Marketing and Merchandising Use Cases

Helping you meet the new challenges of interactive marketing

Achieving success in the rapidly evolving world of marketing means finding proven solutions to emerging business and challenges. IBM's offerings provide a range of solutions that help marketing organizations take full advantage of the new opportunities to more deeply engage customers and prospects. From email marketing to personalization to event-based marketing, IBM is helping marketers develop timely, relevant and responsive communications.

IBM Marketing and Merchandising featured use cases:
  • Real-time Marketing

    Real-time Marketing

    Increase the value of every inbound customer interaction.

  • eMail Marketing

    eMail Marketing

    Make targeted email and mobile messages part of your interactive strategy.

  • Interactive Marketing

    Interactive Marketing

    Engage your audience in cross-channel dialogues that build on past and current behavior.

  • Event-based Marketing

    Event-based Marketing

    Respond to customer needs and opportunities at exactly the right time.

  • Marketing Operations

    Marketing Operations

    Improve planning, budgeting and operational management of all marketing programs.

  • Personalization


    Deliver a personalized conversation across all channels.

  • Omni-channel Pricing

    Omni-channel Pricing

    Manage, optimize and execute pricing across the product lifecycle in physical and digital channels.

  • digital marketing

    Agile Pricing

    Improve pricing accuracy, responsiveness to competitors and compliance with pricing policies

  • Advertising


    Automate paid search and targeted display advertising.

  • Retargeting


    Target an offer or content to maximize online conversion.

  • Targeted Recommendations

    Targeted Recommendations

    Improve conversions and increase revenue by making relevant product recommendations to you customers.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Measure ROI and engagement with a centralized console.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing

    Gain a comprehensive view of your customers in the mobile space and analyze taylor campaigns accordingly.

  • Lead Management

    Convert Digital Prospects

    Engage your customers with personalized digital marketing campaigns.

  • End-to-End Promotion Management

    End-to-End Promotion Management

    Manage promotions in collaboration with external and internal teams, while leveraging consumer demand analytics.

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