IBM Worklight - Unified Push Notifications

A Push Notification is the ability of mobile devices to receive messages that are "pushed" from a server of the OS vendor (Google, Apple, RIM, etc.). Notifications are received regardless of whether the app is running or not and take these forms:

  • Alerts - Text Messages
  • Badges - Marks on the app icon
  • Sounds - Audio alerts
  • Notification center (iOS) and Notification bar (Android)

IBM Worklight's Unified Push Notification architecture allows organizations to transmit rule-based alerts originating from back-end systems to end-user devices from one, OS-agnostic console, managing the interaction with the different mobile vendor services, e.g. APNS and GCM, in the background.

Benefits of Push Notifications:

  • Control - Users can choose whether to subscribe to the Push service
  • Availability - Push notifications arrive at the end-user's device regardless of whether the app is running
  • Efficiency - No need to issue constant queries from the app, which translates to reduced development overhead, better app performance, as well as battery and communication fees savings

IBM Worklight's Push architecture supports a variety of scenarios including:

  • A single app notifying multiple devices of the same user
  • Multiple event sources used by the same app
  • Multiple apps using the same event source
  • Multiple users logging into the same app

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