Digital Marketing Optimization for WebSphere Commerce

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Get the most out of your e-commerce solution with powerful cross-channel analytics

IBM Digital Analytics WebSphere Commerce Report Types Description
Top Line Cross Channel Top Line Cross Channel report provides conversion related KPIs (e.g., sales, average order value, items ordered, etc.) for both the web and call center channels.
Campaigns Campaigns report types provide detailed performance metrics (impressions, clicks, click thru rates, conversion rates, sales, orders, etc.) using the identical hierarchical structure and campaign names specified from within the WebSphere Commerce business user tool set.
Promotions (Web, Call Center and Cross Channel) Promotions reports show a range of performance metrics (orders, sales, average order value, cost of promotion, average cost, sales cost, etc.) associated with discount promotions deployed on a WebSphere Commerce site. Promotions reports include separate views focused on the web and call center channels as well as a combined (web and call center) cross channel view.
E-Marketing Spots E-Marketing Spot reports provide metrics (impressions, clicks, click thru rates, conversion rates, sales, orders, etc.) from the perspective of the individual E-Spots deployed in WebSphere Commerce.
Marketing Experiments Marketing Experiments reports track results (impressions, clicks, conversion rates, sales, etc.) of A/B tests deployed in WebSphere Commerce.
B2B Contracts (Web, Call Center and Cross Channel) B2B Contracts reports provide a hierarchical view of a seller’s business customers matching the hierarchy used in WebSphere Commerce. Within each account, you can view the assigned contracts and associated sales metrics (sales, orders, average order value, average items per order, etc). B2B Contracts also provide specific web, call center and cross channel report views.
CSR & Team Summary CSR & Team Summary reports provide information on sales, profit, price quotes and price overrides for all CSR teams as well as the individual CSRs within those teams.
CSR Quotes to Orders CSR Quotes to Orders reports provide insight into the number of quotes created and the ability a CSR has to convert quotes to orders. It also provides a quotes outstanding metric which is the total sales opportunity of all quotes that have not converted to orders.