Outthink holiday stress with IBM Watson Trend

Put a personal shopper in your pocket

At IBM, we wanted to see if putting the cognitive power of Watson in the hands of consumers could make their holiday season easier. Use the app to go beyond best seller gift guides. Get daily feeds about what products are trending and why. See forecasts for where trends are headed. And share with us your feedback so we can make Watson the most valuable personal shopper to ever fit in your pocket.

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Data lover or retail pro? Access all our holiday shopping insights, trends, and reports.

Watson Trend Hub: The What Why and How of Holiday Shopping Watson Trend Hub

Trust the industry's only instant analysis of the what, why, and how of holiday shopping, the source retailers have relied on for almost a decade. This year, Watson cognitive computing reveals what consumers are buying and why—enriching IBM Digital Analytics benchmarks of how they are shopping.

Watson Trend Benchmark Live: real-time tracker of aggregate consumer behavior Watson Trend Benchmark Live

Benchmark Live is a real-time tracker of aggregate consumer behavior. Monitor and customize views of live data feeds to gain instant analysis of how consumers are shopping across the desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Watson Trend - Best seller gift guide for shopping insights

How does Watson power the gift guide of holiday heroes?

Gift-guide experts voice opinions. Watson hears them all at once. Because IBM Watson understands human language, it can intelligently analyze millions of conversations across social networks, blogs, forums, comments, ratings, and reviews. Watson interprets language with all of the nuance of a human being—including content, context, and sentiment—at a volume that humans cannot.

Gift guides are one-size-fits-all. Watson gives you smart choices. The Watson Trend app translates its human language understanding into retail trends and even forecasts changes to those trends for hundreds of products. It also provides explanations about why an item is trending up or down, so you can judge how relevant a popular item is to your gift list. The usual gift guide just can’t compete with this type of intelligence.

Gift guides capture a point in time. Watson updates you daily. Because many things—including unexpected news—can impact a product’s popularity or its fit for the people on your list, and because Watson learns over time, Watson Trend delivers fresh shopping insights every day. As a result, this app goes beyond the typical best seller gift guide to put a powerful personal shopper in your pocket.