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IBM Sterling solutions are mobile enabled

More choice in how you extend access to and use Sterling Commerce solutions.

Available on the App StoreSterling solutions anywhere, anytime. These mobile applications provide greater information access for specific business processes running on IBM Sterling solutions.

Learn more about each mobile application and the specific business processes they support in the briefs below.  Or if you have an Apple iTunes account you can learn more by clicking on the App Store icon, which will take you to the App Store. Once there, choose search and enter Sterling Commerce.

Commerce-Focused Mobile Applications
IBM Sterling Field Sales Mobile
Provides customers using Sterling Order Management timely access to product content, pricing and inventory availability information from a mobile device. This allows sales representatives to quickly and easily respond to customer inquiries from anywhere.
IBM Sterling Store Associate Mobile
Provides  users of Sterling Order Management with more choice in how store associates access and use product and inventory availability information to handle customer inquiries and consummate the sale in a retail store setting.
Operations-Focused Mobile Applications
IBM Sterling Control Center Mobile
Provides users of Sterling Control Center with anywhere, anytime, mobile, handheld device access to file transfer system status, exception alerts, and system controls. File transfer support personnel benefit from using mobile access to ensure that decision-critical business information is securely delivered to the people and systems that need it.
IBM Sterling Document Tracking Mobile
Provides users of Sterling Collaboration Network with anywhere, anytime, mobile handheld device access to monitor, search, review and manage document and trading partner activity
IBM Sterling InFlight Data Management Mobile
Provides Users of Sterling B2B Integration as-a-Services products with anywhere, anytime, mobile handheld device access to search, view, track and monitor business critical documents processed by Sterling Commerce and exchanged with their trading partners.
IBM Sterling Integrator Mobile
Enables users of Sterling Integrator to monitor key integration resources anywhere, anytime using their mobile handheld device to ensure that the most time- and content-critical business documents, transactions, and events are successfully exchanged on schedule.
IBM Sterling Order Management Administrator Mobile
Gives users of Sterling Order Management anywhere, anytime access to system response time and performance information from their mobile handheld device to ensure that orders are processed and fulfilled on time.
IBM Sterling TMS Carrier Mobile
Provides carrier users of Sterling Transportation Management System (Sterling TMS) with the ability to manage shipment tender requests between shippers and transportation carriers via a mobile handheld device. This enables carriers to respond immediately to shipment tender requests and report shipment status in real-time.

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Sterling Document Tracking Mobile

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