IBM SolutionsConnect 2013

Turning Opportunity into Outcomes
4 juni
DeFabrique, Utrecht

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Hoe sluit IT aan op de verwachtingen van de business?

IBM SolutionsConnect 2013 stond onder leiding van dagvoorzitter Ronald Velten, Marketing, Communications & Citizenship Director van IBM Benelux. Als gastheer en moderator zette hij het inhoudelijke kader neer en leidde hij het evenement in goede banen. Centraal in het programma stond de vraag hoe IT-professionals hun IT-systemen zo kunnen transformeren dat ze perfect aansluiten op de verwachtingen van de business.

Impact van snelle technologische ontwikkelingen

De dag werd geopend door David Farrell, Vice President Worldwide, WebSphere Sales van IBM Software Group. In zijn verhaal schetste Farrell de visie van IBM op de snelle technologische ontwikkelingen en de impact hiervan op de manier waarop organisaties zakendoen — nu en in de toekomst. Speciale gastspreker astronaut André Kuipers sloot de dag af met zijn unieke kijk op onze ‘smarter planet’.

Speciale tracks per hot topic

Vijf hot topics werden in verschillende programmatracks behandeld:

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André Kuipers

Speciale gastspreker op IBM SolutionsConnect 2013 is André Kuipers: de eerste Nederlander met twee ruimtemissies op zijn naam. Zijn tweede missie is zelfs de langste Europese ruimtevlucht in de geschiedenis: Kuipers bracht maar liefst 193 dagen door in het ruimtestation ISS. Aan boord was hij niet alleen arts, wetenschapper en boordingenieur, maar ook onderhoudsmonteur en ambassadeur van goede doelen. Als closing keynote spreker biedt Kuipers een unieke inkijk in de wereld van de bemande ruimtevaart en deelt hij zijn blik op onze planeet.

David Farrell, Vice President Worldwide, WebSphere Sales, IBM Software Group

Gerard Smit Openingsspreker op de plenaire sessie is David Farrell. Vanuit zijn functie als Vice President Worldwide, WebSphere Sales van IBM Software Group bepaaltFarrell de wereldwijde verkoopstrategie en geeft hij leiding aan een team van meer dan 1.800 sales, technische sales en channel sales professionals. Zijn missie is klanten applicaties en middleware-oplossingen voor integratie te bieden van wereldklasse, die organisaties slagvaardig maken en in staat stellen superieure resultaten te behalen. In zijn verhaal schetst Farrell de visie van IBM en gaat hij in op de vijf hot topics die centraal staan in het programma.

Ronald Velten

Sinds 2011 leidt Ronald Velten (1974) als CMO de marketing en communicatie van IBM in de Benelux. Hij is verantwoordelijk voor alle aspecten; van business planning tot marketingexecutie, en van interne communicatie tot corporate social responsibility. Hij heeft een grote interesse voor nieuwe marketingmogelijkheden en -technieken. Vanuit zijn heldere en soms wat confronterende visie op het marketingvak spreekt hij regelmatig over onderwerpen als marketingtransformatie, de alignment van sales en marketing, high-performance marketing en social media. Naast zijn functie bij IBM is hij voorzitter van de Esprix (de marketingprijs voor werk met impact) en bestuurslid van het expertiseplatform NIMA B2B.

What is keeping you awake during your Cloud Dreams? Is it your heterogeneous hypervisor environment? Is it the time consuming deployment of Virtual Machines, or the image sprawl and image compliance management? Do you want to give your IT staff or even a-technical people access to a Cloud Self Service Portal, to allow pattern (application topology) deployments, including Service Usage, Accounting and Monitoring functionalities, powered by a Runbook Automation engine allowing orchestration across your different technology domains, such as compute, storage and network components? Then this session will provide an answer to your questions!

Marcel is a senior Solution Architect who has a thorough knowledge of IBM's Tivoli software portfolio with respect to Integrated Service Management. He has over 15 years of experience in the IT-industry and likes the area where Business and IT collide.

There is no one-size-fits-all cloud solution – every workload has its own unique characteristics. This session uses the Common Cloud Reference Architecture (CCRA) to cover the most relevant aspects of beefing up your IT landscape with fit-for-purpose cloud services.

Edwin is a Cloud Evangelist and Master IT Architect, working for IBM Benelux. He has 15 years of experience in IT, is a speaker/panelist on cloud computing events and an active member of Dutch cloud standardization bodies. He is a frequent blogger, with posts featured on Wired Insights and IBM Thoughts on Cloud.

The promise of cloud computing is very compelling: superior service delivery at lower costs requiring less manual attention, all of which translates into improved agility and a better business outcome.
However, cloud computing is also a rapidly evolving subject, and certainly not a case of one-size-fits all. Cloud architectures involve many complexities, support different models of implementation and management, and require considerable thought if best results are to be achieved. The topic of open standards should not be ignored, and the important part they can play in ensuring that clouds are a truly unified and interoperable platform of IT service delivery that can integrate as needed to accomplish business tasks — no matter whether clouds are private, public, or hybrid...
Keywords: Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA), Open Stack, OASIS, TOSCA

The use of Cloud and shared infrastructure services is expanding fast. Growth in Cloud-based deployments is driven by business requirement combined with the need to save costs. As more and more applications are hosted on these environments, there are high expectations about availability, reliability and performance.

Now you can speed-up and scale the delivery of services with advanced Cloud provisioning and orchestration solutions from IBM.

We will discuss IBM solutions developed to help you:

Brani Petrovic is Cloud Services Leader for the Benelux region and responsible for Offering Management & Development of IBM´s SmartCloud and Data Center portfolio. Brani´s expertise is the Hybrid environment where legacy, shared infrastructure and Cloud interoperate as one.

The emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobile, social, and analytics combined with new software delivery models like multi-sourcing, forces organizations to increase the frequency of software delivery. The push for speed and quality at reduced cost is exposing the inefficiencies of unmanaged processes. In this session you will learn how successful organizations are overcoming these challenges by automating, streamlining, and standardizing their software delivery tools and processes to free-up capacity for higher-value work.

Ton van Velzen is an IBM certified IT consultant and a solution architect in the IBM Rational team in Amsterdam. He has worked in software engineering since he joined IBM in 1988. His main area of focus is designing complex technical development environments. He is a recognised expert in IT and software architecture, and he wrote several articles about software engineering topics. He is a ScrumAlliance Certified Scrum Master, and a frequently asked speaker about agility in software and other software engineering topics