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Design, click, send. If only e-mail marketing was that simple. These days, you have to worry about all kinds of technical issues to be sure your email ends up in the recipient’s in-box. IBM® Email Optimization includes everything you need to ensure your email makes it to the in-box. You can see for yourself with deliverability tracking and data about the recipient’s email system, including LotusNotes and the iPhone. You can even track links to social networks. And to make sure there’s nothing in the design to hold up deliverability, Email Optimization includes design optimization features that check for compatibility with mobile, web and desktop email clients. To make sure that it’s not your domain name that’s preventing the email from reaching its destination, Email Optimization includes whitelisting and reputation management tools. And, if an email deliverability crisis should ever cause bumps in the road, Email Optimization even gives you the data and insight to move past it with ease.

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