IBM. Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV | October 26-30. System z sessions and activities. Hosted by: Jake Porway

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Cross Platform sessions

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  • -IDX-4211 SQL Performance for a Big Data 22 billion row data warehouse
    This presentation discusses the design, architecture, performance of complex SQL issues building a big data analytics DW system. You will learn the real life issues, agile SQL considerations and SQL design solutions for building a DW of 22+ billion rows in six months. You will gain an understanding of techniques to design and leverage new DB2 SQL features for your big data business issues. Also the agile development practices will be detailed showing how to uncovered complex analytics requirements and design SQL common table expressions CTE and other SQL techniques early in the development cycle. This presentation will help you understand all these SQL experiences that took processes from 37 hours to seconds.
    Speaker: Dave Beulke, Dave Beulke and Associates, President
  • -IDX-4607 Advantages of Performing a System Evaluation (Health Check) of Your Database Management System (DBMS)
    You have top notch technical staff so why spend your organization's budget dollars on a system evaluation of your Database Management Systems (DBMSs) ? Navy Federal, the world's largest credit union with 5 million members, will present plausible reasons for investing in a system evaluation. The presentation will focus on the technical and business benefits of a regularly scheduled evaluation. System evaluations can detect looming technical issues, identify new features to take advantage of, emphasize configurations and strategies for improving DBMS performance and availability, and ensure your tactically and strategically positioned to capably address your organization's business growth.
    Speaker: Edward Vetock, Navy Federal Credit Union, Manager, Database Services
  • -IDX-5043 Auditing DB2 Tables Cross-Platform
    Auditing access to data is quickly becoming a critical issue in the government and corporate worlds. DB2 auditing capabilities and the audit reporting process is covered in this cross-platform presentation. This case study examines the auditing capabilities of DB2, including audit policies, as well as audit reporting, management of the audited information, and some clever SQL statements to produce audit reports.
    Speaker: Dan Luksetich, DanL Database Consulting, Consultant
  • -IDX-5100 Fun with SQL
    A SQL Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of developers, DBA and SYSPROGS get together to work on a number of SQL challenges. They are there to have fun and to engage in a group effort in order to improve their skills in a non-competitive, collaborative, fun environment. The goal is to have practical hands-on experience within a group of peers, learning a specific technical skill within one hour at IDUGThe exercise is considered successful when it is completed within allocated time AND audience can repeat the exercise at home by themselves. At the end of the dojo the participants receive, a working solution by dojo leaders, which might not correspond to the solution the participants came up with, but is also working.
    Speaker: Dan Luksetich, DanL Database Consulting, Consultant;Kurt Struyf, suadasoft, senior consultant
  • -IDX-5508 CSN and IBM Present Best Practices for IBM Data Studio
    IBM Data Studio provides an integrated modular environment for database administration and application development for DB2. CSN will share their experiences using IBM Data Studio and talk about hints and tips that they have learned to get the most out of the tool. An example scenario from CSN was to combine IBM Data Studio with the IBM Explorer to give the mainframe DBA's a non 3270 based environment where they could do their main daily DBA tasks. We will explore this use case along with many more that helped CSN gain success with Data Studio.
    Speaker: Anson Kokkat, IBM, Product Manager;Sven Heidorn, CSN, DBA
  • -IDX-5671 Mix it Up: How Your Enterprise Assets Fit Perfectly with IBM BlueMix
    With IBM BlueMix, you can rapidly build, deploy, and manage cloud apps; you have an ecosystem of services and runtime frameworks at your fingertips! What about Enterprise clients? How does BlueMix factor into your mainframe infrastructure? Kyle Charlet, IMS STSM and Architect, Skyla Loomis, Cloudant Development Program Director, and Andrew Hately, IBM DE and CTO of Cloud Performance, are ready to give you the good news! Enterprise clients can also reduce time-to-market, explore new workloads, reduce TCO, and much more, by taking advantage of IBM BlueMix. Learn how its capabilitiesJava, Node.js, mobile backend development, Cloudant, application monitoring, robust ecosystembecome your competitive advantage!
    Speaker: Kyle Charlet, IBM, IMS Architect: Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, and SOA;Skyla Loomis, IBM, Program Director, Cloudant Development;Andrew Hately, IBM, DE and CTO, Cloud Performance
  • -IDX-5655 How State Farm uses Optim Workload Replay to Supercharge Testing
    How Optim Workload Replay can be used by customers to improve their DB2 testing. We will cover our use-cases, results and challenges, partnering with IBM to discuss the product Architecture and roadmap.
    Speaker: Greg DeBo, State Farm, IT Architect;Kevin King, State Farm, Test Analyst;Rohit Agarwal, IBM, Senior Development Manager
  • -IDX-5738 High-Performance Application-Design Strategies for Database Systems
    Many hours go into designing databases & reviewing the SQL used to access those databases. In fact, this topic is the subject of many white papers and presentations about performance tuning. But little material is available on how applications should properly access database systems for high performance. During this presentation, application designers will learn many of the pitfalls to avoid when designing applications that access database systems as well about high-performance access strategies. Although this presentation is not a lesson in writing SQL, it does address some new SQL features in DB2 11 for z/Os and DB2 10.5 for LUW that can affect application design.
    Speaker: Douglas Partch, CSG International, Lead Data Engineer
  • -IDX-6709 Get the Lowdown on NoSQL Databases for Faster, Leaner Cloud Service Management
    Today's application developers use NoSQL databases for faster, leaner service management for cloud. It's more than a trend of data storage on the cloud; it's about performance, scalability and availability with real implications for managing data. Today's enterprise data architects face a dizzying array of NoSQL options. Join a distinguished panel led by Dr. Angel Diaz (VP, IBM Open Technologies & Cloud), including Max Schireson (CEO, MongoDB), Adam Kocloski (CTO, Cloudant), John Ponzo (Fellow, IBM Mobile) and Dan Wolfson(CTO, IBM InfoSphere) as they discuss how enterprises are leveraging NoSQL for powering a new generation feature rich mobile apps, accelerating delivery of Mobile back-end services and take the worry out of NoSQL.
    Speaker: Angel Diaz, IBM, Vice President, Open Technologies and Cloud Performance;Adam Kocoloski, Cloudant, an IBM company, CTO;John Ponzo, IBM, IBM Fellow, Mobile CTO
  • -IDX-6771 Latest Application Development Trends on DB2
    Application space has evolved rapidly with the adoption of new programming and scripting languages geared towards Web and Mobile. DB2 has kept up with this trend and offers a wide variety of language choices for developing applications. This session will take you through multiple languages and programming methods utilizing ODBC and JDBC C/C++, Java, .NET, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, pureQuery and SQLJ. We will also recommend tools and Intergrated Development Environments (IDEs) for these languages that greatly simplify application development and problem determination which is a major pain point for developers.
    Speaker: Pallavi Priyadarshini, IBM, DB2 Connect-JCC Architect;Maryela Weihrauch, IBM, IBM Distinguished Engineer
  • -IDX-6811 DB2 Time Travel Query Patterns for Integration, Monitoring, and Profit
    The bitemporal capabilities introduced at the engine level in DB2 10 can greatly simplify a variety of time-aware use cases. After taking on a bit of additional syntax, DB2 applications that previously had to rely on triggers, history tables, and cumbersome subqueries can now exploit temporal tables to streamline their overall design. This session includes examples and lessons learned from real-world Time Travel Query implementations.
    Speaker: Fred Sobotka, FRS Consulting, Inc., Data Management Consultant
  • -IDX-6902 Data Management in the Big Mobile and Internet of Things Era
    The Cloudant database as a service (DBaaS) is the first data management platform to leverage the availability, elasticity, and reach of the cloud to create a global data delivery network (DDN) that enables applications to scale larger and remain available to users wherever they are.
    Speaker: Adam Kocoloski, Cloudant, an IBM company, CTO

System z Sessions in Information Integration & Governance Track

  • -III-4783 Get a Leg Up in a Big Data World with System z
    Are you wondering how System z participates in the world of HDFS, Hive and all that Big Data stuff? If so, this session is for you. This session will focus on not only why z/OS data should be integrated into a Big Data environment but also the various ways to do it. Come and learn about the latest on z/OS data integration with Big Data, Linux on System z as a Big Data platform, and more.
    Speaker: Karen Durward, IBM, InfoSphere Product Manager
  • -Data Integration and Governance on System z: What - Why - How
    The performance, scalability and resilience of System z make it an ideal data integration and governance platform. This session will highlight the latest with InfoSphere Data Integration and Governance solutions for System z. It will highlight deployment tips and techniques as well as the latest additions to product capabilities for this platform.
    Speaker: Karen Durward, IBM, InfoSphere Product Manager
  • -III-5137 InfoSphere Data Replication - What's New in v11.3 and Roadmap
    Data. Cloud. Systems of Engagement. These are the shifts that are fundamentally changing the way you make decisions. In this roadmap presentation we'll tell you what's new and what's next for InfoSphere Data Replication for 2014 and beyond, particularly as it relates to this shifting landscape. Don't be surprised by a demo or two. This roadmap presentation is not to be missed!
    Speaker: Dylan Murphy, IBM, Product Manager;Malaika Paquiot, IBM, Product Manager, InfoSphere Data Replication;Karen Durward, IBM, InfoSphere Product Manager
  • -IIP-6679 An Integrated Security Framework for z/OS based around Guardium
    Are you a challenged by your business to conform to regulatory pressures? Being asked about auditing your DB2 on z/OS environment? Concerned about the impact of auditing on application performance, availability, service levels? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this presentation is for you. We will first describe new features and capabilities available in Guardium on z/OS for DB2 and Datasets. Next, using a combination of presentation and live product demonstrations, we will demonstrate the use of the IBM Infosphere Guardium for z/OS activity monitoring solution. Particular emphasis will be on showing Guardium on z/OS as part of an integrated security approach along with other IBM security products on z/OS.
    Speaker: Ernest Mancill, IBM, Executive IT Specialist - System z Software Technical Sales
  • -ERM-4162 IBM Content Manager OnDemand Product Update
    Learn about exciting new capabilities recently introduced in the latest version of IBM Content Manager OnDemand (OnDemand). Discover how organizations like yours achieve significant cost savings and gain competitive advantage by using OnDemand to provide superior customer service.
    Speaker: Neil Parrott, IBM, Worldwide Offering Lead
  • -FTI-6680 High End Storage to Support Infrastructure Challenges in Big Data and Analytics
    Boa Vista Services (BVS) is a credit bureau in Brazil serving more than 1.2 million direct and indirect customers. To prepare for big data, BVS created a strategic plan to transform its IT infrastructure. Workload and business evaluations plus long term strategic goals led BVS to choose System z and Enterprise Storage Solution (DS8000, TS3500, TS7700 Virtual Tape Library, Jaguar Tape Drives) as the platform to embrace big data and analytics. This lecture examines all the factors in the solution decision, the sizing process, topology design and the challenges of meeting its timeline.
    Speaker: Client2 Test, Omnience, QA

Hands On Lab

  • -LCI-6955 Cloudant User Training - Hands on Lab
    This 3 hour Hands On Lab will provide both an introduction to Cloudant and cover all the fundamentals to using the data layer to build scalable, available, and speedy applications. Well review the database and NoSQL landscape as well as specific features, use cases, and customer examples of Cloudant. Well dive into the Cloudant Dashboard, API, indexes, and queries, and leverage hands-on tutorials to ensure you leave the class knowledgeable on how to use Cloudant. In addition, well cover recommended reading, documentation, and how to engage with support to ensure you are successful in your projects that leverage Cloudant.
    Speaker: Michael Breslin, IBM, Director of Services & Training - Cloudant

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