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Big Data and Analytics

NEW Big Data and analytics offerings provide data, software, and hardware query acceleration and utilize the platform to deliver more strategic insights at unprecedented speeds and cost efficiency
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NEW Cloud solutions infuse private clouds with security, centralized manageability, scalability and multi-tenancy,
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Data Management

NEW data management solutions provide management of data on demand to optimize business usage and governance across the enterprise
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NEW DevOp solutions provide enterprise capability for continuous software delivery that enables you to seize market opportunities and reduce time for customer feedback
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NEW Application infrastructure solutions efficiently build, deploy and manage applications and services
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NEW mobile solutions to address tough enterprise mobility requirements by providing the security, systems connectivity, and development capabilities needed by today’s enterprise clients.
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NEW security solutions that address regulatory and audit compliance needs with the highest level of security on the planet.
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IBM Mainframe50

Explore how the mainframe makes the extraordinary possible.

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The mainframe as a Bid Data analytics platform
Carl Olofson, an IDC analyst looks, at the role of the mainframe in relation to big data, how it has become a hub for modern day analytics,
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Virtualization and Private Cloud
Nationwide seeks a private cloud solution with the mainframe
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The Database for Big Data and Analytics ebook
DB2 11 for z/OS is the ideal databse for big data an dcritical analytics
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DevOps for Dummies
A free guide to faster, continuous software delivery with DevOps on the mainframe
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Architect’s Guide to IBM CICS on System z
The redbook provides detailed guidance on the leading practices for designing and integrating CICS applications within an enterprise,
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Enabling mainframe data on mobile devices (PDF, 2.3MB)
This analyst report from The Clipper Group provides the rationale for connecting mainframe data to mobile devices
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Security intelligence for mainframe environments
Get integrated threat analysis, real-time alerts, audit consolidation and compliance reporting across the enterprise.
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