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IBM AdTarget syndicates granular visitor activities captured by IBM Digital Analytics to Certified Partners, enabling the delivery of highly relevant display ads. Partner integrations eliminate typical site tagging obstacles, and IBM Digital Analytics provides powerful attribution capabilities to track how well ads drive website conversions. The result is increased visitor reacquisition rates and greater display advertising ROI.

AdTarget Certified Business Partners:


  • acerno Akamai

    Acquired by Akamai in 2008, Acerno is an e-commerce platform that uses anonymous consumer shopping data from product manufacturers and retailers to identify consumers and their desired products and services.

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    AdGENIE delivers precisely targeted adverts to prospective customers based on a range of behavioral, contextual and demographic data.

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  • brings the online advertising industry an end-to-end solution that includes inventory management and monetization, ad optimization, premium formats, video and mobile platforms.

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  • AudioScience

    AudienceScience is a global digital marketing technology company enabling universal access to audiences through the AudienceScience Gateway.

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  • Buysight

    Buysight gathers real-time shopping transaction and activity data and transforms it into real-time insight into what millions of consumers want to buy across hundreds of product and service categories.

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  • Chango

    Chango is a real-time marketing technology company with an advanced platform and full-service solutions for brands and agencies.

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  • Choicestream

    ChoiceStream is a leading innovator in targeted advertising and personalized marketing solutions that are proven to increase revenue and customer engagement for global retail leaders and Fortune 100 brands.

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  • Collective

    Collective provides comprehensive display advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers

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    Conversant applies Personalized Media practices to anonymous, user-level marketing programs.

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  • Crimtan

    Crimtan is a technology-rich Digital Advertising Services provider. Our proprietary Data Engine and state-of-the-art technical capability enables Crimtan to offer a wide range of ROI focused products to publishers and advertisers.

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  • Criteo

    A global leader in performance display advertising, Criteo drives search-like performance for online display advertising, managing campaigns of all sizes that are measurable, scalable and powered by user intent.

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  • Datalogix

    Datalogix leverages the power of purchase-based audience targeting to drive measurable online, mobile and offline sales.

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  • Dotomi

    Dotomi applies Personalized Media practices to anonymous, user-level marketing programs.

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  • Dstillery

    Dstillery is the former Media6Degrees. We’re at the forefront of advertising technology, pioneering new ways to create brand value for marketers by extracting signals from the complete customer journey and activating them across all screens.

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  • eXelate

    eXelate provides data and insight on online purchase intent, household demographics and behavioral propensities that enable digital advertisers to make

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  • FetchBack

    FetchBack is a leading fully-managed, targeted display company, specializing in retargeting.

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  • Liquidus

    Liquidus is a video technology company specializing in scalable online, mobile and on-demand TV advertising.

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Media Innovation Group

  • MIG

    Media Innovation Group provides marketing communicators with a single access point to every digital audience, and the technology platform to engage them in startling new ways.

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  • MediaMath

    MediaMath is the leading provider of digital media trading technology and services, and invented the demand side platform (DSP)

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  • MyBuys

    MyBuys is the leader in cross-channel personalization for retailers, with solutions that present shoppers with the most compelling recommendations

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My Things

  • my Things

    myThings specializes in driving incremental sales across the entire sales funnel through personalized retargeting, pretargeting and look-alike targeting.

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  • Netmining

    Netmining is a leading provider of real-time targeting solutions designed to help marketers understand and reach their audiences online.

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  • OpenX

    OpenX provides a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service platform by combining ad serving, an ad exchange and a breakthrough approach to yield optimization.

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Rakuten Display

  • Rakuten Marketing

    Rakuten Display is a dynamic display media company that delivers a personalized and interactive ad experience designed to capture prospects and increase revenue.

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  • Steelhouse

    Steelhouse, an ad:tech Innovation Award-winning company, brings innovative advertising solutions to brand, agency and eCommerce marketers.

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Think Realtime

  • Think Realtime

    Think Realtime LLC has built, and continues to improve, an infinitely scalable, fully automated system that optimizes the purchase of RTB enabled banner inventory exclusively on the Google Display Network, to maximizing online display advertising effectiveness

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  • Turn

    Turn powers the world's largest advertisers and trading desks by delivering real-time data   insights and amazing campaign performance through DSP and DMP technology platforms.

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  • ValueClick

    Through a unique combination of data, technology and services, ValueClick increases brand awareness and drives customer acquisition at scale, and maximizes advertising revenue for tens of thousands of online and mobile publishers.

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  • x+1

    [x+1] is the only marketing technology provider to combine a leading Enterprise Data Management Platform with multi-channel execution capabilities powered by a patented real-time decision engine, Web Services APIs, and advanced analytics.

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