z/OS Communications Server

Mainframe network security for on demand transactions


The WebSphere® zSeries Software Services team resides in the IBM Software Group development lab in Research Triangle Park, NC. The zSeries® team was created to offer customers the unique opportunity to receive consulting assistance from the team that designs, builds, tests and supports the z/OS® Communications Server product.

Our mission is to help customers exploit the advanced capabilities of the z/OS CS product and to maximize the effectiveness of their z/OS based network.

The value of Services for WebSphere

Our strengths include:

The WebSphere z/OS Services team provides a number of custom services offerings which include the following:

For more information about z/OS Communications Server services offerings, contact Anthony Dilorenzo, dilorenz@us.ibm.com Gerald Koger, jerrykog@us.ibm.com Tamas Vilaghy, tamas.vilaghy@us.ibm.com