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Your role - Marketing services

IBM helps you to streamline processes, manage projects more efficiently and gain greater control over budgets and resources

As a marketing professional, you can no longer rely on heavy investments in advertising to attract customers or retain loyalty. In today’s customer-centric environment, you must run more finely targeted cross-channel programs, drawing on more data, and selecting from more diverse communication channel options. You must plan, create, test, and deliver programs faster, with fewer resources, meet tougher standards of accountability for each program’s contribution to business goals, and comply with mounting restrictions that touch everything from compliance to privacy.

How can you manage all this new complexity, while making the most of new opportunities? To continue to deliver high quality work on time and on budget, IBM® offers Enterprise and OnDemand products to help you address the following objectives:

Today, marketing has unprecedented opportunities. But, to fully take advantage of them, marketers must systematically optimize their processes, and achieve far greater accountability. With IBM, your marketing services organization can achieve higher production levels while staying under budget. IBM helps companies large and small around the world better manage their marketing services projects and budgets.

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