IBM® Digital Data Exchange (included with IBM Digital Analytics) infuses IBM and third party marketing solutions with digital customer insights via both a real-time data syndication API and an enterprise-grade tag management solution. The extensible software platform is integrated with IBM Digital Analytics, IBM Tealeaf, IBM Interact and IBM Silverpop. Digital marketers gain an easy way to take advantage of IBM and third-party solutions through simpler collection and distribution of real-time behavioral digital data. IBM Digital Data Exchange makes it possible to deploy, manage, and interconnect your eco-system with minimal support from IT.

Boost marketing potential

  • Leverage IBM's certified partner solutions to serve your customers in context as they interact via digital and mobile channels.
  • Bring data from all sources, build alerts and data feeds of statistical data with no manual coding to make better decisions.
  • Control which solutions are activated for which groups of visitors with real-time segmentation capabilities, e.g. to decide in which cases customers will be surveyed to collect voice of customer feedback.
  • Take advantage of the rapidly expanding IBM Digital Data Exchange certified partner network which connects best-of-breed marketing service providers and technology companies to IBM Digital Marketing Optimization. Benefit from these solutions for virtually any aspect of digital marketing, e.g. using social media marketing, gamification, data management platforms, demand side platforms, privacy management, search marketing, and many others.

Engage in consistent omni-channel marketing with your customer and/or prospect

  • Create moments that matter with your customer and/or prospect by building an effective, ongoing dialogue on the marketing cloud through a personalized, real-time user experience across online and offline channels.
  • Modify and understand the impact of changes with highly manageable, real-time decision logic and categorize your site into segments using IBM Digital Data Exchange Tag Management System (TMS).

Syndicate real-time digital intelligence to the right place with the “gold tag” API

  • Collect information once and relay it though IBM's Digital Data Exchange API.
  • Align your eco-system of solutions to operate based on a single version of the truth instead of being driven by multiple separate data collection tags which typically lead to inaccuracies.
  • Infuse customer insights into third party digital marketing solutions, even those that don’t otherwise have a tag based capability to draw on real time insights.
  • "Lighten up" your web pages from the overpowering load of dozens of data collection tags that slow the user experience.

Manage tags with simplicity, governance, and security with enterprise-grade TMS

  • Specify which IBM and third-party tags should be executed on given pages and site zones via an intuitive user interface to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Streamline the task of tagging complex enterprise sites with management and auditing capabilities, such as versioning, rollback, user-defined tag deployment, and scheduling.
  • Govern changes to tags with many options for access security.
  • Gain a visual overlay of the website via the tag bar solution describing which tags are being called to verify if they are executing correctly.

Standardize to W3C Community Group Customer Experience Digital Data Object

  • Reduce complexity and development cycles, eliminating challenges associated with different requirements for data surfacing and formatting to the design process.
  • Changes or additions of vendors on websites do not require changes to page design to accommodate vendor requirements with IBM Digital Data Exchange.

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