IBM Worklight – Mobile Security Measures

Topic Feature Benefit
Encrypted Offline Cache Protect sensitive information from malware attacks and device theft
Direct update Ensure timely propagation of critical security updates to the entire install base
Remote Disable Enforce timely adoption of critical security updates to the entire install base
Authentication Framework Ability to lower overall cost and complexity of integration with authentication infrastructure
Server-side Safeguards Prevent SQL Injection and protect against XSRF
Enterprise SSO Integration Leverage existing enterprise authentication facilities and user credentials and enable employee-owned devices
VPN Alternative Enable secure delivery and operation of mobile apps for employee-owned devices or device types not allowed on the corporate network, as well as enable secure delivery when installation of VPN client on mobile devices is not possible or complicated to manage
Further security enhancements can be obtained by integrating with IBM Security Access Manager . Using this tool, enterprises can leverage a single robust and scalable infrastructure to deliver centralized management of user privileges for all their IBM WorkLight mobile apps. IBM Security Access Manager 's reverse proxy, situated in the DMZ will now be a security enforcement point to validate user's credentials on behalf of the IBM WorkLight Server. User security enabled mobile apps will leverage the IBM Security Access Manager to authenticate and possibly authorize the user of the app before access is granted to the app's data.

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