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Service Management and Cloud Computing

Anytime, anywhere access to IT resources

IBM Service Management and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a means of providing service delivery for consumer and business needs in a simplified way, providing unbounded scale and differentiated quality of service. Businesses are looking to cloud computing to foster rapid innovation and decision making, for the agility needed to respond quickly in today's highly competitive environment, to reduce capital and operational costs, and an environment that scales easily to effectively meet customer needs.

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Benefits of cloud computing:

  1. Predictable any time, anywhere access to IT resources
  2. Flexible scaling of resources (resource optimisation)
  3. Rapid, request-driven provisioning
  4. Lower total cost of operations

Challenges Managing a Cloud Environment
Cloud computing enables organisations to provide reliable, on-demand services in a flexible and affordable manner offering the benefits of open standards, scalable systems and service oriented architecture. With these benefits also come new complexities that must be properly managed.

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IBM Service Management
IBM Service Management helps you manage the complexities of cloud computing by delivering visibility, control and automation across your dynamic, virtualised environment:

IBM Service Management helps you effectively manage your cloud environment so you can cost effectively deliver high quality services to all of your customers. IBM has a long history of making insight actionable and solving real world problems with technology and skills. IBM Service Management and Cloud Computing can help you rapidly implement new ways to collaborate and gain access to scalable computing power and more intelligent networks, while reducing labor needs and maintaining or reducing physical space as well as energy requirements.

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