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Host Access Client Package

Training and certification

IBM WebSphere Host Integration Education

IBM provides a variety of education offerings for you to learn WebSphere® Host Integration software and to help you prepare for certification tests. You can customize your education by selecting from the following methods:

 SW725: Introduction to Building Web-to-Host Solutions Using IBM WebSphere HATS V6

This Web-based training course is based on Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) Version 6. The course is self-directed and self-paced, and divided into modules so you can select and customize the course to your educational requirements.

The course consists of seven core modules plus an introduction and a summary module. All modules have a lecture in the form of an independent reading. You can read the pages that comprise a lecture from your Web browser, or download a PDF document to print and read offline. Most core modules have a self-assessment quiz at the end. Five modules also have demonstrations that you can view in your Web browser, in which you can read a narration script while watching a simulation of HATS Studio as applications are built to support various HATS features and functions:

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Define HATS
  • Describe HATS features and functions
  • Explain basic Web components as they relate to HATS
  • Describe how to use Rational Application Developer
  • Install HATS Studio
  • Explain how to use HATS toolkit to create a basic HATS application
  • Identify the wizards used to customize HATS applications
  • Define macros
  • Describe how to create a HATS application that uses a macro
  • Identify HATS administrative functions
  • Deploy a HATS application

This self-paced Web-delivered course is divided into four modules, each of which contains a lecture in the form of an independent reading. Most modules also contain a quiz for self assessment and a demonstration. Each module typically takes 20 minutes to read, with an additional 20 minutes for a demonstration and quiz (if the module contains them).

 SW913: Advanced Web-to-Host Application Integration using IBM WebSphere HATS V6

This classroom course provides in-depth understanding of the advanced features and functions of Host Application Transformation Services (HATS) Studio, enabling students to transform host applications into Web-based applications. It is designed for application developers with significant experience with HATS Studio and Web development. Experience with Java, Servlets, EJBs and JSPs is also required.

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Create advanced HATS applications using macros and global variables
  • Create and use chained integration objects
  • Describe integration object chaining and connection pooling concepts, and explain how they relate to HATS application design and development
  • Add Web services support to HATS applications
  • Use Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) in HATS applications
  • Use Web Express Logon (WEL) in a HATS application and explain its value
  • Implement 5250 subfile support in a HATS application and explain its significance
  • Perform problem determination and handle error conditions

3 days

IBM Learning Services

For additional course descriptions, locations, schedules, and pricing, please visit the IBM Learning Services Web site. Please note that the course numbers shown above are for North America. Please reference your country page for offerings in your locale.

Classes offered by Business Partners

ASTECH - Discovery Sessions (23KB)

Abstract: The Discovery Sessions are targeted to iSeries™ business customers who feel they need technical education on IBM WebSphere products before they can be comfortable with their modernization plans. The discovery sessions are a cross between lectures, hands-on training, mentoring and consulting and are conducted by ASTECH?s own expert IBM-certified trainers and consultants. The sessions take no more than a single day each. The list of sessions includes WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Studio, HATS, WebFacing and WebSphere Portal. The customer can chose any number, in any combination. The discovery sessions are delivered as custom offerings to individual customers at the location and time of their choice. There is no chance of cancellations and no per-student fee. Public, open offerings are also available.

eLearning Labs - iSeries WebSphere Development Studio and HATS
View PDF (1.4MB)

New IBM-authorized Courseware live over the Internet

Abstract: Students will gain a working knowledge of IBM WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) through a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on lab exercises. Participants will learn how to use HATS to develop applications that will allow their organization to protect its investment in host applications by transforming them into Web applications. Objectives include: Identify the features and functions of Host Access Transformation Services, Understand how HATS applications work, Use HATS Studio to build applications, Use and modify templates, Use and modify macros, perform administrative functions using the HATS Administrative Console, and prepare projects for production.


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