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IBM Service Management,Best Practices and Services,Process Management,Service Management Platform,Software Delivery,Service Delivery and Support,Development Efficiency,Operational Management,Optimized InfrastructureIBM IT Operational Management Products automate tasks to address application or business service operational management challenges. These operations management software products help optimize the performance and availability of your business-critical applications, along with the supporting IT infrastructure. They also help ensure the confidentiality and data integrity of your information assets while protecting and maximizing the utility and availability of your e-business data.

IBM IT Operational Management Products can be implemented quickly to address immediate, specific IT challenges. As you implement a more comprehensive IT Service Management solution, these operations management software products can also integrate into the IT Service Management Platform and be utilized by IT Process Management Products.

The IBM IT Operational Management Products can be grouped into the following areas:

Business Application Management (US)
IBM Tivoli Business Application Management products help ensure the availability and performance of your business-critical applications. These products allow you to visualize the health of your business services and service level agreements. You can then isolate, diagnose and fix the highest-priority transaction performance problems, and target IT resources and actions to quickly resolve the most critical and costly issues to deliver the greatest impact to the business. IT lifecycle costs can be reduced across operations, support and development by directly linking operations and development.

Business Application Management products can also help you plan, manage and optimize your software assets. These products help you manage software costs and contract compliance, and align software spending with business priorities.

Server, Network and Device Management (US)
IBM Tivoli Server, Network and Device Management products help optimize the availability and performance of the underlying IT infrastructure that your applications and customers rely on. These products help you proactively manage the health of your IT infrastructure, end-to-end, including networks, operating systems, databases and servers, across distributed and host environments.

Server, Network and Device Management products can detect bottlenecks and potential problems in essential system resources and help you automatically recover from critical situations to ensure your business critical applications stay up and running. These products can also automate the provisioning and configuration of servers, software and network devices.

Security Management (US)
IBM Tivoli Security Management products help ensure the confidentiality and data integrity of your information assets. These products address two critical e-business challenges: automated identity management and security event management. The IBM Tivoli Security Management products help you quickly realize ROI by bringing users, systems and applications online fast, while effectively managing users, access rights and privacy preferences throughout the identity lifecycle. They also help you actively monitor, correlate and quickly respond to IT security incidents across your e-business.

Storage Management (US) 
IBM Tivoli Storage Management products protect and maximize the utility and availability of your e-business data. These Tivoli products can help you address the tough challenges of storage growth, increasing need for resilient storage infrastructure, compliance with legal, governmental and other industry-specific regulations and data retention requirements.

These Storage Management products help ensure optimal use of your systems resources and when investment is required, it is achieved in a timely fashion and deployed with automation tools to greatest overall effect. This can help you drive higher levels of resource utilization, and balance workload across mainframe, distributed, high performance computing clusters, and grid environments.

IT Asset Management with Service Desk (US)
IBM Tivoli IT Asset Management products provide customers with the information required to track, manage, and service IT assets efficiently through their entire life cycle by combining the inventory, financial and contract management of IT hardware and software assets. These end-to-end cross-platform IT asset management solutions provide the comprehensive view you need to optimize your IT hardware and software asset management processes, maximize your return, improve staff productivity, and reduce compliance risks. Since these products are part of the same SOA architecture as Tivoli Service Desk, further operational efficiencies and improved service levels can be achieved. Furthermore, these solutions can easily be extended to manage non-IT enterprise assets as well, resulting in additional efficiencies and improved service levels.

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