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IBM Maximo Asset Management provides facilities managers with the software needed to manage, address shrinking budgets, stringent regulatory requirements and provide improved satisfaction for building occupants. With visibility into work plans and scheduling Maximo ensures consistent delivery and execution of services needed to meet the above goals.

Suitable for facilities of all sizes, the benefits of this solution enable optimal maintenance of assets throughout their lifecycle, increasing usable life, reducing costs, and supporting sustainability goals.

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The Maximo Asset Management solution provides a broad range of capabilities encompassing facilities maintenance, space planning, data center infrastructure management, sustainability, service management and functionality supporting outsourcing facilities service providers. This solution suite allows facilities managers to meet their business goals around managing occupancy, meeting regulatory requirements, increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs and providing improved maintenance. With a single solution, facilities managers can meet all of their objectives to be successful today and in the future.

"Better management of buildings and facilities are an untapped source of efficiency for businesses in every industry,” said Bill Sawyer, vice president, IBM Maximo Software. “IBM can help clients comprehensively manage the layout, space usage, maintenance, operations and assets within their facilities intelligently and in line with broader business objectives."

Facilties Management Success Stories

Universities, TAFEs and Education
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Hospitals and Departments of Health
IBM Maximo enables New Zealand's Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) to manage 89 properties with an asset base valued at half a billion dollars, ranging from hospitals and clinics to grounds and gardens.

Local Government
Queensland's Sunshine Coast Regional Council is the result of the amalgamation of three South-East QLD Councils. Maximo provided them with a framework to consolidate the three existing organisations and their business processes while adapting quickly to changes as the business matured. Review the presentation from Sunshine Coast Regional Council at IBM’s Service Management Conference - Pulse ANZ.

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