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IBM Digital Data Exchange (DDX) certified partners extend the IBM Digital Marketing Optimization solution with sheer infinite possibilities by interconnecting to real-time digital customer insights via the DDX API or its enterprise-grade tag management capability. Through the data syndication API approach, data is collected only once and relayed to certified partners in near real time to leverage against intraday marketing actions. Using the tag management capability, marketers can also deploy, govern, and interconnect partner solutions through a single interface – all without IT involvement.

DDX Certified Business Partners:


  • 500friends

    500friends' loyalty rewards marketing platform, LoyaltyPlus, allows stores to interact with customers through things like rewards, sharing widgets, and user-generated content.

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  • 4Info

    4Info provides mobile advertising technology providing advertisement placement and tracking on multiple platforms, including computers, mobile phones, and end-point systems such as cash registers.

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  • 33Across

    Over 600,000 publishers and more than 375 Fortune 1000 marketers use 33Across's Brand Graph™ technology, tools, and real-time predictive systems to connect their content and products into the social graph.

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Accenture Interactive


  • acxiom

    With Acxiom Audience Operating System™, marketers, agencies and publishers can plan, buy and optimize audiences across channels, devices and applications, with precision and scale. One integrated platform that ties all the disparate sources of media channels and technology together. An open platform so flexible it can support virtually any application you can imagine.

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Adara Media

  • Adara Media

    Adara Media offers a loyalty audience platform that enables top brands to monetize and nurture their loyalty program customers online.

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  • Adblade

    Adblade provides unique advertising and monetization services, for both advertisers and publishers.

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  • Adchemy

    Adchemy produces advertising technology that helps advertisers leverage consumer intent to create more effective digital advertising experiences. Adchemy IntentMap™ technology radically simplifies advertisers’ paid search campaigns and makes them more scalable, relevant, and profitable.

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  • AddThis

    AddThis personalizes the web with powerful, easy-to-use social engagement tools, APIs and services.

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  • Adometry

    As a leader in cross channel personalization and ad verification, Adometry optimizes advertising campaigns with the most accurate marketing analytics platform, providing top agencies and advertisers remarkable results.

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  • AdRoll

    AdRoll, a leading retargeting platform, focuses on refining the behavioral advertising experience as well as creating a self-service platform for advertisers.

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  • Adworthy

    Adworthy, a search marketring consultancy, pairs world class proprietary technology with advanced data analytics to provide often innovative and sometimes contrarian marketing solutions that impact your business in a measurable way.

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Aggregate Knowledge

  • Aggregate Knowledge

    Aggregate Knowledge (AK) is the only media intelligence company that offers advertisers and agencies an exact science to pinpoint where to reach highest performing customers in a single platform.

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AOL Platforms

  • AOL Platforms

    AOL Platforms enables marketers and media brands to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TV through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance-driven campaigns.

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  • apptentive

    Apptentive creates in-app feedback tools, enabling developers to easily engage customers for positive ratings, feedback and customer research.

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  • AppLovin

    AppLovin is a mobile marketing platform that provides measurable benefits for both advertisers and developers.

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  • Badgeville

    Badgeville provides a SaaS platform that enables businesses to apply behavior-influencing techniques, such as gamification, across their web and mobile experiences.

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  • Bazaarvoice

    Bazaarvoice helps the world's best brands capture, analyze, and – most importantly – act on social.

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  • Bizo

    Bizo gives marketers instant access to the people who sign the checks at work, and have the most to spend on life: business professionals. Fueled by proprietary demographic data, the Bizo Marketing Platform precisely targets more than 100 million professionals around the world, including more than 80 percent of the U.S. business population

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  • bizrate

    Bizrate Insights is the customer  feedback and ratings platform of Bizrate, providing tools and reports to over 6,000 retailers worldwide and empowering them to achieve their end goal of growing sales and customer loyalty.  Bizrate Insights assists retailers in listening to their customers in way that is fast and measurable, resulting in insights, action, conversation, and customer loyalty.

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  • Bloomreach

    BloomReach drives revenue by consuming web wide and site data to interpret consumer demand and deliver relevant user experiences across digital channels.


  • BlueKai

    BlueKai is the world's first and only complete enterprise data activation solution for intelligent marketing.

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Blue Triangle Technologies

  • Blue Triangle Technologies

    With eRevenueView, eCommerce merchants can quickly determine ideal site performance levels that support maximum individual sales conversion rates. eRevenueView incorporates Real User Monitoring (RUM), and produces analyses reflective of true customer activity and behavior occurring on merchants' sites

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C3 Metrics

  • C3 Metrics

    C3 solves the advertising effectiveness problem with patent-pending breakthrough viewable impression, attribution and alerting technology.

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  • Chango

    Chango is a real-time marketing technology company with an advanced platform and full-service solutions for brands and agencies.

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  • ClickTale

    ClickTale is the industry leader in Customer Experience Analytics (CEA), providing businesses with revolutionary insights into their customers' online behavior

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  • Conductor

    Conductor Searchlight is the most widely used SEO platform - empowering enterprise marketers to take control of their search performance.

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    Conversant helps the world's biggest companies grow by creating personalized experiences that deliver higher returns for brands and greater satisfaction for people. Conversant offers a fully integrated personalization platform, personalized media programs and a large affiliate marketing network--all fueled by a deep understanding of what motivates people to engage, connect and buy.

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Conversant AdServer


    Conversant Ad Server provides a comprehensive interactive marketing solution to serve and optimize online display banner advertising for greater media ROI

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CoreMedia AG

  • CoreMedia AG

    CoreMedia is a leading provider of Web Content Management (WCM) software to organizations demanding engaging, context-driven online experiences for their customers regardless of channel or touchpoint.

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  • Criteo

    A global leader in performance display advertising, Criteo drives search-like performance for online display advertising, managing campaigns of all sizes that are measurable, scalable and powered by user intent.

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Cross Pixel Media

  • Cross Pixel Media

    Cross Pixel is a leading provider of high performance audience data and ... pre-roll video, display advertising, social media, text links, content and more.

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  • CrowdTwist

    Whether enhancing an existing loyalty program or building a new one, CrowdTwist's advanced analytics and complete suite of management and reporting tools provides everything you need to integrate, launch, manage and maximize your brand-building efforts.

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  • DataXu

    DataXu provides the leading real-time media management platform for digital advertising campaigns across online, mobile and video channels.

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    Demandbase is a real-time targeting & personalization platform offering marketers company-targeted display advertising, website engagement & conversion modules for a consistent view of accounts from spend to revenue. Measure, engage, attract, and convert accounts in real time using Demandbase technology that is drastically revolutionizing the way that businesses conduct business with other businesses.

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  • Digilant

    Digilant is an independent marketing technology company that provides marketers with a platform to support the entire media buy – from planning through execution, measurement and optimization.

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  • DigitalMr

    DigitalMR is a digital agency company which provides a holistic approach to web based market research. It specializes in utilizing social media research, especially active web-listening, and private online communities to enhance its business consulting approach.

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Doubleclick Floodlight

Doubleclick Search

  • Doubleclick Search

    DoubleClick Search offers a reliable and scalable way to manage paid search marketing campaigns across all major search engines.

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  • ezakus

    Ezakus provides Data Management to the whole digital advertising ecosystem from publishers to media agencies, advertisers and ad agencies up to the benefit of the end user.

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  • eXelate

    eXelate provides data and insight on online purchase intent, household demographics and behavioral propensities that enable digital advertisers to make

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  • Expion

    Expion provides brands and agencies with enterprise tools to drive social marketing and increase user engagement to grow their audiences.

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  • FanAppz

    Fan Appz is a Personalized Marketing Platform that helps brands convert fans into customers, and turn good customers into great ones.

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  • ForeSee

    ForeSee measures the customer experience through the lens of customer satisfaction for web, mobile, contact center, stores and social media.

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  • Gainsight

    Gainsight offers customer intelligence and automation products to manage retention, reduce unexpected churn and identify opportunities.

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  • Ghostery

    Ghostery, Inc. is a global marketing technology company that provides online transparency and control to individuals and businesses. Ghostery Enterprise's Marketing Cloud Management software enables enterprises to better manage their marketing cloud, improving data governance, site performance and vendor management.

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  • Gigya

    Gigya offers social media tools to online businesses helping them integrate their sites with top social networks.

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  • .

    HootSuite is the leading social media management system for enterprise brand management.

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  • Id interact.

    IDInteract, Inc. enables enterprise digital marketers to proactively identify and convert market demand into revenue with an easy to use SaaS platform -- Demand Exchange™

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  • IgnitionOne

    IgnitionOne’s integrated Digital Marketing Suite (DMS) empowers marketers to buy, manage and optimize digital media across Search, Display, Social and Mobile, understand client users through Data Management and Cross Channel Attribution, while helping to optimize conversions on a marketer’s website through Marketing Automation

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  • Invodo

    Invodo delivers business results through video by improving the way retailers sell, brands communicate product value, and consumers shop.

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  • iPerceptions

    A trusted market research firm and global leader in Voice of Customer analytics, iPerceptions captures customer perceptions in the moment of truth using advanced intercept technologies and proven research frameworks to deliver action in real-time

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  • Kaltura

    Kaltura is a leading video platform: video solutions, software and services for video publishing, management, syndication and monetization.

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  • Kenshoo

    Kenshoo is a digital marketing technology company that engineers premium solutions for search marketing, social media and online advertising

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  • Kochava

    Kochava provides advertisers a single view into the performance metrics of all their media buys, and removes the integration challenges through a single, universal Kochava buy-side SDK.

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Krux Digital

  • Krux Digital

    Krux Digital helps web publishers safeguard, manage, monetize and make responsible use of consumer data signatures across devices and formats,

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    LaunchHub is a SaaS-based program providing data analysis for apps.

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LEAP Commerce

  • LEAP Commerce

    LEAP's Social Mobile Commerce platform revolutionizes and addresses the chasm between social media and evolving mobile technology. The solution serves retailers and brands to engage with consumers, build loyalty, and drive to higher conversions on mobile devices.

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  • Lotame

    Lotame empowers innovative publishers, agencies, and brands to unlock the full value of their audience data with its industry-leading data management platform, Crowd Control.

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  • magnolia

    Magnolia CMS delivers smartphone simplicity, on an enterprise scale. The mobile-inspired user interface works through customizable, task-focused Apps, a notification stream called the Pulse, and a system of Favorites for quickly accessing the workspace.

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Marin Software

  • Marin

    Marin Software is a publicly traded company that provides advertisers and digital marketing agencies a web-based management platform to manage revenue acquisition through online advertising campaigns.

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Mass Relevance

  • Mass Relevance

    Mass Relevance, a Spredfast company, helps brands, media and agencies involve and connect with audiences by integrating social media into their marketing and advertising efforts.

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  • Maxymiser

    Maxymiser empowers brands to transform every digital interaction into seamless, relevant and engaging customer experiences with its cloud-based testing, personalization and cross-channel optimization solutions

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  • MediaMath

    MediaMath develops digital marketing technology and offers industry expertise that enables marketers to connect with consumers individually and at scale, across the entirety of the world's digital media. MediaMath's TerminalOne Marketing Operating System allows marketers to customize their own technology infrastructure and leverage their data and industry data in the planning, execution, optimization and analysis of digital marketing programs.

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  • Mercent

    Mercent ensures retailers are visible, competitive, and profitable wherever consumers shop. The company’s SaaS platform, Mercent Retail, collects, tracks, optimizes, and publishes retail catalog content, pricing and promotions – the total merchandising “offer” across a diverse network of digital advertising and ecommerce channels.

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Mongoose Metrics

  • mm

    Mongoose Metrics is a leader in call tracking, measurement and attribution solutions.

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  • m

    Moontoast empowers brands to engage their target audience over all major social networks and devices using interactive social rich media.

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  • MouseFlow

    Mouseflow lets you record website visitors and generate instant heatmaps showing where they click, scroll and even pay attention.

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  • mybuys

    MyBuys is a leader in cross-channel personalization for retailers.

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Nearbuy Systems

  • nearbuy

    Nearbuy Systems provides a SaaS platform that enables brick-and-mortar retailers to capitalize on the intersection of the mobile internet and the physical store.

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  • OpinionLab

    OpinionLab is the global leader in Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback innovation, with real-time listening solutions for every brand touch point.

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  • OwnerIQ

    OwnerIQ is a company that provides behavioral retargeting and behavioral targeting based on ownership cues to medium to large businesses worldwide.

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P4K Media

  • PK4 Media is a digital media company that delivers highly targeted online advertising and video content across online, tablet and mobile devices.


  • proximic

    Proximic is a platform that provides real-time data services for contextual data for online advertisers and agencies.

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  • PubMatic

    Pubmatic, a leading supply side ad optimization platform, allows publishers to optimize their ad inventory by matching it with the ad networks that can generate the most revenue. PubMatic automates ad inventory management saving time for publishers and maximizing their potential revenues.

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  • Quantcast

    Quantcast is a digital advertising company specialized in audience measurement and real-time advertising.

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  • r2Integrated

    R2i is a digital marketing agency specializing in content strategy, search, social media, & CMS technology. R2i helps brands produce measurable results.

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Rakuten Display

  • Rakuten Display

    Rakuten Display is a dynamic display media company that delivers a personalized and interactive ad experience designed to capture prospects and increase revenue.

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RAPT Media

  • RAPT Media

    RAPT Media is THE creative platform for interactive enterprise video.

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  • RecoBell

    RecoBell offers product recommendation solutions and digital marketing consultancy services.

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Red Fox Media

  • redfox media

    Developed by Red Fox Media, AdAppTive is the engine and powerhouse behind our ability to provide a unique service to publishers and advertisers to provide relevant and targeted advertising to their customers.

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  • Reevoo

    Reevoo's social commerce suite provides reviews, recommendations and community solutions that help you attract, engage and retain more customers.

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  • Resonate

    Resonate is an analytics and media company that empowers brand, political and cause marketers to understand and engage with audiences based on why people take action.

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Revolver Marketing

Rich Relevance

  • Rich Relevance

    As the global leader in omnichannel personalization, RichRelevance partners with the most innovative brands and retailers.

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  • RKG

    RKG, a recognized leader in PPC and SEO, provides complete, data-driven online marketing solutions, including Attribution Management, Social Media Advertising, Display Advertising, and CSE Management.

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  • RocketFuel

    Rocket Fuel delivers a leading programmatic media-buying platform at big data scale that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve marketing ROI.

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  • Safecount

    Safecount™, a WPP company, is leading the industry to make live web data collection simple and transparent for website publishers, the research community, and the end user

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  • Salecycle

    SaleCycle’s next generation technology allows clients to automatically contact people who abandon their shopping cart, booking, or application form with dynamic, personalized messages in real-time.

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  • Searchmetrics

    Searchmetrics is an advanced SEO tool offering one of the most comprehensive search engine optimization platforms

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  • SeeWhy Clicks Customers

    SeeWhy is the industry's only real-time shopping cart recovery service to follow up in real-time via email and social networks.

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  • shift

    The SHIFT platform enables agencies, brands and vendors to work together in real-time to execute marketing plans quickly, efficiently and collaboratively.

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  • Shoutlet

    The Shoutlet do-it-yourself SaaS solution gives brands & agencies the tools to publish, engage, & measure all of their social marketing in one platform.

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  • SiteScout

    SiteScout is a global leading self-serve platform for buying banner ads on the web and on mobile devices using real-time.

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  • SiteSpect

    SiteSpect is a leading provider of non-intrusive web and mobile optimization solutions for multivariate testing, A/B testing, and behavioral targeting.

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  • Sizmek

    Sizmek, a product of DG, is a leading global provider of digital advertising campaign management solutions to advertising agencies and advertisers. Sizmek provides media and creative agencies, advertisers and publishers with an integrated platform to manage campaigns across digital media channels and a variety of formats, including rich media, in-stream video, display and search.

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  • SocialFlow

    SocialFlow is a social media optimization platform for leading brands and publishers.

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  • Steelhouse

    Steelhouse, an ad:tech Innovation Award-winning company, brings innovative advertising solutions to brand, agency and eCommerce marketers.

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  • Stylitics

    Through innovative use of real-time style data, Stylitics gives consumers insight into the inner workings of their closets.

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  • Tapad

    Tapad provides cross-platform, unified advertising solutions for brands and businesses.

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The Trade Desk

  • The Trade Desk

    The Trade Desk platform powers buyers, providing better tools to manage display, social and video advertising campaigns.

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  • Thismoment

    Thismoment is the leading system for creating and delivering content-rich, social brand experiences. Thismoment delivers an Enterprise System for Social Brand Marketing, called the Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC).

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  • Tracx

    Tracx provides a powerful social media management system (SMMS) that allows you to analyze, measure, engage and monetize the social web.

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Tremor Video

  • Tremor Video

    Tremor Video's proprietary technology, VideoHub®, offers advertisers and publishers a complete programmatic solution to reach and engage consumers while providing new insights into what drives the success of brand advertising performance across multiple devices.

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  • TrendSpottr

    TrendSpottr is a real-time data analytics company that identifies and predicts trends within high volumes of streaming data.

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  • TruEffect

    TruEffect is a digital advertising services company and the only company able to seamlessly deploy First-Party data web-wide to achieve unmatched performance.

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  • Turn

    Turn powers the world's largest advertisers and trading desks by delivering real-time data insights and amazing campaign performance through DSP and DMP technology platforms.

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  • userzoom

    UserZoom provides an all-in-one, cloud-based software platform designed to help companies cost-effectively test, measure and improve User Experience and increase conversion rates of Websites and Mobile Apps.

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  • Videology

    The Videology® Addressable Audience Platform is a video advertising technology that works across all video screens to connect brands with those consumers they most want to reach.

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  • Viralheat

    Viralheat lets brands, agencies, marketers and content producers to monitor consumer generated content on social networks to identify key trends,

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Vision Critical

  • Vision Critical

    Vision Critical builds digital social platforms that facilitate two-way communications with customers, employees and citizens in contexts ranging from market research to civic engagement

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  • Visual

    Visual IQs cross channel marketing intelligence software provides the worlds most accurate attribution management.

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  • x+1

    [x+1] is the only marketing technology provider to combine a leading Enterprise Data Management Platform with multi-channel execution capabilities powered by a patented real-time decision engine, Web Services APIs, and advanced analytics.

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