analytic Accelerator. The main focus will be on how that technology allows Statefarm to service critical business analytic and the value to the line of business.
    Speaker: Vaidya Pillai, State Farm, Data Specialist;Maryela Weihrauch, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer;James Knisley, IBM, IMz CTP
  • -IWM-5390 Providing superior customer service by transforming big data into insight
    By centralizing our data on the zEnterprise platform, we gained a single version of the truth, avoiding the cost, effort and complexity involved in developing distributed data marts for each new requirement. IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator allows us to query against a relational schema with the same performance as if we were querying against a pre-indexed mart and without incurring in any additional costs.
    Speaker: Daniele Cericola, Banca Carige SPA, Responsabile Sistemi di Governance ICT presso Banca Carige SPA
  • -IWS-4681 IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: Trends and Directions
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator is one of the most exciting technologies implemented by DB2 for z/OS and System z in years. It has been widely adopted by numerous customers who enjoy its unprecedented business value. A unique combination of DB2's superb transactional capabilities and PureData for Analytics appliance's industry leading performance of complex queries enables combining transactional and analytical applications as well as optimizing use of System z processing resources. This presentation brings the latest news from the IDAA development and shows the trends and directions in which this technology develops.
    Speaker: Namik Hrle, IBM, IBM Fellow

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