Convert Digital Prospects to Loyal Customers

Engage your customers in the moment with personally rewarding 1:1 digital marketing campaigns – delivered at scale.

IBM® ExperienceOne helps marketers Convert Digital Prospects To Loyal Customers by enabling them to take action on customer behaviors in real time and to incorporate them into personalized automated marketing campaigns delivered via website, mobile, email, and other digital channels. Through the fusion of real-time web analytics, customer profiles, and digital marketing testing and execution, the solution empowers marketers to turn site visitors into repeat customers and loyal advocates by orchestrating a personalized and compelling experience throughout each customer’s digital lifecycle.

Featured products

  • SIlverpop Engage

    SIlverpop Engage

    Use customer data and behaviors to drive personalized email interactions, increasing customer engagement and driving revenue.

  • IBM® Product Recommendations

    IBM® Product Recommendations

    Make personalized product recommendations in online and offline channels based on wisdom of the crowd algorithms and overlaid with business rules management.

  • IBM® Content Recommendations

    IBM® Content Recommendations

    Automatically deliver the most targeted content using each visitor’s current and historical interests and wisdom of the crowd algorithms.

  • IBM Mobile Web Push

    IBM Mobile Web Push

    Deliver personalized push notifications to mobile and tablet website viewers.

Specifically, IBM ExperienceOne helps Convert Digital Prospects To Loyal Customers by enabling marketers to:

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