z/OS Communications Server

Mainframe network security for on demand transactions

Technical detail

APPN and TCP/IP JumpStart Program

Our APPN and TCP/IP Jumpstart is the most popular program. It includes a workshop similar to the Assessment program. The deliverable of the Jumpstart is a comprehensive workbook detailing the implementation steps necessary to achieve the agreed migration plan. In addition, it provides the customer with methods to verify network stability and "comfort level" as they progress through the migration. Once the workbook is written, the customer has several options: they can:

JumpStart benefits

Accelerates the implementation, and increases the acceptance and satisfaction of advanced APPN/HPR and/or TCP/IP functions.
Delivers a Jumpstart migration workshop specific to your network.

Enables access to APPN/HPR and TCP/IP skills to assist you during the implementation. Topics discussed for possible implementation include:

Offering customized education on new functions and how they could be utilized in your network.

JumpStart process
Once the Statement of Work is signed:

JumpStart workbook
The workbook consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

The cost of a jumpstart will vary depending on your requirements. Please contact the zSeries Software Services team for a quote tailored to the needs of your business.

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