IBM Digital Marketing Optimization Video Series

Every customer interaction is vital, and if your customers aren’t delighted by their exchanges with you, they’ll go elsewhere. Smarter Marketing begins when you put the customer in the center of your business in order to deliver seamless real-time value at every touch point. So how can you make that individual connection?

These short videos demonstrate the value of customer-focused, personalized, accountable, integrated marketing. Take a look, and find out how to deliver better experiences for your customers—and increased results for your business.

The Benefits of Customer Profiles

Robust profiles based on individual digital behavioral data can lead to a lifetime of engagement. Discover how IBM Digital Marketing Optimization makes it possible to use that data to connect with customers—in real time—throughout every interaction.

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The Power of Personalized Marketing

Learn how to deliver targeted promotions and customized messages tailored to the taste, preferences and context of your customers, and find out how IBM Digital Marketing Optimization makes it easy to move from customer insight to marketing action.

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Realizing the Value of Marketing Attribution

Find out how to gain unprecedented levels of insight into every campaign and discover how IBM solutions make it possible to analyze the impact—and demonstrate the returns—of your marketing.

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The Importance of Integrated Marketing

See how IBM solutions can seamlessly manage the collection and distribution of real-time digital behavioral data, and discover the customer value you can deliver by sharing those insights throughout the organization.

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Digital Marketing Optimization from IBM

In the always-on digital age, how can you keep your marketing messages from getting tuned out? Find out why marketing has changed so rapidly, and discover many ways IBM Digital Marketing Optimization can help your organization thrive.

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