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Your role - Marketing executive

IBM improves your agility and decision making so you can make every facet of your marketing more successful

Decreased consumer confidence. Increased budget scrutiny. Social media and mobile technology. Dramatic changes in channels, customer behavior and technology are driving the need to reinvent marketing.

What can you do to gain the attention of your audience? Go to where your customers are, whether looking for a recipe on the website, conversation among family members, or looking at products on a store shelf. Marketers also need to embrace social media and mobile applications to influence purchase decisions. They need to create useful apps for mobile devices; for example, apps that allow consumers to build shopping lists or search for availability of specific items at multiple, nearby store outlets. And, they need to be able to measure if their investments are working.

IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management products and services can help marketing executives overcome economic and technological challenges in order to achieve the following objectives:

With IBM, you can improve marketing performance, drive down costs, strengthen customer relationships and innovate in ways that were never possible before.

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