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The IBM® Digital Marketing Network brings together over 160 best-of-breed marketing solutions and thousands of global IBM Digital Marketing Optimization clients that span a range of industries. Marketers select their preferred eco-system of solutions through the IBM Digital Marketing Optimization user interface to interconnect them with real-time digital customer insights. By aligning around a single version of the truth, the solutions can then work in tandem to serve customers in context as they interact via website and mobile channels. Best of all, with the benefit of pre-certified partner solutions, marketers avoid the hassle and costs of custom IT efforts.

IBM AdTarget certified partners enable marketers to syndicate granular visitor activities captured by IBM Digital Analytics to their ad networks for delivery of highly relevant display ads. Partner integrations eliminate typical site tagging obstacles, and IBM Digital Analytics provides powerful attribution capabilities to track how well ads drive website conversions. The result is increased visitor reacquisition rates and greater display advertising ROI.

IBM LIVEmail certified partners enable a closed loop email marketing solution that links online profiles of visitor and customer activity with Certified ESP Partners. Automatically connect IBM Digital Analytics and Certified ESP Partners to recapture web site visitors and shopping cart abandoners with personalized email.

IBM Digital Data Exchange (DDX) certified partners extend the IBM Digital Marketing Optimization solution with sheer infinite possibilities by interconnecting to real-time digital customer insights via the DDX API or its enterprise-grade tag management capability. Through the data syndication API approach, data is collected only once and relayed to certified partners in near real time to leverage against intraday marketing actions. Using the tag management capability, marketers can also deploy, govern,and interconnect partner solutions through a single interface – all without IT involvement.

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