Supply Chain Management

Optimise your inbound and outbound processes

By adding IBM Supply Chain Solutions you can delete Plan B

When you’re responsible for mitigating risk, Plan B can soak up enormous amounts of your time. Machinery breakages. Transport issues. Workforce disputes. They all have to be considered.

But now IBM can help. Now instead of just reacting to issues when they happen, an IBM Supply Chain Solution will help you anticipate what’s likely to happen – in real time.

Plan A now includes more than Plan B ever could

An IBM Supply Chain Solution provides you with:

Plus, thanks to IBM’s rapid deployment you’ll see equally rapid ROI – some customer’s productivity covered the full cost of implementation in up to 3 months.

Discover how integrated planning and execution can help your business

Discover how integrated planning and execution can help your business

Anticipate, control and react to supply chain issues better thanks to IBM Supply Chain solutions.

Hear how ChemLogix use cloud and mobility for a business advantage

Hear how ChemLogix use cloud and mobility for a business advantage

Mobile technology is helping delivery drivers update their handlers from more places in real-time.

Featured products

  • Sterling Order Management

    Sterling Order Management

    Coordinate order fulfillment from all channels and across the extended enterprise.

  • Sterling Warehouse Management System

    Sterling Warehouse Management System

    Enable warehouse operations to optimise business processes across their complex distribution networks while facilitating internal and external collaboration throughout your supply chain.

  • ILOG ODM Enterprise

    ILOG ODM Enterprise (US)

    Enterprise-class software platform for building optimisation-based custom planning and scheduling decision support applications.

  • ILOG Transportation Analyst

    ILOG Transportation Analyst

    Analyses strategies to optimise product delivery and improve transportation asset utilisation.

  • ILOG Logic Net Plus XE

    ILOG Logic Net Plus XE

    Provides network design and planning for end-to-end supply chain optimisation, helping determine where and when new facilities are needed in your distribution network.

  • ILOG Inventory and Product Flow Analyst

    ILOG Inventory and Product Flow Analyst (US)

    Determines the right inventory policies and strategic positioning of inventory, optimising safety stocks and inventory levels for retailers, manufacturers and distributors.

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Optimise and transforms your supply chain network by planning and executing your inbound and outbound transportation processes.

Enhance your inbound supply and outbound order and shipment processes through complete end-to-end visibility across your global trading partner networks.

Create and exchange business documents electronically with your trading partners, regardless of size or technical expertise.

Enables you to detect and react to compliance issues as they happen throughout the inbound supply chain process.

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