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WebSphere ILOG Business Rule Management Systems

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Flexible decision automation

What is a business rule management system (BRMS)? And how does it differ from a rule engine? (US)
IBM,Agility at Work: New Product Announcements. Learn more (US)

Why IBM?

IBM is the worldwide leader in Business Rule Management Systems solutions, enabling flexible decision automation for systems that are subject to complex, variable and evolving rules. We offer specific tools and environments for developers, business experts and IT operations, providing a full lifecycle rule management and validation platform.

Featured products

BRMS benefits
What is the value?What does it enable?
Reduce time and resources required to deploy changes Lower maintenance costs; respond quickly to change
Author and maintain rules using non-technical language Business experts can manage and validate decision logic
Express decision logic with increased precision Increase profitability of product, pricing and promotional offerings
Make decisions based on the specific context Customise decisions when possible, standardise if needed
Increase decision automation Improve process efficiency
Improve Visibility and understanding of how decisions control systems Ensure compliance; enable sharing/re-use of decision logic

Featured industries

BRMS for Media and entertainment (US)
Learn how media and entertainment companies increase customer satisfaction, ensure compliance, reduce fraud, and improve digital rights management.
BRMS for Insurance (US)
Learn how insurance providers can ensure regulatory compliance, improve claims processes and reduce underwriting costs
BRMS for Banking (US)
Get information on how business rule management systems automate and govern decisions for front, mid- and back-office systems.
BRMS for Government (US)
Find out how government agencies can increase agility, improve services to citizens, cut costs and modernise legacy applications.