IBM. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV | October 26-30. System z sessions and activities. Hosted by: Jake Porway

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DB2 sessions

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DB2 sessions

  • -IDZ-4111 DB2 11 for z/OS Application Functionality
    This presentation will focus on new application related features delivered with DB2 11 for z/OS. New application features such as Archive Tranparency, Autonomous Transaction Management and Optimizer recommendations for Runstats will be reviewed. These features provide new functionality that will pro-vide new application development aproaches as well as improvements for overall SQL optimization. The attendee will learn about the technical details for each of these new features for DB2 for z/OS.
    Speaker: Randy Ebersole, IBM, DB2 Technical Specialist
  • -IDZ-4164 Build your DB2 11 Plan in Advance
    DB2 11 is now generally available. The migration steps look similar, but there are some key considerations and differences this time around. Several items can be checked before ordering DB2 11. The Migration Planning Workshop is a full day event, and this presentation will cover the consolidated Migration portion of the MPW. Prerequisites, incompatibilities, new deprecated items, and the process will be covered to assist with advanced DB2 11 planning. There are sections dedicated to the new Application Compatibility and Extended RBA/LRSN features. DB2 11 parameters, panels, and catalog evolution provide a good view into many new DB2 11 capabilities.
    Speaker: Paul Bartak, IBM, DB2 Advisor
  • -IDZ-4166 DB2 for z/OS fundamentals, explaining what everybody expects you to know
    This class covers the basics in DB2, but explains them in detail. This session gives an explanation of concept and techniques. Its a full overview of the most critical parts of DB2. This is an fundamentals session, allowing you to start using or better understanding DB2 for z/OS. If you are at a junior level, you dont want to miss this class as new insights will be given.
    Speaker: Kurt Struyf, suadasoft, senior consultant
  • -IDZ-4170 Starting tips for using pure XML in DB2 on z/OS
    From DB2 9 it became possible to store, retrieve and query XML documents in DB2 for z/OS ,using the pureXML functionality. Although today most DB2 DBA are familiar with the concepts ot this new hybrid technology, it requires some effort to obtain the skills to be able to implement this new technology on site. This presentation will focus on a practical case the speaker used to help acquire these skills, by showing some experiences and easy scenario's that every one can try out and play with in their own environments.
    Speaker: Davy Goethals, arcelormittal, IT Infrastructure Architect
  • -IDZ-4175 DB2 10 and 11 for z/OS - Implementing and Using Autonomic Statistics
    DB2 10 and 11 have a neat feature, automatically executing RUNSTATS on required objects. By the way, you get to choose when and how to execute RUNSTATS. The actual implementation however is not straight forward. Come to this presentation and learn how to successfully implement and review the output for this new feature.
    Speaker: John Iczkovits, IBM, Senior IT Specialist
  • -IDZ-4219 SQL PL for DB2 for z/OS Application Developers - Programming Tips for Simplifying Applications
    SQL PL, aka SQL Procedural Language, is no longer just for Procedures. Meg and Maryela will talk about the benefits of using SQL PL in procedures as well as UDFs. They will walk through code examples and share information about certain features you might want to consider using.
    Speaker: Meg Bernal, IBM, Senior Software Engineer;Maryela Weihrauch, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-4226 Performance and Availability in DB2 11 for z/OS
    With every new release of DB2 we look to see what features will allow us to improve the performance of our existing applications and the availability of our data. We also begin to plan to utilize new feature in our development efforts. This presentation takes a look at the features in DB2 11 that will both improve our performance and provide us with maximum data availability.
    Speaker: Susan Lawson, YLA, Consultant
  • -IDZ-4244 Let's talk recovery
    The need to perform a DB2 log-based recovery of multiple objects is a very rare event, but statistically, it is more frequent than a true disaster recovery event (flood, fire, etc). Taking regular backups is necessary but far from sufficient for anything beyond minor application recovery. If not prepared, practiced and optimised, it can lead to extended application service downtimes possibly many hours to several days. This presentation will provide many hints and tips on how to plan, design intelligently, stress test and optimise DB2 log-based recovery.
    Speaker: Florence Dubois, IBM, DB2 for z/OS Development
  • -IDZ-4312 Going Native: Leveraging DB2 for z/OS SQL Procedures and UDFs
    Native SQL procedures were introduced with DB2 9 for z/OS, and SQL Procedure Language (SQL PL) was extended to UDFs with DB2 10. DB2 11 has delivered additional SQL PL-related enhancements. This session will provide information that attendees can use in the development, management, and monitoring of native SQL procedures and UDFs. It will also cover exploitation of native SQL procedures and UDFs to enhance DB2 for z/OS performance, scalability, and security - particularly for client-server applications.
    Speaker: Robert Catterall, IBM, IT Specialist, System z Information Management
  • -IDZ-4374 11 Tips for DB2 11 for z/OS
    DB2 11 for z/OS is the latest version and there are so many new enhancements in it. In this presentation, specifically selected 11 enhancements will be explained in detail with real use cases.There will be cases for both DBAs, App. Devs and both.
    Speaker: Cuneyt Goksu, IBM Turkey, zIM Specialist
  • -IDZ-4375 DB2 11 for z/OS Migration Planning and Early Experiences
    This two part (double session) presentation will provide for customers migrating to DB2 11 for z/OS migration planning guidelines and share customer experiences. Additional planning information will provides, cover surprises, share pitfalls and lessons learned; provide hints and tips; enable fast start to a safe migration.
    Speaker: John Campbell, IBM Corporation, Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-4376 DB2 10 and 11 for z/OS Pitfalls - Lessons from DB2 360 (Health Check) Studies
    This presentation will share customer experience and insight from running DB2 360 Studies. The session will introduce, discuss and provide recommendations to address common pitfalls in the following areas: preparation for data integrity checking, rolling in maintenance and new releases, pre-production access path modelling, disruptive database schema changes, lost performance opportunities, disaster recovery dress rehearsal, real memory planning monitoring and control.
    Speaker: John Campbell, IBM Corporation, Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-4448 Buffer Pools and Group Buffer Pools Enhancements in DB2 10 & 11
    DB2 Buffer Pools and Group Buffer Pools play a key role in DB2 performance. This presentation will cover Buffer Pools and Group Buffer Pools enhancements in DB2 10 and 11. You will learn the design trade-off of using new tuning parameters for Buffer Pools and Group Buffer Pools to maximize DB2 performance.
    Speaker: James Teng, IBM Corporation, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-4490 DB2 for z/OS Real Memory Management and Control
    This will firstly introduce and discuss the concepts and terminology related to DB2 for z/OS memory management. Then it will cover the following topics so that a customer can configure for and run safely: 31-virtual storage the big limiter,
    Speaker: John Campbell, IBM Corporation, Distinguished Engineer;Wen Jie Zhu, IBM China, STSM
  • -IDZ-4530 DB2 Disaster Recovery from Hell
    Two real life disaster scenarios will be presented and dissected to evaluate the recovery scenarios.We'll go through what was done on the spot and what was done later to help with disaster cases. We'll also take a look on other options of recovery that were not chosen.
    Speaker: Isaac Yassin, dbX-Consulting Services, Principal
  • -IDZ-4550 Developing a Proven Methodology to Simplify DB2 for z/OS Version Migrations
    Migrating to a new version of DB2 for z/OS can seem like a daunting task. There are removed and deprecated features, new and changed Zparms, SQL and utility enhancements and much more. You need to develop a migration plan and test thoroughly. There is a lot of information to help you plan: product documentation, redbooks, presentations and more. This session outlines a methodology, proven over many customer migrations, to review available resources and develop a detailed migration plan. The speaker will describe how to build a migration considerations spreadsheet that you can use throughout your migration process. Well also provide an overview of IBM Information Management Services that are available to assist you in the migration process.
    Speaker: Glenn McGeoch, IBM, Senior DB2 for z/OS Consultant
  • -IDZ-4574 Why Not Convert Everything to UTS's in DB2 11?
    Many DB2 innovations, features and performance boosts are being introduced solely in Universal Table Spaces. With the deprecation of simple table spaces, its only a matter of time before non-UTS table spaces will be eliminated. So why not position your data for the future today? Learn how the largest hospital in the US is positioning itself by eliminating non-UTS table spaces. Do you understand the power of UTSs and the advantages to converting to them today?
    Speaker: Robert Goodman, Florida Hospital, Sr DBA
  • -IDZ-4597 Efficient Monitoring and Tuning of Dynamic SQL in DB2 for z/OS
    Dynamic SQL dominates modern applications and ensuring its optimal execution is very highon the list of DBA tasks. Of course, successful tuning of dynamic SQL depends on efficientmonitoring. This presentation provides a deep insight into available monitoring techniquesoffered by DB2 for z/OS. The attendees will learn numerous hints and tips about how tomonitor dynamic SQL, what are the most relevant performance indicators and how to collectthem in the most efficient way.
    Speaker: Robert Goodman, Florida Hospital, Sr DBA
  • -IDZ-4718 DB2 for z/OS pureXML makes SEPA easy for Stuttgarter
    To achieve compliance of the incumbent payment processing system with Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) standards, Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung decided to leverage DB2 pureXML functionality. Using IBM DB2 10 for z/OS pureXML, the company prepared itself for processing SEPA transactions in less than 50 percent of projected time and budget. With the highly efficient IBM solution, the client realized a range of benefits, including minimizing operating risks by maximizing the transition time, gaining tight integration with its existing system and lowering development and testing costs through simplified architecture and reusing existing development skills.
    Speaker: Uwe Hauber, Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G., Application developer, software engineer;Jane Man, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IDZ-4843 DB2 11 Customer Migration Experiences - REAL Case studies
    DB2 11 business value benefits - why DB2 for z/OS should be looking at upgrading today!
    Speaker: Surekha Parekh, IBM, WW DB2 for z/OS Program Director
  • -IDZ-4915 DB2 11 Application Compatibility What you Need to Know
    DB2 11 for z/OS introduces the concept of ApplicationCompatibility to simplify migration.This session will introduce the concept and provide theinformation you need to know to exploit this new capability tosimply your migration from DB2 10 to DB2 11.We will also cover how to exploit this new capability to identifychanges you need to make to applications that may be affectedby incompatible changes in DB2 11.
    Speaker: Christopher Crone, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-4917 The Top Ten DB2 for z/OS Things You Need to Know
    This three part sessions counts down the top ten most important things you need to know if you are a DBA, a programmer, or a manager.
    Speaker: Craig Mullins, Mullins Consulting, Principal
  • -IDZ-4927 DB2 for z/OS Security Best Practices
    Security compliance and data protection are some of the significant challenges in today's organizations. DB2 for z/OS provides various options and features for security management using DB2 native controls, as well as external controls. This presentation will focus on best practices to protect your data and meet emerging regulatory compliance requirements.
    Speaker: Gayathiri Chandran, IBM, Senior Software Engineer;James Pickel, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member, DRDA and Security Architect
  • -IDZ-4999 DB2 11 for z/OS Availability and Data Sharing Enhancements
    DB2 for z/OS has traditionally been the DBMS of choice for applications with High Availability requirements. Responding to customer demand, DB2 for z/OS development has not rested on its laurels and has provided further availability enhancements in DB2 11. Some of these are specific to data sharing users, but others are more widely available. Topics covered include:Group buffer pool enhancementsBuffer pool enhancementsRestart light enhancementsLocking enhancementsIndex enhancementsOnline schema change and enhanced recovery processingDrop column supportOnline alter limit key supportDefer define enhancementsBIND, REBIND, and DDL break-in with persistent threads
    Speaker: John Campbell, IBM Corporation, Distinguished Engineer;Gareth Jones, IBM United Kingdom Ltd, DB2 for z/OS Development SWAT Team member
  • -IDZ-5001 DB2 for z/OS Temporal Support and Archive Transparency
    DB2 10 for z/OS introduced built-in support for temporal tables, providing support for system time temporal tables, business time temporal tables, and a combination of the two, bi-temporal tables. DB2 11 for z/OS greatly improved the usability of temporal tables, and also introduced support for transparent archiving of time-based data.The concept of temporal data intrigues and mystifies in equal measure, so this presentation covers not only the technical details of the implementation of these widely-discussed features, but also illustrates the use cases and provides some simple examples of temporal data in action.
    Speaker: John Campbell, IBM Corporation, Distinguished Engineer;Gareth Jones, IBM United Kingdom Ltd, DB2 for z/OS Development SWAT Team member
  • -IDZ-5066 How DB2 11 & Big Data improves productivity
    Customer Experiences - how DB2 11 enables customers to improve productivity
    Speaker: Surekha Parekh, IBM, WW DB2 for z/OS Program Director
  • -IDZ-5072 DB2 11 in the Mobile world - Extend your market reach
    Everyone knows IBM DB2 for z/OS provides the most secure, reliable environment for enterprise data. The explosion in use of mobile devices presents opportunities to exploit DB2's capability in your pocket at any time. Mobile data techniques can bring new methods of trading and working. This presentation shows one approach to providing a real business service to customers and front-line staff while recognising and exploiting opportunities to add incremental revenue and increase customer satisfaction. It includes end-to-end analysis of the solution and a live demonstration of mainframe data being deployed to mobile devices in support of a rapidly changing business environment.
    Speaker: Surekha Parekh, IBM, WW DB2 for z/OS Program Director ;Mike Skidmore, IBM UK, Certified IT Specialist
  • -IDZ-5157 DB2 11 Migration A Customers Experience (Golden Living)
    This presentation will provide an overview of Golden Living's production migration to DB2 11 for z/OS and my experience participating in the DB2 11 Early Support Program. I will present my approach to the migration, challenges faced, lessons learned, new features that were tested and/or implemented, and a summary of the cost savings we were able to achieve by the reduction of CPU and increased usage of the zIIP processor. I will be joined by an IBM representative who will present supporting documentation and provide additional technical details relating to the migration effort and new features available in DB2 11.
    Speaker: Conrad Wolf, Golden Living, IT Director - DBA;Arthur Marais, IBM, DB2z Tools Advocate
  • -IDZ-5205 DB2 for z/OS in the Age of Cloud Computing - Fast DB2 Deployment with z/OSMF
    While everyone is talking about cloud computing, not many of them recognized System z was born as a cloud platform. Though System z offers advanced virtualization capability, many customers could not make the best of it without an easy-to-use interface. z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) provides a function which can help users simplify software deployment through guided, step-based workflows. z/OSMF plays a key role in z/OS cloud strategy. This session will give an overview of z/OSMF, show how z/OSMF was utilized in a customer's DB2 for z/OS migration, demonstrate how it helped the customer improve efficiency and save cost. This session will also discuss the trending and direction of cloud enablement and modernization on DB2 for z/OS.
    Speaker: Maryela Weihrauch, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer;Kewei Wei, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IDZ-5363 DB2 11 for z/OS Optimizer Update
    Query performance and optimization are critical to total cost of ownership with your DB2 for z/OS applications. 12 months after GA, learn about the latest updates and feedback about the DB2 11 enhancements to query performance and optimization.
    Speaker: Terry Purcell, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member;Michelle Guo, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IDZ-5437 DB2 11 Customer Story
    DB2 11 Customer Story
    Speaker: Surekha Parekh, IBM, WW DB2 for z/OS Program Director
  • -IDZ-5455 System Level Backup: Disaster Recovery for the Rest of Us
    This presentation covers improvements to the "traditional" or non-mirroring disaster scenario. Enhancements to the SLB utilities in DB2 and z/OS versions make this one step backup/one step restoration useful for the majority of us who have not implemented hardware mirroring scenarios . Keeping the same RPO (Recovery Point Objective), you can reduce your RTO (Recovery Time Objective) to a few hours from one (or more) days.
    Speaker: Judy Ruby-Brown, IBM, Executive I/T Specialist
  • -IDZ-5754 The Pain Points of Super Big and Still Growing DB2z Customers and the Solutions
    The big China banks, such as ICBC, ABC and BOC, are the biggest DB2z customers, they have the highest TPS rates and the largest DB2 data sharing groups. Along with the fast growth of business requirements in China, they have experienced issues and pains that are never known by most of customers but will likely cause serious problems to some other big customers in the near future. This session will talks about the most painful points these big customers had and have, how these were identified and what the solutions or workarounds are.
    Speaker: Ting Xu Guan, IBM, Senior software engineer;Wei Wan, IBM, Executive IT specialist
  • -IDZ-5819 How to safeguard the biggest DB2 database-The Disaster Recovery Strategy of DB2 in Bank Of China
    As one of the biggest bank, BOC servers over 1.3 billion people in China and has many oversea banks around the world. BOC has dual database mode to support the business of day and night. Data integrity is BOC's life, there's no tolerance of any data inconsistency or data lose. To safeguard the huge database in DB2 z/OS, BOC has designed and tested the ability to recover any data at any time under any circumstance in a timely manner. In this session, BOC will share the lesson learns in data recovery in varied scenarios, and the experience of faster and safer recovery
    Speaker: Wei Wan, IBM, Executive IT specialist;Ting Xu Guan, IBM, Senior software engineer;Haakon Roberts, IBM, Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDZ-5862 DB2 for z/OS Access Path Stability Revisited
    Plan management (access path stability) has evolved from DB2 9 thru 11, and continues to be seen as a valuable enhancement to ease DB2 migration or large scale static rebinds. Customer questions remain showing the confusion surrounding this feature. This session will address the background, common usage and the often misunderstood use cases to ensure customers gain the most value out of this DB2 feature.
    Speaker: Terry Purcell, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member;Kewei Wei, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IDZ-5933 Real Life Use of DB2 Profiles to Solve an Intermittent Production Problem
    What are DB2 Profiles? Introduced in DB2 9 for z/OS and extended in DB2 10 and DB2 11 for z/OS, Profiles provide a variety of exciting capabilities: ZPARMs at a more granular level than the subsystem, modeling production in test, and application specific behavior - all available via online changes!Earlier this year, one customer used the granular ZPARMs capability to keep a production problem from recurring. Come see how you can use this capability in your environment.
    Speaker: Mark Rader, IBM, Consulting I/T Specialist
  • -IDZ-5945 DB2 11 for z/OS - SAP Application Enablement, Rollout and Experiences
    SAP participated in the DB2 11 Early Support Program and released all of its Business Suite applications on October 25, 2013 - the same day IBM announced the general availability of DB2 11. This presentation highlights the key elements of this enablement, describes the benefits of the new database version for applications, and shares our and customer experiences with DB2 11.
    Speaker: Helmut Roesner, SAP Labs llc, Development Manager;Muni Bandlamoori, SAP Labs llc, Senior Developer
  • -IDZ-6146 DB2 V11 for zOS how NFCU Got There
    DB2 V11 for zOS how NFCU Got There (working title)Short AbstractKey success factors to install a new release of DB2 (V11) and mitigate risk at a conservative organization.AbstractNavy Federal Credit Union (NFCU), the worlds largest Credit Union, ordered DB2 V11 on day one when it became GA. NFCU had not been part of the ESP program. NFCU had just completed a DB2 V10 upgrade in June 2013. Why would a conservative banking customer make this choice? And why should you be considering the same thing. What are the key success features that made this a smooth implementation? Objective AreaDB2 V11 BaseDB2 V11 upgrade
    Speaker: Paul Walters, Navy Federal Credit Union, DB2 DBA;Randy Ebersole, IBM, DB2 Technical Specialist
  • -IDZ-6155 DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing: Recent Enhancements
    DB2 Data Sharing has been providing customers the infrastructure for continuous availability, scalable capacity and workload balancing for almost 20 years and the features keep getting better. This session examines the enhancements that IBM development has added in DB2 10 and DB2 11, distinguishing those that require some action to exploit from those that only depend on the requisite DB2 release.
    Speaker: Mark Rader, IBM, Consulting I/T Specialist
  • -IDZ-6503 DB2 z/OS Temporal Tables - Technical Update And State Farm Exploitation
    DB2 enforced temporal constraints represent not only previously unavailable functionality within the DB2 engine, but also requires a different kind of discipline in modeling (logical and physical), database maintenance, and data access. Within this presentation, we will discuss DB2 temporal tables (including recent changes with DB2 11), temporal table futures, and then State Farm will share hints and tips on how to identify temporal data, design patterns they have found, and what some of the challenges are in tuning queries as data reaches full volume.
    Speaker: Chris Munson, IBM, Senior Technical Staff Member;Greg DeBo, State Farm, IT Architect
  • -IDZ-6600 NoSQL JSON Document API in DB2 Schema Flexibility in a Trusted Database Environment
    Today's mobile, social, and analytic applications demand agility, speed, and scalability using a flexible data model. Agile applications frequently need to modify fields in the data store without administrator involvement. Traditional change management processes can impede this application agility. A popular NoSQL model is a "document database", where documents are stored with a flexible format, such as JSON. Existing NoSQL solutions may offer these advantages, but sacrifice the "ACID" characteristics of a traditional database such as DB2. The DB2 JSON document store and API provide the best of both worlds. This session describes the API usage, along with tips for administering the solution.
    Speaker: Bill Bireley, IBM, Senior Software Engineer
  • -IDZ-6710 DB2 11 Performance Benefit
    DB2 for z/OS continues to innovate to produce great CPU reduction in DB2 11 compared to DB2 10. DB2 CPU time reduction and more zIIP usage can lead to cost saving. This session discusses various performance items benefit both system and application performance and shares the promising preliminary performance results with DB2 11 including early customers. Just as DB2 10, the range of improvement varies depending on the workload characteristics. This session will help to set the right expectation for your workloads and what actions are needed or recommended to fully utilize DB2 11 improvement.
    Speaker: Akiko Hoshikawa, IBM , STSM DB2 performance
  • -IDZ-6718 The Power of DB2 - More than Tables, Indexes & Views
    While being involved with a large compliance project the presenter, as well as designing a reasonable sized enhancement to the largest database in the shop, had to expand his knowledge and dip into the rich set of features available in DB2 for z/OS to provide the overall database solution.In doing so the following set of features were developed as part of the solution.1. SQLJ connections instead of direct JDBC.2. Transformation of Relationally structured data into XML.3. Development of a MQT to significantly simplify the access path and improve the performance of much of the SQL being called via SQLJ.4. Utilization of the DB2 MQ Send API via a database trigger to invoke a service to maintain functionality and data integrity.
    Speaker: Paul Murray, Westpac NZ Ltd, DBA for z/OS
  • -IDZ-6874 GAD shares Lessons Learnt from DB2 11 Migration and the business benefits
    This presentation will talk in depth about GADs experiences with DB2 11. We participated in DB2 11 ESP and currently have all our 45 data sharing groups successfully migrated to DB2 11 CM and 12 Systems on DB2 11 NFM. We would like to share the story of success, but also mention the one or other pitfall and how to avoid them. Because our extended pre.-production and clone environments, we focused on regression tests for DB2 base code and migrating/fallback process during the Early Support Program of DB2 11. We also focused on some of the new functions (like "DROP COLUMN") and will talk about our experiences. provide useful information.
    Speaker: Andreas. Wagner, GAD, Head of DBA;Surekha Parekh, IBM, WW DB2 for z/OS Program Director
  • -IDZ-6930 Rightsizing Datasharing at Progressive Insurance with DB2 Member Consolidation
    Over the years, due to DBM1 virtual storage issues, Progressives DB2 data sharing group was expanded from four to ten members. With DB2 for z/OS V10 the DBM1 virtual storage issues are a distant memory and members can now be deleted from the group. This session will detail how Progressive used these new features of DB2 for z/OS V10 to right size our data sharing group, reduce costs and simplify our environment.
    Speaker: Mike Tobe, Progressive Insurance, DB2 Architect;Robert Vargo, Progressive Insurance, DB2 SME
  • -IDZ-6949 Securing DB2 for z/OS in the new world of Mobile, Cloud & Analytics
    Data security is becoming more important in the new worlds of Mobile,Cloud & Analytics, business, regulatory requirements are driving users to greater lengths to keep business & customer personal data secured, while allowing timely access.For almost 20 years, DB2 & RACF have been gradually developing similar & complementary capabilities for securing DB2 resources on System z. Numerous projects have faced significant challenges in matching available capabilities with business & regulatory requirements. DB2 11 builds on existing capabilities & creates new opportunities in DB2 Security with & without RACF.. We discuss some of the challenges faced when migrating DB2 to RACF & how many of these challenges have may been resolved in DB2 11.
    Speaker: Meir Zohar, dbX Consulting Services and Software Ltd. , Principal Consultant

Hands On Labs

  • -LCI-4762 Learning exciting JSON and XML in IBM DB2 for z/OS
    DB2 for z/OS offers document storage support for both JSON and XML.This lab provides guidelines for decision on choosing XML or JSON for a particular application, and provides examples for creating, querying, updating and managing JSON and XML in DB2 z/OS.
    Speaker: Jane Man, IBM, Senior Software Engineer;Steve Chen, IBM, STSM DB2 z/OS;Jae Lee, IBM, Advisory Software Engineer;Rick Chang, IBM, Software Engineer;Li Chen, IBM, IBM DB2 zOS developer
  • -LCI-4868 IBM DB2 for z/OS Analytics Accelerator
    The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator brings revolutionary query performance to DB2 for z/OS for select queries with great cost/performance characteristics. It is a workload optimized, appliance add-on, that enables the integration of business insights into operational processes to drive winning strategies. IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator is deeply integrated with DB2 10 and 11 to combine the best of both System z and Netezza technologies to deliver unparalleled, mixed workload performance to DB2 applications transparently. This hands-on lab contains step-by-step instructions on using IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator to accelerate DB2 queries.
    Speaker: CJ Chang, IBM, Software Engineer;Maryela Weihrauch, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer;Ruiping Li, IBM, senior software enginner;Manogari Simanjuntak, IBM, Software Engineer
  • -LCI-4937 New Core Features and Enhancements in IBM DB2 11 for z/OS
    This hands-on lab focuses on new core features and enhancements in DB2 11 for z/OS. You learn how to use some of these leading-edge features and enhancements to improve performance, productivity and security. You will learn how to use the new enhancement in temporal support without changing application; cost effective archiving of warm and cold data with easy access to both within a single query; how to use the new enhancements in SQL/PL to simplify application logic; new security features to improve program security, and XML enhancements to improve performance. The tasks in this lab illustrate real-world usage scenarios.
    Speaker: Jane Man, IBM, Senior Software Engineer;Meg Bernal, IBM, Senior Software Engineer;Gayathiri Chandran, IBM, Senior Software Engineer;Steve Chen, IBM, STSM DB2 z/OS
  • -LCI-5095 DB2 11 for z/OS SQL Enhancements for Stored Procedures & User Defined Function
    Many organizations which use DB2 z/OS gain the benefits of native SQL procedure utilization in DB2 9. More SQL enhancements for procedures are available in DB2 10 and 11 for z/OS. These SQL enhancements not only benefit the new application integration, but also optimize the existing stored procedures. This presentation reviews the important SQL features for stored procedures in DB2 10 for z/OS, provides a closer look of the new features in DB2 11 for z/OS, and presents performance advantages of those features.
    Speaker: Sam Poon, IBM, Executive IT Architect, IM Technology Ecosystem - Americas;Robert Boon, IBM, Technical Enablement - DB2 z/OS Architect
  • -LCI-5518 The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Ecosystem
    This HOL demonstrates the information and value that key IBM DB2 Tools can deliver to customers using the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator. We will cover the three areas where DB2 Tools can provide more insight:- Assessment: What is the workload that would benefit from being accelerated?- Optimization: How do I monitor and optimize a workload to take advantage of the Accelerator?- Administration: Can I manage the Accelerator more effectively?
    Speaker: Matthias Tschaffler, IBM, Senior Software Engineer, OMEGAMON DB2;Norbert Jenninger, IBM Germany, Product Manager / Customer adocate
  • -LCI-6661 Using Guardium on z/OS to Help Protect Sensitive Data
    Are you challenged by your business to conform to regulatory pressures such as PCI, SOX, and other audit or initiatives? If the answer to this is yes, then this workshop is for you. We will begin with a brief discussion of capabilities and use of the IBM Infosphere Guardium for z/OS database activity monitoring solution. Workshop participants will then be given access to their own z/OS environment where they will execute a series of hands on lab exercises which will provide an introduction to some of the key features and elements of the IBM Infosphere Guardium for z/OS solutions for both DB2 and Datasets.
    Speaker: Ernest Mancill, IBM, Executive IT Specialist - System z Software Technical Sales;Joe DiPietro, IBM, Data Governance COE;Kathryn Zeidenstein, IBM, InfoSphere Guardium Evangelist
  • -LCI-6713 Deep Dive Into DB2 Performance Data
    Almost all of DB2 for z/OS users gathers DB2 accounting and statistics information into SMF. They are treasure chest to improve performance but may be too many counters for the beginners to start with. This session will start with very basic counters such as accounting class 1, 2 and 3. Using the actual traces we have collected, we will work together how to analyze transaction response time as seen by DB2, and how to exploit this great source of information to analyze and solve performance problems. This year, we will include performance data analysis with IDAA.
    Speaker: Akiko Hoshikawa, IBM , STSM DB2 performance ;Ping Liang, IBM China, software engineer;Neena Cherian, IBM Corporation, Performance Engineer;Yongdong Wu, IBM, Advisory Software Engineer

Expert Exchange

  • -IDZ-4919 Best Practices with QMF 11 and DataQuant 2.1 - Analytics for Big Data, Mobile, and TSO
    Learn how to maximize your investment in minimal time. This is your opportunity for dialogue with IBM product experts and your colleagues. These sessions are primarily driven by your questions and comments.
    Speaker: Joe Sacco, IBM, Product Manager, DB2 Query Management Facility;Mike Biere, Rocket Software, Senior Product Specialist;Shawn Sullivan, Rocket Software, Product Manager

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