Chart a course for success with these special topics.
Chart a course for success with these special topics.

Cross-channel Product Release Fall 2013

  • Transform

    EMM announces new and customer-requested capabilities for cross-channel marketers that help “maximize the moment” with each customer.

    Watch the videos, read the updates and learn about the new capabilities in the Cross-channel Marketing Optimization product suite.

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Digital Product Release Summer 2013

  • .

    EMM announces exciting capabilities for digital marketers and merchandisers to maximize the moment for their customers.

    Watch the videos, read the updates, and see how you improve real-time listening, delivery, and learning capabilities.

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IBM Global CMO Study 2012

  • Read about the top marketing practices and challenges IBM found when it held face-to-face interviews with 1,734 Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) across 19 industries and 64 countries – then use this knowledge to transform your own organization.

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IBM State of Marketing Survey 2013

  • See how global marketers are meeting the challenges posed by new technologies and maximizing the success of their organizations by improving the customer experience, removing silos across channels, and embracing a greater partnership with IT. Use these best practices and improve your own organization’s effectiveness.

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Personalizing the Experience of the Digitally Connected Customer

  • Personalizing the Experience of the Digitally Connected Customer

    Providing personalized, relevant and in context communications throughout your customers digital journey helps you to boost conversions, deliver higher value, increase retention, and create a lifetime of customer loyalty. Explore these best practices and technologies to learn how easy it is to personalize your digital marketing efforts and make the most out of every customer interaction.

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