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IBM provides a unified marketing platform that lets you meet the needs of your marketing organization in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Disparate marketing applications and data sources that are difficult to integrate, support and manage. A marketing infrastructure that limits business flexibility and leads to suboptimal decision making. And increasing strain on marketing technology as marketers attempt to create more interactive, cross-channel communications with customers and prospects. These are all major challenges that impact IT and marketing, as marketing organizations are under pressure to do more with less.

IBM® can help. When you choose IBM, you choose a single marketing platform that unifies everything from business definitions and marketing program metadata to marketing assets and calendars, project status, and interaction history. IBM provides the following objectives to help your organization achieve real business value:

With IBM, you can empower your marketing organization to make better decisions, act on opportunities more rapidly, and build deeper, more interactive relationships with every customer. And with IBM, you can deliver this value while eliminating costly, complex technical integration problems and simplifying the entire application life cycle.

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