z/OS Communications Server

Mainframe network security for on demand transactions

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What’s New in z/OS V1R13 Communications Server?

It has been said "z/OS is not just a node on the network, z/OS is the network," and that is largely due to the wide array of networking technologies included in z/OS Communications Server, including both TCP/IP and SNA. System and data security technologies, fault tolerance, autodetection and autorecovery capabilities—all mean that z/OS can provide reliable and trustworthy networking services. With intelligent configuration, dynamic optimization, self tuning, and network routing, it adapts to different networking conditions and is capable of shifting workloads and traffic to meet quality of service and business needs.

z/OS Simplification Enhancements and Ease of Use
z/OS V1.13 introduces many new simplification capabilities. It is designed to address the need for skills by making existing personnel more productive and by reducing the time needed for someone new to gain proficiency on the platform.

Scalability and Performance
With z/OS V1.13 and related System z technologies, IBM delivers improved performance, scale, and economics to the platform. These technologies are intended to help enable you to leverage existing resources better or to free up existing resources to run more workload within your existing System z servers more efficiently.

Application Integration
z/OS V1.13 introduces many capabilities to help you write new applications and systems programs, and extend existing programs. Businesses with applications on z/OS understand the value of its qualities of service, including availability, scalability, and security for these applications and their data on z/OS. Extending these critical applications and expanding the access to the z/OS data hub can drive business agility, enhance usability, and provide unprecedented levels of business integration.

The z/OS Communications Server can provide highly secure networking, via its Intrusion Detection Services (IDS), Application Transparent Transport Layer Security (AT-TLS), IPSec, Network Security Services (NSS), Defensive Filtering, and more.

According to IBM market research, the System z platform is recognized by both customers and industry analysts for its industry-leading resilience capabilities; furthermore, high availability is the top reason for running existing workloads on and migrating new workloads to System z. z/OS V1R13 improves availability by delivering the following enhancements:

Hardware Support
The capabilities of the System z platform continue to evolve, and z/OS V1R13 Communications Server supports that hardware evolution through the following enhancements:

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